Achieving Even Footing: The Use of Ankle Braces for Treating Overpronation
6 min read
September 30, 2021

Achieving Even Footing: The Use of Ankle Braces for Treating Overpronation

6 min read
September 30, 2021

We use our feet for mobilization every day, and every day we go about our lives, the risk of overpronation looms. Interestingly, a lot of us are suffering this in varying degrees, but because the pain it causes is tolerable, we choose to ignore it. That is until it becomes annoying.

If you're one of those people who's tired of feeling the pain on your foot and ankle, read on. Find out whether you have overpronation now.

Overpronation: The Salient Points

If you're feeling any noticeable pain on your foot and ankle, you may have overpronation. This pain may not be severe, but it may be noticeable enough for you to be bothered. If you want to know if that pain is caused by overpronation, here are some salient points to rule it out.

Overpronation is when your feet roll inward.

A good way to determine if you are overpronating is by checking under your everyday footwear. If you put the shoes on top of a table, you should notice the outer soles aren't evenly touching the surface anymore; if the inner portion of the shoe's outer sole is scraped off its rubber material, you have a tendency to overpronate.

What are the effects of overpronation?

Apart from that annoying pain you feel in your arch, heels, and ankles, there are other things that you may experience because of overpronation.

  • Pain in the hip
  • Pain in the lower back (lumbar)
  • Pain in the knee cap

In the long run, if severe overpronation is left untreated it can contribute to the development of the following:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Corns and calluses
  • Bunions
  • Achilles tendonitis

How do you treat overpronation?

Using a proper ankle brace to keep your feet and ankles in the right angle is one of the best ways to treat overpronation without spending a significant amount of money. Ankle braces will not only train your feet, but they will also help prevent other foot and ankle-related injuries.

That being said, here are some of the best braces for overpronating feet that you can choose to purchase for home treatment.

Ankle Brace for Overpronation: Top Five Recommendations for Home Treatment

Ankle braces have a lot more to offer besides treating overpronation. They help you function well after injuries and help you recover. Check out the features of the top five ankle braces we recommend.

Zenith Ankle Brace

Price: $29–32

The Zenith ankle brace is a product made by Z Athletics. It is designed to stabilize your ankle to avoid overpronation. The Zenith takes its performance to the next level with a combination of design features that allow you to use it extensively.

The combination of strap and lace doubles your ankle stability and stays put even on strenuous activities involving your feet. That means you can use this for high foot impact sports such as running, soccer, or basketball without worrying about your foot rolling inward.

The Zenith ankle brace also lets you adjust the straps and lace according to your preferred applied pressure. The tighter you want it, the more stable it is. This characteristic, combined with a breathable fabric material, lets your feet feel comfortable while wearing it.

Quick Features:

  • Double-stitched seams for durability.
  • Materials are made of nylon and neoprene.
  • Lace-up and strapped.
  • Breathable fabric material.


  • Versatile; it can be used in many sports activities.
  • Adjustable fit because of the lace.
  • Pressure customizability due to a combination of stirrup and lace-up design.


- The velcro straps have a tendency to wear out over time.

Med Spec ASO

Price: $21–45

The Med Spec ASO is another hybrid strap and lace-up ankle brace that can help you prevent overpronation. This product is a little in a high price range and for a good reason—it gives you great comfort and control.

There's a tongue padding addition that helps with the discomfort of having the laces rubbing on your socks. The brace also has additional stabilizing straps that support the stirrups, which lets you secure your heels and ankles without fail. The elastic cuffs give you control of the Med Spec's ability to keep you from injuring yourself. All these things combined make up a superior ankle brace to prevent pronation.

Quick Features:

  • Bilateral design which can be used for either foot.
  • Invisible seam for improved comfort without compromising durability.
  • Made with nylon.
  • Combination of strap and lace-up.
  • Coolflex tongue padding for maximum comfort and breathability.
  • Stabilizing straps.
  • Elastic cuffs.


  • The Coolflex padding technology makes this ankle brace more comfortable.
  • Adjustable fit and pressure because of the lace-up design.
  • Additional stabilizing straps that run around the ankles for added stability.
  • Elasticity of the cuffs gives plenty of options for tightness and pressure configuration.


  • The fabric material may shrink overtime if you throw it into the washer frequently.
  • Feels bulky when you wear it with your shoes.

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Price: $58–75

The Ultra Zoom ankle brace is the most durable one on the list because it's made of plastic cast. This rigid ankle brace for pronation does the job well because it doesn't allow your foot to roll inward or outward due to the hard cast.

What makes this interesting is that even though it prevents over or underpronation, it still leaves room for you to move your feet up and down to still have a functional range of motion.

In addition, the design is also low-profile and doesn't cover a lot of your foot and ankle. What it does cover and protect are the essential parts like the heel and the ankle.

Quick Features:

  • Hinged cuff design.
  • Softshell technology.
  • Easy strap-on with no lace required.
  • Ankle hinges to allow movement when walking or running.
  • Opening on the heel and foot area for a low profile and comfortable design.
  • Thermoplastic resin material for the heel and ankle cast.


  • It's minimal and uncomplicated for a design.
  • Since it's made of plastic, the cast prevents your ankle from overpronation.
  • The material is durable compared to nylon.
  • Perfect for intense activities such as volleyball or football.


  • The plastic material can be uncomfortable compared to the more flexible nylon braces.

SNEINO Ankle Brace

Price: $23

If you want an ankle brace that helps you rehabilitate your ankle injuries while still letting you do sports activities, go for Sneino. This product stands out because its steel springs act like a preventive tool to keep your feet and ankles from overextending.

Apart from the adjustable pressure and tightness, it also supports your arch. The straps are fixed, which enables you to pull it upward to tighten your midfoot area. This leaves a comfortable space between your arch and the ground or the soles of your shoe. So it's not only the best ankle brace for pronation prevention, but also for rehabilitation.

Quick Features:

  • The interior is made of mesh fabric.
  • Breathable fabric design.
  • Strap is fixed for better tightness configuration.
  • Spring steels on both sides of the ankle brace for an enhanced ankle support.
  • Opening on the heel for added breathability and comfort.
  • The exterior fabric is made of neoprene.
  • Contoured arched design.


  • There's a feature that supports the arch; especially great for flat-footed people.
  • The metal springs are uncommon, but it works for adding more ankle stability.
  • The mesh interior is comfortable and prevents sweat and odor buildup.


  • The spring steel addition may feel uncomfortable despite its added benefit.

BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

Price: $65–70

The Bioskin ankle brace is designed to support your foot anatomy. It supports your ankles differently than most braces out in the market but still is one of the best ankle braces for foot pronation.

The foot lock strap is the one feature that helps prevent overpronation. When wrapped around your arch area, this strap pulls your foot outward, thus preventing it from rolling inward. The Trilok technology relieves the pressure off your peroneal tendons—the tissue that runs up your ankle from the bottom of your foot's pinky—by mimicking its function. This technology makes overpronation, and other foot injuries, less likely to happen.

Quick Features:

  • Microfleece-lined compression sleeve.
  • Material is composed of lycra and polyester.
  • Trilok technology stirrup strap with foot lock.


  • Hypoallergenic materials.
  • The materials feel light to wear and can fit in most shoes.
  • The midfoot support is great for those who are flat-footed.
  • No lace feature makes this ankle brace more comfortable to wear.


  • Can be quite complicated to put on because there are a lot of straps.

OurTop Pick: Med Spec ASO

The Med Spec ASO is our top choice among the best ankle brace brands because it offers practical features at just the right price. You'll get the comfort and ankle stability you need, plus added design features like stabilizing straps that wrap around your ankle. It's in the mid-range price point and offers just the right amount of comfort and control. If you've only started to think about treating your overpronation, the Med Spec ASO is a good start.

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