Walk, Run, and Jump With an Ankle Brace, Shoes for Athletes

October 27, 2021
ankle brace shoes

Ask a basketball team's most valuable player, a perfect streak winner for track and field, or a football kicker the secret to their success, and you’ll hear three common answers: mindset, training discipline, and the right sportswear.

Let us help you with the last criteria, at least, by providing you suggestions on an ankle brace that fits in shoes. You must have all sorts of sports products like well-designed jerseys, shoes specifically made for your sports and socks. Get additional protection with reliable ankle braces completing your playwear.

In this article, we’ll enumerate the reasons why and the different designs you can choose from. Let’s start!

Reasons You Should Wear an Ankle Brace With Shoes

There are already shoes designed for several sports. For instance, many basketball shoes have high cuts to cover and protect the ankles, and football shoes have different outsole designs for the best performance in various playing fields. Yet, it is still better to have an ankle brace in your shoe for the following reasons:

To prevent ankle injuries

An ankle sprain is one of the leading causes of ankle injury, and, unfortunately, it can happen to you in the most mundane everyday activities—what more when you play sports that require you to run and jump like basketball and volleyball? The accident occurs when you jump and land on your foot incorrectly, straining your foot’s ligaments and rupturing them.

You can prevent the sprain if you have an ankle support brace compressing your ankles and ensuring that if you fall, your ankles won’t twist to the point of tearing the ligaments. As a result, you can run, jump, and score three-pointers without any worries.

To reduce pain from injury

When the action heats up, and the game is head-to-head, you’ll do everything to make sure that you and your team emerge victoriously. With your determination to kick the ball as hard, box out any opponent, or take a tumble to dig or receive a volleyball, you’ll likely suffer a sprained ankle, ligament tear, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and stress fractures.

While these injuries can be minor, it is still important to have products to relieve pain and safely prepare for the succeeding games. Wearing ankle braces with hot and cold compression or movement control features will help you ease the pain.

To recover fully from an ankle injury

There are ankle injuries that will heal for a couple of days rest, but if the injury you suffered is a fracture, the healing time normally takes longer and even requires surgery. Pre and post-surgery care would include wearing an ankle brace to the injured foot to keep it from moving sideways or up and down. Doing so will prevent the fracture from worsening, keep your ankle bones in their proper place, and of course, prevent pain from movement. Wearing the brace is an added treatment on top of medication.

best shoes to wear with ankle brace

What Is the Perfect Ankle Brace - Shoes Pairing?

To know the best shoes to wear with ankle brace, you have to pick the type of brace that best suits your needs. Take note that ankle braces vary in thickness and bulkiness and may have specific functions for use. Here, we are listing the three least bulky ankle brace types you can conveniently wear with your sports shoes.

Ankle sleeve

One of the most convenient ankle supports to wear, these products work like socks—you need to slide them in your feet. Whether you are barefoot at home or wearing it on top of your socks before wearing your shoes, you can wear the sleeves comfortably.

These sleeves help in ankle compression, ensuring that your ankle joint is supported and avoiding sprains. In addition, if you have injured and swollen ankles, the inflammation will be controlled and minimized.

Laced braces

Next, you’ll also see ankle braces with laces. The advantage of using them is that you can adjust the laces, tightening or loosening the compression. This design may be bulkier than sleeves, but you can control how tight the brace is depending on your comfort. Whether you are wearing basketball shoes, running sneakers, or soccer shoes, wearing laced braces will give you a lot of comfort and safety.

Ankle straps

The ankles straps’ design mimics how athletes attach athletic tapes to their feet and ankles to avoid acute ankle injuries. Skip the need to wrap your ankles in this manner and conveniently achieve ankle support by using ankle straps. For you to wear this, simply position the ankle support underneath your feet and use the velcro straps to achieve your desired compression. Just make sure to pick out fuss-free straps that don’t complicate compression adjustments.

With all these ankle brace designs, laced footwear are the shoes to wear with ankle brace support.

In Closing

Make sure to play any sports with safety so that aside from enjoying the victory, you will also enjoy post-game without any foot pain. You can save yourself from any ankle pain by proactively wearing ankle sleeves, laces, and straps, as simple as that. If you get into an accident and sprain your ankles in the process, you can also use the mentioned products as a form of relief. Nonetheless, it is still best to have a consultation first with a podiatrist to ensure that you are taking all the necessary measures for your feet to heal quickly.

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