Confidence, Performance, and Sprain Prevention: An Ace Ankle Brace Review
6 min read
April 22, 2022

Confidence, Performance, and Sprain Prevention: An Ace Ankle Brace Review

6 min read
April 22, 2022

With a lot of sprain-prevention measures, athletes often risk pain in exchange for potential comfort. As athletes, we see the discomfort of wearing preventive tools more than its benefit. So we forgo the braces thinking it would hinder our performance. Until the moment comes when we get a sprain, and we're forced off the game.

Ankle braces must be comfortable for athletes to be encouraged to use them. Yet, it must not trade off its sprain prevention features. And that's what Ace has done with their ankle brace. Read further to see how this brand will ease your doubts about wearing one.

Ace Foot Brace Specs

To help you get a good picture of what Ace foot and ankle brace offers, here are the specifications.

Product dimensions:  2 x 3.75 x 9 inches

Weight: 3.6 Ounces

Color: Black

Size Range: S up to XL (see chart below for details)

Brace Design: Stir-up / No lace

Brace Type: Semi-rigid

What You'll Get From the Ace Ankle Stabilizer

The Ace brand offers a wide range of ankle brace products designed to treat sprains. One of their fast-moving products is a semi-rigid stabilizer with a convenient strap-on design to care for common sprains conveniently and less intensely.

You'll enjoy wearing this particular ankle brace from Ace. It's built with materials strong enough to withstand recreational activities with allowance for some intense ones like running or weight training.

Pronation prevention

Overpronation has negative long-term consequences. Over time, it ruins your body's natural posture, which will result in lower back, knee, and ankle pain.

Losing weight is one way to prevent overpronation, but if it's hard to achieve a lower number on the scale, the Ace ankle brace with side stabilizers is your next best option.

The sides of the Ace foot and ankle brace are reinforced, preventing your foot from bending inwards or outwards, which causes ankle sprains.

Comfortable cushions

One thing that makes wearing an ankle brace uncomfortable is stiffness. This is fine if a podiatrist orders you to wear something solid. But more often, sprain or overextension only requires you to wear equipment that will hold the ankle steady. Yet sometimes, you'll feel as if comfort and stability are poorly balanced.

Ace made sure they kept that balance in check with a cushion to even the scale. Fitted beneath the fabric surface are soft gel materials that soothe your ankles as it adds to the brace's stabilizing ability.

Fits most sizes

When you get an Ace brace, the strapping mechanism around the foot and ankle can adapt to several sizes. What makes it flexible is the adjustable strap that lets you tighten or loosen it to accommodate your feet comfortably.

But be reminded, despite the ankle brace fitting most sizes, you still have an option. Ace provides several ankle brace sizes that you can adjust to custom fit smaller or larger-sized feet. Read the size chart attached to this article to find the size that feels comfortable to you.

ankle sprain brace - A black and gray stirrup ankle brace

You can wear it on both sides

Figuring out which brace goes to which side of the foot is inconvenient. Ace designed their ankle brace to fit on both feet to make things easier. No more double-checking whether you have the right ankle brace on the right foot. Its reversibility makes wearing it fast and hassle-free, so you never miss a single beat of your game.

Footwear compatible

Athletes are the most prone to injury. As such, they're the ones who need ankle braces the most. But the lack of ankle protection and the unwillingness to wear one make them likely to suffer foot and ankle injuries. So to get athletes to wear protective equipment such as ankle braces, it has to fit inside footwear, especially for sports. And that's what Ace did when they designed their ankle brace.

Ace's braces fit inside the shoes. And this is without making you feel awkward or uncomfortable. You can run and move around with the ankle brace on while still giving your peak performance. The only difference is now you're less likely to get a sprain or even make it worse if you already have it.

Backed by the pros

Getting the Ace stabilizer brace gives you all the good things we've mentioned above. But what adds to the weight of this product is its reputation.

Industry experts back the Ace ankle compressors. Engineers, podiatrists, and medical professionals approve its design. Pharmacists will disappear behind the storage room and come back with a fresh pack of Ace's stabilizers when you ask them what ankle brace to wear. That's what makes this product valuable.

What You'll Enjoy Most From This Ankle Brace

The focus on sprain prevention and treatment is strong. Ace ankle stirrups put a lot of thought into the stabilizing feature. From the three-strap stirrup design, gel cushion, and breathable fabric material, you'll feel your ankles are secure against possible sprain-causing activities.

It's easy to wear and slip inside your shoes. If you have suffered a sprain or ankle injury before, you'll experience some discomfort doing your sports activity with just your shoes on. You'll need something to compress the ankle. That's why Ace ankle compressors are such an awesome product because it makes them convenient to put on. You can set aside your doubts about whether it's worth trying on with your shoes. Ace makes it too easy to have that sweet ankle compression feeling as if you’ve never had a sprain before.

What You'll Need to Watch Out For

Adjustment capabilities. Since the ankle brace adapts a stirrup-only design, you’ll have to taper your expectations about how tight it can wrap your ankles, especially if you've used lace-ups before getting this product. But overall, it gives you the right amount of stability your ankle needs.

Ace Ankle Brace Sizing Chart 

We mentioned that Ace's ankle brace could fit most sizes because of the adjustable strap. So even if you got a smaller or bigger size, you could still fine-tune it according to the size of your foot and ankle. However, it only fits most sizes, specifically those that vary slightly.

Good thing Ace offers sizing options separate from its adjustability feature. You can choose the perfect size to ensure you get your preferred compression sweet spot.

So get your tape measure and wrap it around your ankle. Then, compare it to the measurement below to determine the best sizing fit.

Small6.5 inches16.5 centimeters
Medium9 inches22.8 centimeters
Large9.5 inches24 centimeters
Extra Large12.5 inches31.75 centimeters
ace ankle brace - A basketball player with his left hand holding his chin

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Many potential buyers of Ace's foot brace are first-timers, while some have owned the ankle brace for quite some time. Both groups have doubts. Luckily, they're the type to ask questions. And we're here to answer a few of the frequently asked ones to assure them.

Can you wear it overnight?

No, you can't. However, the ankle brace featured here is designed for active use, both indoors and outdoors. It is not advisable to put this on overnight because it's not meant to correct any joint misalignment like other similar-looking equipment such as bunion correctors.

On the other hand, if you want something you can use while you sleep, Ace offers several ankle and foot brace products designed to be used during bedtime.

How long should it be worn?

Ace’s ankle compression wrap has no hard rule on how long you should keep the brace on. It's a matter of preference. But we advise you wear them whenever you're doing sports activities requiring a moderate to borderline intense feet and ankle impact.

While compression is good for your ankles, the opposite also has benefits. For example, decompressing your ankles by removing your ankle brace will give your ankle the cooldown it needs to rejuvenate.

How tight should it be?

We advise that whenever you try to put it on, you do the finger test. Try to insert your index finger inside the ankle brace's straps. If the whole length can fit, it's loose. If it can't fit at all, it's tight. The index finger should just be tight enough that the tip of your fingers can squeeze its way underneath the layer of straps.

Where can I buy an Ace ankle sprain brace?

Online marketplaces like Amazon have the Ace ankle compression brace in their listings. Check it out here. There's also a listing of the Ace ankle brace at Walmart online stores. If you feel like going out for a stroll, you can drop by your local pharmacy and check there, too.

Ace Ankle Brace Assures Comfort and Sprain Prevention

Easy to wear with superb compression abilities, these qualities are what make Ace's ankle support brace your weapon against sprains. Finally, a product you'll feel guilty for passing up because it's comfortable to wear and brings your preferred ankle rigidity without sacrificing your ankle's movement. It’s a product that removes your doubts about ankle braces being a hindrance to your performance.

You can explore our website if you're still curious about ankle compression braces that prevent and treat sprains. There are plenty of articles that will give you more knowledge and help you make the best decision for your foot and ankle.

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