Ankle Braces with Arch Support for Optimal Foot Health
5 min read
November 16, 2021

Ankle Braces with Arch Support for Optimal Foot Health

5 min read
November 16, 2021

Ankle pain is a common complaint among people of all ages. Whether you are an athlete or someone who spends most of their time on their feet, ankle pain can be very debilitating and cause many problems in the long run. The good news is that many different braces will help alleviate the pain and prevent injuries.

In this roundup review, we will be discussing some of the best ankle braces with arch support for optimal foot health!

Why Do You Need Arch Support?

We all have busy schedules to attend to, either at work, at home, or at school. While this is the case, we barely notice the pressure we're inflicting on our soles. With all the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine, you'll only end up wincing in pain one day because of your aching foot, specifically on your arches. This is where arch support comes into the picture.

Arch support is uniquely designed for people who spend large amounts of time on their feet, for short, active in sports. Additionally, an ankle and arch support brace will provide enough compression and hold to your foot region, preventing movement which can aggravate your injury even further.

One important thing you should know about arch supports is that without them, you could be suffering from back, hip, or ankle pain due to added pressure. That's right—because your arches are absorbing every ounce of force, this will spread throughout your upper extremities. Thus, using arch support will help protect your ankle and also reduce pain and injury by providing extra cushioning.

What Is Arch Pain?

The arch can become painful or injured in several ways, especially if you are an athlete or active in sports. Additionally, arch pain is commonly caused by poor shoe fit, pronation (rolling inward) of the foot, arthritis, bone spurs, osteoporosis, stress fractures, or muscle fatigue.

Your arches are the most exposed parts of your body that carry you in every step you take. Thus, when you engage in fast-paced performances, especially when you're barefooted, you can only expect your arches to bear all the weight and impact from your movement. This is mostly the case for gymnasts and other athletes.

5 Tips to Prevent Arch Pain

While experiencing arch pain is common amongst athletes, it doesn't mean you can't do anything to at least prevent it from happening. There are many routines you can explore to keep your feet healthy.

These seven helpful tips can prevent arch pain.

1. Use an ankle support brace.

An ankle support brace is a commonly used tool when recovering from foot pain, especially after twisting your ankles. An ankle support brace is made of neoprene, nylon, or spandex, which are some of the best materials to help you stay comfortable and at ease while wearing a brace. These can be found at most drugstores and pharmacies.

2. Stretch your feet before and after exercise to prevent cramping, spasms, and pain.

Getting your body ready before you do anything strenuous will help prevent ankle pain and injuries. Furthermore, warming up can gear up your muscles and increase blood circulation to give enough energy.

One easy stretch you can do is to pull your toes towards yourself. Hold this for five seconds, then repeat with all of your toes. Additionally, try doing some foot circles to help with any tension or cramps in your feet before starting anything strenuous!

It would also be best to finish exercising with some stretches to cool down your muscles after a rigorous workout.

3. Massage the soles of your feet for ten minutes each day.

Massaging your soles with lotion or oil will help ease the tension around the area and relieve some of the pain you're feeling. Additionally, doing this will improve your blood flow which gives better blood circulation throughout your lower extremities.

4. Try not to go barefoot too often.

Going around barefooted increases the risk of getting a foot or ankle injury. Thus, wearing the proper footwear or supportive shoes will help give your arches the right support and cushion for any impact that would come your way.

5. Rest your feet whenever possible.

If you are working in an office or doing practice routines for your next performance, you must take a break and give your feet the rest they deserve. For example, you can sit down and stretch your feet and calves to relieve the tension, or you can also stand beside a wall and do balancing routines.

Top 6 Best Arch and Ankle Support Braces

Although there are many options in choosing the right ankle brace for you, you must consider your situation and preferences. To help you decide, we've prepared our top six picks for ankle braces that come with arch support for maximum performance!

Jupiter Foot Sleeve with Compression and Arch Support

Jupiter's Foot Sleeve is made of fine nylon and spandex, allowing instant pain relief while improving blood circulation. The straps provide extra support and compression to prevent re-injury during any athletic fitness routine. Additionally, you can wear this ankle heel brace under your shoes with its slim-fit and ergonomic design.

Copper Fit Ankle and Foot Wrap

Copper Fit's Ankle and Foot Wrap gives you a pull-on closure that keeps your foot snug and well-compressed. This ankle and arch brace is made of copper-infused polyester and holds a gel pack in an interior pouch for hot or cold therapy. It is a one-size-fits-all ankle brace, making it one of the best ankle and arch support options for anyone!

Crucial Compression Socks with Arch Support

One of the best picks is Crucial Compression's Socks with Arch Support. These socks are made of breathable, lightweight material made of premium lycra, nylon, and spandex. In addition, the Power Support technology of Crucial Compression provides ample and targeted support to your foot, arch, ankle, and heel without restricting your range of motion. With that said, you can wear these slim-designed socks with almost any footwear!

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Made of premium quality materials, TechWare Pro's Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve provides stability and support to your swelling ankle or foot. It also gives pain relief against muscle fatigue, sprains, and even arthritis. Additionally, this ankle brace features a slim, moisture-wicking, and breathable soft fabric that guarantees comfort for as long as you wear it.

HealthyNees Ankle Compression with Arch Support

If you are looking for larger-sized ankle compression with arch support, HealthyNees' Ankle Compression is the best choice! With a 30 mmHg compression grade, you can ensure your foot and ankle will get the support and compression it needs to alleviate the pain. 

Additionally, the open-toe design allows you to move and wiggle your toes and give you a better grip while walking or performing strenuous routines at work or in your sport.

BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace

If you are looking for ultra-slim, breathable material and design for your ankle brace, then BraceAbility's Elastic Ankle Brace is the answer! It features a breathable neoprene sleeve which gives the ideal compression and pain relief to its wearer. Additionally, this elastic ankle brace is made from latex-free plastic for its profile design. With its slim and breathable materials, you can wear this comfortably in your shoes.

There are plenty more manufacturers of ankle braces that offer quality comfort and support. All you have to do is pick the right one that suits your needs. But you can rest assured that the brands we've mentioned are worth purchasing and will surely provide the compression and pain relief you need to help you fully recover from your injury.

Final Thoughts

Arch pain can be debilitating, and taking the right steps is vital to prevent arch pain. Thus, wearing an ankle brace with arch support can aid you greatly if you're an athlete or are just looking for the best ways to maximize comfort and compression for your ankles! 

The tips we provided above are only some of the most effective ways to relieve and prevent arch pain. If you are experiencing arch pain, we recommend trying out the tips above, buying yourself a great ankle brace, and giving your feet the proper rest they deserve.

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