Pain-Free Ball Of Foot: The 6 Best Metatarsal Pads For Comfortable Walks

August 2, 2021
metatarsal pads

Playing sports and exercising are some activities that are a delight to do and, at the same time, give many benefits to the body’s wellness. Yet, after working out, you may sometimes feel pain in the balls of your feet. In the same way, it is exciting to dress up and wear fancy heels, but after the party, you’re almost always left with foot pain. The agony of your metatarsal pain overshadows the joy these fun activities bring.

We’d love to see you still smiling at the end of any strenuous activities or festivities, so we are recommending the six best metatarsal pads you can use for formal events and working out. What are metatarsal pads and where to place metatarsal pads? Check out these products, and you’ll see!

Copper Compression Metatarsal Pads

Copper Compression is a brand known to manufacture different products aimed at supporting individuals with an active lifestyle. The brand’s metatarsal sleeves are worn around the metatarsals, and it has gel pads underneath to ensure that the area is protected from pressure brought by exercising or playing sports.

The compression also helps in making your feet comfortable underneath your sneakers. The sleeves contain copper (hence, the product name), ensuring freedom from bacteria-causing foot odor.


  • It comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes for men and women.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • You can wear it under shoes or while relaxing at home.
  • Made with breathable nylon fibers.
  • Because of the thinner coverage on the portion that shows, you can also wear it with flats.


  • It only comes with one pair.
  • You need to buy extra pairs if you are looking into using them daily.


Reduce the impact and pressure received by the ball of your foot whenever you exercise or play sports. This is possible by adding another layer of protection aside from the soles of your shoes and your socks. Wear the Brison metatarsal sleeves, which have a fabric cushion covering the metatarsals. It is easy to wear and available in beige and black colors. You can wear it under your shoes or while you relax at home.


  • Washable and reusable.
  • Available in different sizes for men and women.
  • Made with an elastic band, so your toes will not cramp because of tightness.
  • Made with breathable material.
  • Best worn with sneakers, but because of the thinner covering on top of the feet, you can also wear it with close-toed formal shoes.


  • It only comes in one pair per pack.
  • You need to buy extra pairs if you are looking into using them daily.

Zentoes Metatarsal Pads

If you are looking for metatarsal pads that are sold in more than one pair, check out these Zentoes pads, which are sold with four pairs per pack. The sleeves' width is thicker than its counterparts, so the risk of it slipping out of the foot (a common problem with sleeves) is lessened. The sleeves also have gel pads underneath as protection from pressure.


  • It comes in four pairs per pack, so you have enough for daily use.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Available in men and women’s sizes.
  • It has a 3.3-inch width covering for the big toe and a 2.5-inch covering for the pinky toe.
  • Worn best underneath sneakers, but can also be worn barefoot at home.


  • Not fit for formal shoes because of the sleeves’ wider covering.

Schuster Laola

Aside from the metatarsal itself, the area arch also needs support to make each stride comfortable. The Schuster Laola metatarsal pads support both the metatarsals and the foot's arch, ensuring that the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the feet. They are made of soft silicone gel inside with a fleece outer covering, making them breathable, non-slip, and durable. You can wear these for stilettos or heels as no sign of the pads can be seen outside your shoes.


  • Provides padding for the metatarsals and foot arch.
  • It has an easy-to-stick adhesive underneath.
  • The pads stay in place.
  • Durable and made of silicone.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • The pads have curves and embossing that follow the natural contours of the feet’s soles.
  • Two pairs are included in a pack.


  • The pack only comes with two pairs of adhesives. It helps to buy extra adhesives in case the stick wears out.

Walkize Metatarsal Pads

One challenge in wearing metatarsal pads is the additional lining makes tight wedges or heels even tighter. You will not experience this uncomfortable situation when using the Walkize pads because these are only 0.10-inch thick. Despite being thin, these still provide the metatarsal cushioning you need, especially when wearing stilettos and heels. These are made of polyurethane, making them durable and long-lasting.


  • Available in clear, beige, and black colors—you can match with the color of your heels.
  • Easy to attach through adhesives placed under the pads.
  • Adhesives allow it to stick in place.
  • It comes with an informative metatarsal guide.
  • You can wear them a couple of times without wearing the adhesive out.


  • Only one pair is available per pack.


If you are after reusable and easy-to-clean metatarsal pads, the best choice would be pads made with silicone gel like what Guyuehu offers. To use them, you need to stick the adhesives to the soles of your shoes. Although you can wear them with any type of shoe, this is the best metatarsal pad for open-toed and exposed top shoes because the pads are only placed underneath your metatarsals.


  • The gel pad is easy to clean and dry.
  • You can use it right away after drying.
  • Easy to attach and use.
  • You can use it with any type of shoes.
  • Made of durable silicone material.
  • You do not have to worry about foot odor.
  • Adhesives ensure it won’t slip.
  • One pack includes five pairs of pads.


  • Extra adhesives are not provided, so you need to buy adhesives if the stickiness wears out.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in your sports shoes and workout sneakers or wearing formal shoes like stilettos and heels, you can keep your metatarsals protected through these metatarsal pads. Some have designs that fit any shoe type, while others are best worn for specific kinds of shoes. To ensure you have the metatarsal support you need in any type of shoes you wear, utilizing different metatarsal pads is the way to go!

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