Bounce Back to Your Active Lifestyle With The Stein’s Felt Bunion Pad

July 19, 2022
felt bunion pad - Podiatrist examining a patient’s foot

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle? Adopting an active lifestyle brings countless benefits to your physical and mental health. Physical activities burn calories and excess fat while also inducing the release of happy hormones. However, people with active lifestyles, like athletes, become prone to foot ailments. They develop foot problems sooner and more frequently than your average joe.

Due to how intense athletic activities are, an athlete's feet have to endure a daily beating. Strenuous workouts, exercises, and sports subject their feet to impacts and pressure. Ill-fitting footwear worsens the situation by cramming the foot and deforming it. No wonder bunions—a condition from bad footwear—rose to the top of the common foot problems among athletes.

Discover how a felt bunion pad can make your bunions less painful and get you back sooner to your game!

How Do Bunions Develop in the First Place?

When you start feeling a slight bump at the side of your toe, you may already be due for an appointment with a podiatrist. Most likely, the podiatrist will tell you that you have developed bunions or a deformity of the bones of your toe. How do bunions arise anyway? The most common cause is ill-fitting shoes. 

For instance, if your shoes become too small for your feet, your toes will be crammed together, resulting in the deformity of your toe, which will later become bunions. Some athletes wrongly believe that wearing tight shoes will improve their performance during the game. Unfortunately, the contrary is true, and such a practice of wearing tight shoes can do more harm than good.

How to Stop My Bunions From Hurting?

Luckily, you can still resume and continue your physical activities despite your bunions—as long as they are not too severe. You can still get back to the court and nail down those three-pointers, albeit with a bit of help from a nifty over-the-counter foot pad. The best bunion pads can absorb impacts and protect your bunions from too much pressure.

So which bunion cushion can best shield and relieve pain from your afflicted foot?

Introducing the Adhesive Felt Bunion Pads From Stein’s 

Quick Specs:

  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $29.28
  • Available in a light pink color to blend with your skin color
  • Made from high-quality felt material that absorbs shock
  • Helps with bunion pain relief and recovery from bunion surgery or treatment
  • Reduces skin irritation caused by friction between your foot and the shoe

PRO: Adequately Absorbs Shocks

Mundane daily activities like walking down the street can negatively affect your feet. In addition, athletic activities can inflict even more shocks and pressure. The Steins' Adhesive Felt Bunion Pads' foam material saves your feet from harsh impacts by absorbing and cushioning them. They provide your feet with enough cushioning to shield your bunions and surrounding areas from further harm.

PRO: Reduces Chafing Between Foot and Shoe

Wearing tight shoes is ill-advised and will be detrimental to your podiatric health. Instead, you should pick shoes with ample room for your feet to wiggle around. However, this can result in chafing, which may cause skin irritation. Stein's bunion pads for shoes provide a soft and adhesive cushion that reduces the friction your feet have to endure.

CON: Can Be Too Sticky

As the name suggests, the Steins' Adhesive Felt Bunion Pads come with a self-adhesive. This adhesive prevents the bunion pad from coming off your foot. Unfortunately, it can be too sticky for some people as they find it too uncomfortable and difficult to remove. One customer even used tweezers to remove the bunion pad from their foot.

CON: Might Not Fit Everyone

The Steins' Adhesive Felt Bunion Pads come pre-cut right out of the box. This is because the bunion pad was already pre-determined based on the average foot size and shape. Pre-cut pads can be an advantage for most people but can leave out those with smaller and bigger foot sizes. As a result, these bunion pads may be less effective for people with foot sizes at the extreme ends of the scale.


The Steins' Adhesive Felt Bunion Pads can adequately meet your needs if you are an athlete with a mild case of bunions. These bunion pads have enough pain relief and cushioning to shield the afflicted area from impacts. In addition, these bunion cushioning pads can help you quickly recover if you have recently undergone bunion surgery. However, you may want to rethink buying these if you are short on budget.

Final Thoughts

Don't ruin your tight workout schedule by neglecting to address your bunions. Otherwise, they can be too severe and disrupt your life. Consult a podiatrist or foot expert if you start feeling a bony bump on your toe. As you tend to your foot condition, bunion cushion pads can relieve pain and aid your recovery.

For more bunion-related products, navigate to our Bunions section and discover what else you can do or buy to be free from this nasty foot condition.

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