Keep Dancing to the Beat with Ankle Brace for Dancers
6 min read
October 19, 2021

Keep Dancing to the Beat with Ankle Brace for Dancers

6 min read
October 19, 2021

Dance is an art that requires you to be in perfect harmony with your body. That means that if something isn't working just right in your health, then it can be difficult to perform at your optimal level. Moreover, dancing requires more effort to execute a flawless move. And what other part of the body is constantly burnt out than your feet and ankles?

This blog post will talk about the importance of wearing an ankle brace for dancers and why it could help improve overall foot health and increase performance.

What is an Ankle Brace?

An ankle brace is a garment that covers the ankle and provides support to the foot and ankle. It is made of leather or plastic, and it usually has straps that tie around the arch of the foot and near the top of an individual's shoe.

An ankle brace is a good investment to protect your ankles when you are dancing. Ankle braces are designed to limit the movement of the ankle to protect it from injury. Furthermore, wearing an ankle brace during your dance routine can help prevent sprained or twisted ankles, ankle pain, and other forms of injuries.

Ankle Sprain: What are its Causes Among Dancers?

Dancing involves a series of choreography, which makes it a complex process for any dancer. There are many turns, jumps, and twists, depending on their flow. Thus, dancers should be at their optimal health whenever they practice and perform on stage.

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries dancers may face on a daily basis. Dancers are often susceptible to many ankle injuries, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and posterior ankle impingement.

An ankle sprain is mainly caused by the amount of exerted force involved while performing a jump, turn, or a combination of both. Incorrect landing is also one of the causes of an ankle injury, most especially among ballet dancers. When landing on their forefoot, dancers often roll over and twist their ankles, causing a tear on their ligaments.

Another common cause of ankle injury is wearing the wrong footwear. For example, if you don't wear appropriate dancing shoes, you are exposing your entire foot region to high impact. Moreover, when it comes to ankle sprain treatment, you can opt for physical therapy or wear supportive footwear such as an ankle support sleeve.

Tips on Preventing Injury While Dancing

Dancers don't ever want to be away from the dancefloor for a long period! So, to prevent that from happening, there are many ways to keep yourself in tiptop shape to keep you dancing on the beat!

Here are some tips to keep you away from experiencing common foot and ankle injuries:

1. Wear shoes with a good grip.

Wearing the right footwear ensures your foot health is at its optimal state. Furthermore, you can opt for low-heel shoes if you are prone to ankle sprains.

You can also use orthotics such as an ankle sleeve or compression sleeve. Doing so will help give your foot and ankle the extra support needed to improve shock absorption and prevent stress fracture while performing different dance moves.

2. Stretch before and after your dancing routine.

Dancers who often skip their warm-up routine might experience ankle injuries. However, doing warm-ups is vital when it comes to safe and worry-free dancing. That is because warming up helps prepare your body, increase blood flow and body temperature, and properly stretches your muscles to improve strength and stability. Furthermore, it is said that warm muscles create more energy than cold ones.

3. Do ankle exercises such as calf raises, toe raises, and heel drops.

If you want to keep dancing without having to worry about future ankle sprain, then you should tend to your ankles! In addition, doing balancing and strengthening activities improves your jumping and landing mechanics.

These are only some of the many ways to prevent yourself from having acute ankle injuries as a dancer. Furthermore, you should bear these helpful tips in mind to keep yourself in tiptop shape!

Different Types of Ankle Protector

There is a wide selection of ankle protectors to choose from, depending on your needs.

For example, you can get an ankle brace, ankle sleeve, or ankle compression sleeve to improve your foot and ankle security while performing on stage. You can also choose between high-top or low-top ankle braces to find the best fit for you.

Furthermore, custom-made ankle braces are available to find the best-fitting support for your feet and ankles!

Ankle Support Benefits

Many benefits come with using an ankle protector when you're dancing! For instance, it helps protect your feet and ankles from sprains and strains during your performance.

Additionally, wearing an ankle protector will help stabilize your injury to heal faster and prevent further injuries. Ankle protectors also help prevent foot, heel, and ankle pain and discomfort as well!

Best Ankle Brace for Dancers

We created this list for all who need some help choosing the best ankle brace for dancers, especially for beginners! So don't stress about where to start because we've got you covered. Here are our top picks!

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

The McDavid 195 Ankle Brace provides excellent ankle support and protection, preventing heel, ankle, and foot sprains and injuries. In addition, this ankle brace stimulates easy-to-adjust tape wrap, allowing you to tighten or loosen it without needing to take your shoes off. 

Furthermore, the single-layer polyester fabric provides full support and lightweight touch. McDavid 195 also has a uniquely-designed padded lining and reinforced closures, making it a comfortable fit for athletes and dancers alike!

Mueller's FIR Ankle Brace

It is important to take care of your ankles because they're one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. It can be very challenging balancing on just one foot, but you must learn to balance on both feet instead. This is where Mueller's FIR Ankle Brace might help!

Mueller's FIR Ankle Brace has a unique knit fabric additive. It allows better absorbing and reflecting off your body heat, thus increasing blood flow and circulation. Furthermore, this ankle brace effectively supports your ankle region and also stabilizes your injury, so it heals faster and prevents future injuries from happening.

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support

The MalleoTrain Ankle Support is an ankle support designed for both the competition and regular training. It is made with a unique design that makes it one-size-fits-most. The material of the ankle support is breathable yet elastic to provide comfort and stability on the ankle.

Most people find this ankle support to be comfortable. Furthermore, it's recommended to use this product while on your feet for long periods of time, as it helps provide relief from leg fatigue, discomfort, or pain in the legs.

Zensah Elite Gel Ankle Support Brace

The Zensah Elite Gel Ankle Support Brace is made with anatomical gel pads, providing protection, pain relief, and maximum comfort for your ankle. The ankle brace also has removable straps to promote blood circulation and reduce ankle swelling. Additionally, it features anti-odor, lightweight, and breathable fabric, making it your best partner when dancing!

This ankle brace also offers compression, which facilitates better blood circulation, increasing your range of motion as a dancer.

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace

BraceAbility offers a range of ankle braces and supports for dancers and other athletes. One, in particular, that makes it one of the best ankle support is the BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace.

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace features a durable elastic made of nylon, spandex, and rayon blend. It also has a slip-on design, making it easier to wear and remove.

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace also provides maximum compression and support to help prevent you from experiencing future foot or ankle injuries. In addition, its comfortable grip allows a faster healing process and improved circulation.

Adidas Ankle Support Performance

Adidas Ankle Support Performance has a breathable 4-way fabric and ClimaCool technology with innovatively engineered fiber, allowing moisture control and foot comfort. This ankle support also features a seamless knitted design and non-slip silicone inlay to keep your foot and ankle secure during use.

Adidas Ankle Support Performance can be the best ankle brace you can find. That is because using this ankle support brace reduces any risk of over-rotational movement when dancing.

There are several benefits associated with using an ankle brace, so many dancers opt to use one during dance practices and performances! Some of these benefits include protection from sprains or strains, quick healing time for injuries, prevention of further injury, proper support to the feet and ankles, and more!

The Takeaway

Dancing is a great way to stay active and enjoy your time with friends, but it can be really dangerous if you don't take proper precautions. But now that you have the information, it is time to take care of your foot and ankle and prevent injuries.

Choose from our list of best ankle braces for dancers so that you can get back on your feet in no time!

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