Put a Plus on Your Ankle Protection with These 5 Plus-Size Ankle Brace Picks from Amazon

May 2, 2022
plus size ankle brace - closeup of a large black ankle brace

The word "plus" seems to have a positive meaning until you talk about sizes. For instance, looking for a plus-size ankle brace can be more difficult than standard sizes. Comments like "these braces run too small" or "there are no large sizes available" are common feedback in most ankle brace purchases.

Ironically, size is a common problem when buying orthopedic devices, even when it's crucial in the first place. Shouldn't manufacturers pay more attention to making diverse sizes? This is especially true for plus-size items. Unfortunately, some stores don't carry larger ankle brace sizes, and those who do still lack in getting the right measurements. It can be frustrating for buyers.

This is where our article comes in handy! We've done the tedious research for you and compiled five large ankle braces from Amazon. Additionally, they come in different types, so you can find something that perfectly fits your needs.

5 Plus-Sized Big and Tall Ankle Brace Picks for Plus Protection

Save yourself from time-consuming and limited searches with our incredible roundup! Check out these five ankle braces for the plus-size group and pick your favorite.

1) MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace Stabilizer

The MedSpec Ankle Brace Stabilizer comes from one of the most recommended brands by orthopedic surgeons, trainers, and physical therapists. This ankle brace incorporates unique features to promote durability and superior ankle support.

Plus-Size Specifications

This ankle brace is available in four plus sizes: L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. They also provide a size chart for gender-based measurements and heel circumference. 

Heel Circumference
L13‒14 in
XL14‒15 in
XXL15‒16 in

Why Buy It?

This ankle brace is perfect if you need rock-solid ankle support for fast recovery. First, it has a strapping and cuff design: stabilizing straps form a figure-8, while the elastic cuff closure secures the straps to protect your ankle.

It also comes in a low-profile and bilateral design. Thus, you can wear it on any foot and type of shoes. 


This ankle brace isn't good as a preventive measure because it slightly restricts your movements. 

2) Ultra Zoom Large Hinged Ankle Brace

Better plays, fewer injuries. The Ultra Zoom Hinged Ankle Brace is built for passionate athletes. It's made of thermoplastic resin and comprises a hinged-cuff design to allow a full range of motion and soft shell technology for durability and flexibility.

Plus-Size Specifications

The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace comes in two large sizes: L and XL. These are made according to ankle circumference. Thus, you won't get the right fit based on your shoe size. 

According to their size chart, here are the specifications for L and XL sizes:

L/XL Ankle Circumference
Inches14 in. and above
Centimeters35.5 cm and above
ankle sleeve brace - ultra zoom ankle brace

Why Buy It?

If you play high-impact sports like basketball, soccer, or field hockey, this is good for injury prevention. And if you're not fond of lace-up ankle braces, this is a great alternative. Hinged braces give you more freedom to move.


The brace is overwhelmingly large for some, resulting in a lack of ankle support and comfort.

3) Zeta Plus-Size Compression Sleeves

The third product on our list is an ankle compression sleeve for big-legged men and women. The Zeta Plus-Size Knee Socks are made of 73% cotton, 8% nylon, and 19% spandex.

Plus-Size Specifications

The Zeta Compression Ankle Sleeve Brace is available in XXL sizes. Below are specific measurements for your reference.

AnklesUp to 17 in
Calves20‒25-in. circumference
Leg Length14‒17 in

Note: The bottom part is made tighter, so make sure to find a good fit to avoid restricting your blood flow.

Why Buy It?

Ankle brace sleeves are a great choice if you need ankle support but don't want the bulkiness of a full brace. Compression sleeves are lightweight and low-profile compared to other types. In addition, they're highly effective in reducing leg and ankle swelling.


Due to their low-profile and lightweight construction, these Zeta plus-size socks can be less effective than other ankle braces. They wear out or tear up faster than you'd expect.

4) Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

The Zamst A2-DX comprises solid features to provide superior ankle protection and support without restricting your mobility. If you're an athlete seeking a large-sized ankle brace for moderate to severe injuries, this is an excellent choice.

Plus-Size Specifications

The Zamst A2-DX offers large and extra-large sizes. In addition, there are gender-based specifications indicated on their size chart. 

Men’s Shoe SizeWomen’s Shoe Size
Large11‒13.5 12‒14.5 
Extra Large14‒16.515‒17.5

Note: These measurements are based on shoe size. Should your measurement fall between two sizes, the manufacturer recommends picking the larger one.

big and tall ankle brace - zamst a2-dx ankle brace

Why Buy It?

The Zamst Ankle Brace is packed with ankle support technologies to ensure you're protected while engaging in high-impact activities. 

  • The A2-DX has a strong support level, making it a perfect solution for your injured or weak ankles.
  • A dual x-strap stabilizer provides anterior, lateral, and medial support for your lower ankles.
  • Zamst provides a specific left and right ankle brace design for a better and more secure fit.
  • The A2-DX brace is anti-microbial and breathable.
  • The Zamst A2-DX is equipped with anti-roll, anti-sprain, and anti-migration technology to prevent ankle injury.


It's tricky to put on because of the complex design. Additionally, it can be uncomfortable and hard to fit into shoes. 

5) Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Lace-Up Ankle Brace

The final product on our list will give you a good kind of shock. The Shock Doctor Lace-Up Ankle Brace is equipped with ankle support technologies to deal with moderate to major muscle strains, ligament sprains, and unstable joints.

Plus-Size Specifications

This ankle brace is available in L and XL sizes and is based on your ankle circumference. Their size chart provides detailed measurements in centimeters and inches. 

LargeExtra Large
Centimeters22.9cm‒24.1 cm9‒9.5 in
Inches24.1cm‒25.4 cm9‒9.5 in
adjustable elastic ankle sleeve - shock doctor ankle brace

Why Buy It?

The Shock Doctor ankle brace comprises level 3 (maximum) support features to help you heal from grade 2 and 3 sprains and instability issues.

  • Multi-directional and adjustable strap wraps for ankle stability
  • Lateral and medial support (no taping required)
  • Color-coded strap ends for easy placement
  • Low-profile looping system to assemble the laces easily
  • Finger tabs for convenient and easy grip
  • Adjustable fit to provide the compression you need
  • Footbed with a non-slip silicone gripper pattern for comfortable cushioning


As with most lace-up ankle braces, this plus-size ankle support brace can be tricky to put on and uncomfortable to wear in shoes.

Plus Protection Exists

Sizing is a common problem when choosing the right ankle brace. It can be especially tough for very small and plus-sized groups because many brands cater to standard and universal sizes. But don't worry! Some brands make plus-sized ankle braces, and we compiled the best products for your selection.

We hope you can find the right ankle brace for your size. Meanwhile, explore our website categories if you want to search for more types of ankle braces, like an adjustable elastic ankle sleeve or hinged ankle support.

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