Good Picks for an Ankle Brace That Fits in Your Shoe
5 min read
November 13, 2021

Good Picks for an Ankle Brace That Fits in Your Shoe

5 min read
November 13, 2021

Ankle injuries are common, most especially amongst athletes, gymnasts, and people who are into high-impact sports. So if you are trying to heal your ankle, but cannot bear weight on it, an ankle brace can be a life-saving choice for you! Many different types of braces offer different levels of support and stability.

In this article, we have rounded up some great choices for ankle braces that fit in your shoe, and a few helpful tips on how to keep your ankles in tip top shape!

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Why People Use Ankle Braces

Ankle pain is one of the common things that could happen to anyone, but most especially to athletes, dancers, and gymnasts. That is why you should take necessary precautions to prevent ankle injuries from happening. One of the most effective ways to do that is to use an ankle brace.

An ankle brace is specifically designed to give enough support and compression to promote pain relief and shock absorption. The material used in good ankle braces is neoprene, which is a better alternative for solid rubber or hard shells. The design could also vary depending on your preference. Some offer an adjustable strap—mostly velcro—to make adjusting much easier for you as the wearer!

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Ankle Sprain: What People Do to Combat It

Anyone who does high-impact and strenuous activities is likely to experience an ankle injury. Furthermore, about 70% of people are at the risk of having a physical disability due to chronic ankle instability. However, there are many things you can do to combat ankle pain. Here are some of them.

1. Wear a well-fitting shoe.

Look for the perfect pair of shoes that give you a comfortable and snug feeling. For safe performance in sports, wearing supportive shoes gives you the compression and stability you need to prevent ankle injuries.

2. Keep your shoes clean and dry.

Make sure you keep your footwear constantly dry to avoid slips that could cause your ankle to go out of place. You can also do this by wearing a supportive ankle brace or any orthotics that come with a compression sleeve.

3. Don't wear high heels for too long, even if they're comfy.

If you are someone who likes wearing high heels, then you should limit your use of them. That is because high heels can cause discomfort, and wearing them carries a higher risk of you injuring your ankles.

4. Stretch out your legs after sitting in one position for too long.

Working in an office means you might be sitting for most hours of the day, keeping you in a stagnant sitting position for hours. While it might not directly relate to preventing ankle injuries, it's healthy to get up and stretch to relieve the tension from sitting for too long. Stretching properly will also increase the blood flow to your legs, leading to healthier feet and ankles overall!

5. Put on an ankle brace before doing any strenuous activity to prevent injury.

If you're currently injured, wearing an ankle brace with a compression sleeve would help alleviate the pain. But this also works well for those who aren’t injured and want to keep it that way. It would be good if you put on the best ankle brace to prevent sprains before undergoing any activity that may risk you injuring your ankle.

6. Strengthen your ankles with exercises.

Doing foot and ankle exercises like toe raises, heel flicks and stands, ankle rolls, and calf raises can help improve your overall ankle stability and strength. So, always make time in the day to do these easy and light exercises.

There are other tips and exercises you can do to either alleviate your ankle pain or aid in your full recovery. Conclusively, you must wear the best ankle brace support stabilizer you can find to promote healing.

5 Best Ankle Stabilizer Braces Available

With the innovative technology nowadays, many manufacturers strive to make the best ankle braces to fit almost any shoe size! But choosing the one for you can be difficult given the wide selection. Thus, we’ve prepared our top 5 picks for the best ankle braces below!

Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support gives a comfortable, perfect fit. Its taping strap provides stabilization. Additionally, this sports ankle support improves blood circulation and muscle regeneration when experiencing various ankle injuries. Using 3D Airknit technology, this ankle support brace is breathable, moist-wicking, and lightweight. Thus, wearing this ankle brace allows maximum freedom of motion and reduces damaging friction and vibrations on the ankle.

We love how this ankle support is really easy to put on. It has a good grip that helps you in stabilizing your foot when you're doing any activity. Plus, its brace is made of neoprene so it's best for shock absorption.

McDavid Phantom Ankle Brace

McDavid's Phantom Ankle Brace is one of the best ankle braces and compression sleeves for athletes. This ankle brace has a lace-free support system, making it easy to slip on and off for your convenience. Furthermore, its lightweight feature comes with non-slip straps to give you the ideal range of motion and maximum comfort and support for your ankles.

WrightSock Compression Sleeve

Manufactured with a blend of nylon and spandex, this ankle compression sleeve is best for ankle injuries, swelling reduction, and post-workout recovery. It has graduated support that helps in easing the pain from your ankles when you're walking or standing. It offers ultimate protection due to its high-quality fabric construction.

Marakym Premium Ankle Compression and Foot Wrap

The Marakym Premium Ankle Compression Foot Sock isn't just any ordinary foot sock, this product will stimulate blood flow and ensure that you're always comfortable. The socks have a line of compression that runs along the top edge so your foot can be supported as well as your ankle.

The Marakym Premium Ankle Compression Foot Sock is a perfect choice for those who need a little extra support. It's also a great choice for those with swelling in their legs. The socks are easy to put on and are very comfortable when you're wearing shoes, too. Be sure to give these socks a try because you'll love them for daily wear!

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace

The BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace is a product you should consider for moderate to severe ankle instability and injury. This brace is comfortable to wear due to its simple yet elastic form-fitting design. Furthermore, it's one of the best choices when wearing any shoe because of its slim, lightweight materials.

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace may not feel too snug but the stretchy material will help you in stabilizing your ankle to prevent it from rolling. Additionally, it also has an adjustable strap that allows for better compression, so if you're looking for ankle brace support at a reasonable price then this product is worth taking a look at.

These braces can all help alleviate pain and swelling by providing stability and support for your ankle joints. They also provide compression which decreases blood flow to reduce any possible inflammation that could lead to more injury.

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Final Thoughts

Ankle injuries can happen to just about anyone, and they can be a big inconvenience. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to heal them, or even prevent them before they occur. That is why it's best to find the right ankle brace that fits perfectly inside your shoes to enjoy comfort and pain relief no matter what you’re doing.

We hope this article has been helpful in your quest for information about ankle sprains and how people use ankle braces. Try one of our ankle brace recommendations today!

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