The Best Ankle Brace for Broken Ankle for A Faster Recovery
5 min read
November 10, 2021

The Best Ankle Brace for Broken Ankle for A Faster Recovery

5 min read
November 10, 2021

A broken ankle is a common injury, with an estimated 700,000 broken ankles occurring each year. And for many of us, the first thing we think about when our broken ankle heals is getting back to regular life as soon as possible. But treatment for broken ankles varies depending on the severity of the injury. 

Broken ankles can range from being mild to severe, depending on how it was broken. The broken ankle brace is a medical device that provides support to fractured ankles and helps reduce swelling and pain to accelerate healing time. In addition, the braces support the joint as it heals, so you don't have to stop your daily activities.

The Best Ankle Brace for Fractured Ankle Injuries 

You will never know when injuries will happen to you. The hardest part of it is the healing period. During these times, you are not allowed to move as you normally would to do things that you enjoy, and sometimes it takes a long time before you can move freely again. There is nothing you can do but sit and wait for your ankle to heal. 

But you can accelerate the healing time of your fractured ankle by wearing ankle brace for broken ankle. Check out these suggestions that will help in case of an injury or if you are already in one. 

1. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot Walker - $39.99 

The BraceAbility Toe Boot Walker is an ankle brace made from plastic that supports your ankle fractures and helps you walk around comfortably. This ankle brace weighs 2 pounds and can be worn on your left and right foot. 

Product Highlights

  • It is clinically proven to treat sprains, ankle injuries, metatarsal fractures, broken toes, and other foot injuries. Not only does it heal your injuries, it also allows you to walk and take small steps when you can barely move your foot. 
  • The inner boot has a foam lining and an open-toe design that allows for swelling and provides comfort. 
  • It comes in different sizes and is perfect for both genders. 
  • The straps allow you to customize the fit of the boots for comfortable wear. 
  • The boot's shell is made from rigid polymer plastic, providing excellent protection on both sides of your foot and ankle. 


  • The boot size for men is available from 6 to 8, and for women, sizes are available for 6.5 to 9. Unfortunately, the limited size range of this ankle brace cannot cater to people with bigger sizes. 
  • The thick cushioning of the boot affects the stabilizing element of the ankle brace. 
  • The polymer plastic can be too hard to step on, making it uncomfortable to walk on. 

2. Kefit Walking Fracture Boot - $35.89

The Kefit Boot is an ankle brace for fracture, broken foot, and soft tissue injuries. It has aluminum brackets for excellent ankle support and weighs 1.8 lbs, so you can still walk around while wearing this product. 

Product Highlights

  • The Kefit walking boot has a built-in inflatable bag that provides more stability for your foot. The bag also keeps your ankles compressed, so it stays in place and is always properly aligned for a faster healing process. 
  • The built-in bag also provides space in case of swelling and can adapt to different situations of your foot injury. 
  • The aluminum brackets of the braces are strong and fixed, which ensures your leg and foot are in the proper position. 


  • The ankle brace is not suited for a wet environment because the metal will be slippery and cause you to fall and sustain more injuries. 
  • The boot's sizing is smaller than the standard size, so it can feel tight if you order the wrong one. 
  • Walking with this boot creates loud noises because of the metal sounds. It can be distracting for you and the people around you. 

3. ManaMed Orthopedic Walking Boot - $54.97

The ManaMed Orthopedic Air Royal Boot is designed as a tall ankle brace for post-fracture injuries. The height of the walking boots gives extra protection and support to your ankles and legs. This ankle brace is great for sports injuries and post-surgery recoveries. 

Product Highlights

  • The air walker boots are a rocker foot bottom that allows you to walk on any surface comfortably and naturally. 
  • The boot's padding is sufficient to prevent fatigue, absorb shock, and hold your ankle in place for fast healing. 
  • The shell padding of the braces protects the ankles up to the limbs. It also has professional-grade Velcro for the straps to ensure that the ankle brace is tight and perfectly fits on your foot. 
  • It has a universal design that makes it compatible with both feet. It also has ventilation on the sides so that your feet stay dry and cool. 
  • The air walker boot is designed to protect, support, and provide mobility for daily activities. It also has a webbed-foot design and gives space for ankles in a bandage to fit in the boot. 


  • The height of the boot will restrain your movements and might take you off balance if you are not used to wearing this type of ankle brace. 

4. PHASFBJ Support Walker Boot - $199.99

The PHASFBJ Support Walker Boot is the perfect ankle brace for severe ankle injuries and corrects your Achilles tendon fracture. If you need total immobilization, this is the best broken ankle brace after broken ankle injuries. 

Product Highlights

  • The product features customizable dorsiflexion. Dorsiflexion refers to the movement of your foot upwards. You can customize these boots if your injuries require you to stretch from time to time or no action at all. 
  • It has an anti-slip feature to keep you upright and holds you steady. 
  • It has a built-in plantar fasciitis night splint to relieve your heel pain even when you wear it in bed. 
  • It has three wedge straps and bulky padding for comfort and a tight fit. 
  • The inner cloth is soft and washable for easy cleaning. 


  • The price is significantly higher compared to other ankle braces. 
  • The inner sleeve is made from spandex, which is a cloth material that is not breathable. It traps moisture and can cause excessive sweating and a bad odor. 

Taking Care of Broken Ankles

Aside from putting on ankle braces, there are different things you can do to help speed up your recovery and prevent more damage when it happens. 

  1. Once the injury happens, don't wait for the doctor to come. Instead, immediately do first aid by applying ice or cold compressed on the sprained ankle. 
  2. In case of a fracture, do not force yourself to move or stand up. Instead, lay flat on the floor to avoid the broken bones from being dislocated further. 
  3. Place your injured foot on a pillow and ensure it is elevated higher than your heart to avoid swelling. 
  4. Keep your legs strong by following exercises prescribed by your doctors and avoid overdoing it on your injured foot. 
  5. If possible, keep the weight off your injured ankle to avoid more damages to the injury. Also, avoid driving or doing activities that require you to put stress on your foot. 

Final Thoughts 

Ankle injuries require different time frames for complete healing. Even after the healing process, some will not feel they are back to 100%. Some can go about their daily routine with ease, and some take rehab after injuries. 

An ankle brace for broken ankles is one of the key factors for faster healing. You should also take precautions and take your medications for faster results. Always follow the instructions of your doctors, especially for injuries that have undergone surgery. 

Different injuries require different braces and specifications. Make sure to pick the correct ankle brace for you.

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