Bunion Correction Need Not Be Difficult: Use These 9 Bunion Corrector Shoes, Slippers, And Socks

July 9, 2021
bunion corrector shoes

Perform your day-to-day tasks excellently despite the bunions you have by wearing shoes, socks, or slippers that provide bunion correction and support. Bunions are highly correctable, especially with consistent use of corrective products. Check out these nine products that will prove to you that bunion correction is not that difficult and can be done by customizing the footwear you are already used to wearing. Let’s check them out!

Bunion Slippers

These slippers have varied designs you can use on different occasions. More importantly, they provide bunion correction and protection.

ArthritisHope Slippers

If you are looking for footwear that is both stylish and bunion corrective, check out ArthritisHope’s visually pleasing slippers made of black polyurethane (PU) or artificial leather. The slippers are designed with a big toe separator, ensuring that your big toes are kept in their proper position as you do your errands for the day.

The slippers are also designed to protect the bunion with leather covering the bony humps. The two straps are highly adjustable to give you the proper fit. The soft cork will cushion your feet so that you can walk with ease.


  • Easy to wear
  • You can check the size chart to get perfectly fitted sandals
  • Provides bunion correction and protection


  • Sweat and environmental liquids like water can damage the PU leather and cork footbed
  • The leather material used for the straps needs frequent cleaning and maintenance

Tilicow Bunion Wedge

Make your bunion correction more fashionable by wearing the Tilicow Bunion Wedge with 3.9-inch heels. These come in different colors, namely beige, brown, black, and animal print which means you have a ton of options to match your outfits perfectly.

The wedge is designed with a toe separator and bony hump protector, ensuring that the bump is protected while your big toe is kept from moving towards the other toes.


  • It comes in different colors
  • It has a wedge design, so it’s chic-looking
  • The foot strap is made of PU leather, while the footbed is made of EVA rubber, making it durable.


  • It would help if you considered both length and width in the sizing, as getting the wrong width can give you a wedge that is too wide to wear
  • The heels may be too high for individuals not used to wearing high heels

Plaka Store Sandals

Allow your feet to bask under the sun and experience the salty air from the sea as you nail a chic boho summer look on the beach. The straps of the Plaka Sandals are made of nylon and handcrafted to perfection, while the soles are made of vegan-friendly rubber.

You will have a hard time choosing from all the beautiful designs and color combinations these sandals have. Yet, whichever you pick, the sandals will provide you with bunion correction support because the sandals are designed with a big toe ring separating the big toes from the other toes.


  • It has a wide variety of colors
  • Highly breathable
  • Perfect for the beach


  • It does not have a bunion protector
  • The big toe is separated, but the lack of bunion covering does not ensure straightening of the big toe bone

Bunion Corrector Shoes

If you are not into sandals but are more comfortable wearing shoes, especially when performing activities like hiking or jogging, you can use shoes designed for bunions.

Merrel Ice Fashion Sneaker

The chilly weather is a threat to a painful bunion, so you’ll need shoes that will keep your feet warm wherever you go. Check out the Merrel Women’s Encore Ice Fashion Sneaker, which has faux shearling lining that is soft and warm for the feet. The shoes are made of suede with rubber soles, giving it the Merrel durability we all know and love. You can also choose among a variety of colors for fashionability.

Aside from the warmth, the Merrel sneakers have wide spaces for the toes to ensure that they will not cramp; this also prevents pressure and friction on the bunion, eliminating pain. Plus, the space will allow you to wear toe separators inside the shoes.


  • The shoes bear the durabile signature of Merrel shoes, and are capable of being used for jogging, trekking, or even for casual use
  • Perfect for the cold weather
  • Designed to have a wide space for the toes
  • Has arch support


  • Too warm to wear during the summer

Dr. Scholl’s Loafers

Dr. Scholl’s is a brand that manufactures different products for bunion correction and protection. One of the products you can look into is the loafer that comes in different colors like this blue and pink tie-dye.

These shoes are one of the best shoes for bunions because of the wide toe space. Even when you’re wearing bunion correctors inside, your toes still won’t cramp.


  • It comes with stylish designs
  • Easy to wear, slip-on shoes
  • It comes with a size chart and you can choose a size that fits you


  • The fabric covering of the shoes may wear out easily with continuous use

Orthofeet Sneakers

Performing strenuous exercises like hiking, running, or exercising in a gym is still possible despite bunions. Better if you wear bunion toe separators under your shoes. The Orthofeet sneakers are specially designed with a wide toe box, so you can wear toe separators and still have enough space for your feet.

The shoes have insoles with arch support, heel cushioning, antimicrobial foam, and another breathable foam. With a pair of these shoes, you can stop worrying: your feet and bunions will be fully protected.


  • These can be used by people with an active lifestyle or even in accomplishing daily errands
  • Made with durable materials like polyester fabric, PU foam, and EVA insoles
  • Effective for bunions and other foot conditions like hammertoes, arthritis, and neuropathy
  • It comes in different, stylish colors


  • There are buyers who bought the wrong size, so they were not able to experience the extra space for the toes. Their toes remained cramped. Make sure to pick the right size to enjoy the benefits of orthofeet bunion shoes.

Bunion Socks

Now, shoes specially designed for bunions are even better with bunion socks because while the shoes give enough spaces for your toes, the socks ensure that the big toe is separated from the other toes. You can also wear different types of toe separators with your socks. Let’s check out the best products!

Orthosleeve Bunion Socks

The best bunion corrector reviews would tell you that separating the big toe from the other toes is an essential characteristic of good bunion socks. These socks from Orthosleeve can do that for you. There is also additional cushioning in the bunion area to ensure that the bunions are free from pressure and friction, perfect for when you are wearing shoes with a narrow toe box.


  • You can wear them even without a separate toe separator product as the socks provide the same function as gel separators
  • Can also function as a bunion shield
  • Washable and reusable, just like regular socks
  • Made with breathable micro-nylon material


  • Sold per pair, so you’ll need to buy a couple of pairs if you are looking at using them daily

Meaiguo Five Finger Socks

Include the Meaiguo Five Finger Socks in your daily outfits as you can wear these just as you would a regular sock. The crew sock design ensures that the socks remain in place or do not slide into your shoes despite vigorous activity. For added correction, you can wear gel toe separators with these socks.


  • Five-finger socks keep all toes separated
  • Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, making it breathable to keep your feet odor-free
  • They come in different shades of gray and black


  • The five separated toes may be a bit uncomfortable to wear if you are used to regular socks

Nachvorn Toe Separator Socks

The key to bunion correction is the consistency of wearing bunion corrective products, so if you are relaxing at home, we recommend wearing the Nachvorn Toe Separator Socks. Their varied bright colors are really cute and attractive, and they can keep your toes separated properly.

When bunions develop, the cramping of the toes towards the middle worsens. This is especially true when a bunionette forms—this is when the pinky toe moves towards the other toes. With these socks, you can keep your toes apart and prevent further injuries.


  • They come in different bright and happy colors
  • Easy to wear, washable, and reusable
  • You can wear it at night while you sleep


  • Not the best when worn with shoes as the toes are exposed

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use bunion correctors?

The answer depends on what type of corrector you are using. With slippers, use them like other regular slip-ons, ensuring your big toes are secured inside the big toe separators. Shoes can also be worn regularly over many separators, but for the most comfortable results, we recommend wearing toe separator socks and other gel separators with your footwear.

How to use bunion corrector kits?

Check out each item inside the kit, and decide which you can use during the day because you can use them with shoes. If bulky splints are included in the set, you can use them at night or when you are resting at home.

Do bunion correctors help, and are bunion correctors any good?

With all the products promising bunion correction, you must be wondering, “Are bunion correctors any good?” The answer is, “Yes!” Bunions can be corrected and prevented from worsening if you use different bunion corrective products in the condition's early stages.

Final Thoughts

These stylish and practical shoes, slippers, and socks are all options you can wear for bunion correction and prevention. If you can, we recommend that you get a couple of pairs of each so that your bunions are being corrected wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. These products prove that fashion can be beneficial too!

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