Stay Active With Comfort: Try These 7 Athletic Shoe Insoles (Women)

August 3, 2021
athletic shoe insoles women

Exercise has plenty of benefits for the human body, such as well-toned muscles and whole-body health. For a long time, women have always resorted to sports and other aerobic exercises to keep their bodies fit.

However, there are times when the odds are not totally in favor, and some foot problems are presently inhibiting the progression of your exercises. Good thing there are already women insoles for shoes.

We have listed seven of the most reliable products you can use, so read on and choose which fits your needs best.

Dr. Scholl's Athletic Insoles (Women)

How many kilometers do you cover with your daily or weekly runs? As you achieve cardiovascular soundness, ensure that your foot health is taken care of through Dr. Scholl's insoles specifically designed for running.

Aside from running shoes, having running insoles will further give your feet support, especially when you have conditions like plantar fasciitis, high-arch, metatarsalgia, and other foot pains.

These shoe inserts support three main areas of the feet that are prone to pressure when jogging.

  • Ball of the foot: The ball of the foot is where the metatarsals are. These bones and the muscles and ligaments surrounding them are safe from soreness because Dr. Scholl's inserts have padding on the area.
  • Foot arch: The padding in the arch area of the feet will help address high arch or flat feet while you enjoy your morning or afternoon run.
  • Heels: Heel spur and plantar fasciitis are often experienced because no support and cushioning are available for the heel to land during strenuous exercises. The use of Dr. Scholl's insoles ticks that out of the pain list.

Powerstep Arch Supporting Insoles

Are you the type who values color coordination or the theme of your athletic equipment? Then join in your athletic insoles in the themed attire through the Powerstep product. The brand offers assorted colors of insoles from pink, blue, maroon, green, and orange, so you can wear a different color for each shoe.

Aside from the fascinating colors, the insoles provide semi-rigid support to the different areas of the feet.

  • Ankle: Support the heels as early as possible to avoid over-pronation or supination of the heel bones. The Powerstep has a cupped heel area to support the heels and put them in the correct position.
  • Heels: Recurring heel pain can be mended or even ended with the heel cushion and support.
  • Arch: Like the heel support, the arch also provides semi-rigid support. The curve is less steep than rigid insoles, so you can expect less pain and faster adjustment with this design. It is best used as an introduction to more rigid and corrective shoe insoles.

Easyfeet Athletic Insoles

Do not let any foot issues stop you in your goal to achieve a fit and healthy body. Having plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions, high-arch, and other foot conditions are manageable even when doing arduous activities with the proper foot support.

The Easyfeet athletic insoles target the two parts of the feet that are prone to pains.

  • Heels: Jogging, brisk walking, climbing, hiking, and jumping can all be done with comfort because the shoe inserts from Easyfeet have heel cups that curve according to the anatomy of the heels. It also has a shock absorber underneath the insole.

Compared with a regular shoe, insoles ensure that pressure does not directly hit the heels. As a result, you won't have sore heels by the end of every sport or exercise.

  • Arch: Having high arch feet can cause pain to the metatarsals and heels. By providing support to the arch, metatarsalgia and heel pains are prevented.

The Easyfeet insoles are curved in the arch area to follow the couture of the middle of the feet.

Superfeet Athletic Insoles For Women

You'll love the vibrant colors of Superfeet insoles that come in pink, neon yellow, green, neon yellow, and blue. The design of the insoles will provide you with happy feet.

These insoles are specifically designed for women's feet and shoes since they are slimmer. Working out must be on top of your usage for these insoles, but you can also use it with different shoe styles because it has a trimmable forefoot end.

The three pressure points of the feet are supported in any shoe you wear.

  • Forefoot: When you regularly exercise, you'll notice corn developing in the balls of your feet. Worse, with heavy exercises, the metatarsals receive so much pressure that you experience pain after exercising. The Superfeet insoles have a shock absorber in the forefeet to address the problem.
  • Heels: The insole is designed with the heel part deeply cupped to catch the heels and avoid heel pains.
  • Arch: The arch of the feet is supported because the heel has a cap that elevates it following the downward anatomy of the foot arches.

Walk Hero Arch Support Inserts

In many products, consistent use is the key to see significant results. This same rule goes for the use of shoe inserts for foot realignment to the proper position. It will help if you use plantar fasciitis insoles (women) and high arch insoles (women) as often as possible to address these problems.

Just prepare yourself for the pains that come during the adjustment phase when using these insoles because the feet are adjusting to the proper position it is being directed to.

The Walk Hero inserts keep the arch and heel pains and other foot conditions from occurring when the heel and arch are not fine.

  • Heels: Deep cups in the heel area ensure that your heels sit comfortably on the well-cushion portion. The area has three layers: silicon padding, medical-grade foot support, and another layer for shock absorption.
  • Arch: The arch support is also reliable in addressing high-arch issues because the arch is elevated highly. Aside from allowing the arch to rest to the insole, it also prevents ankle and knee pains.

Spenco Polysorb Athletic Insole

If you are looking for shoe insoles for daily use, the Spenco athletic insole may be what you are looking for. If you aim to maintain healthy feet despite all your athletic activities, using regular insoles that provide support in pressure-prone areas of the feet, arch, forefoot, and heels is the best move.

  • Arch: Compared to other products that have arches that are elevated highly, the Spenco insoles offer neutral arch support. This product type is an excellent choice for individuals with normal arches but want to prevent foot pain caused by intense foot activities by playing sports.
  • Forefoot: Running, basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, and other sports are sure ways to have painful forefeet. The Spenco shoe inserts have a forefoot shock absorber to avoid pain after any game or competition.
  • Heels: There is also a heel padding and shock absorber as this is also a part of the feet that receive the most pressure. Plantar fasciitis is far from occurring when you use this foot insole.

Physix Gear Women's Shoe Insole

Last but not least to our list of the best shoe insoles for athletic women is the Physix shoe insoles. This product perfectly fits the anatomical shape of the bottom of the feet. Wearing the four-layer insole provides support to feet areas that are painful and swollen most of the time because of sports, workouts, and long hours of standing.

  • Heels: This area has four layers that work together to ensure that the heels, which is the first part of the fee that first hits the ground, are protected in different activities.
  • Arch: The arch doesn't have a rigid design. It follows the standard curve of the arch, so it is perfect for daily use.

In Closing

These insoles are meant to support the feet to prevent various foot pains, correct foot alignment, and support feet when performing daily activities.

If you are into the prevention of foot issues, use regular insoles. If there are foot conditions you want to correct or support, get insoles that have better support for the arch, heels, and forefoot. Designs vary, so you may choose which one suits your current needs.

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