Create a Workout Routine for Stress Fractures With ZaTech Ankle Compression Socks
5 min read
June 13, 2022

Create a Workout Routine for Stress Fractures With ZaTech Ankle Compression Socks

5 min read
June 13, 2022

Is your new workout program not working out for you? It should help you gain a stronger and healthier body, but you're enduring persistent stress fractures instead.

It's because your feet are overused. You have done too much and too soon, causing the ankle bones to crack due to unaccustomed intensity. As a result, you experience tenderness, swelling, and nagging foot pain even when resting.

So instead of an intense workout routine, you need something moderate and slow to help you recover from stress fractures. This usually includes the RICE protocol: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It may seem like a simple process, but it sure is tricky finding the right ankle compression socks.

In that case, we recommend checking the ZaTech Quarter Cut Compression Socks out! Read this review to know more. 

Calm After the Storm: The ZaTech Quarter Cut Compression Ankle Socks Review

It's not fun to deal with stress fractures and comply with a strict treatment plan. But if you're dealing with something that can cause a chronic problem, it's important to follow your doctor's instructions.

A crucial component of stress fracture treatment is wearing compression socks. The ZaTech Quarter Cut Compression Socks are designed for this purpose. Let's take a closer look and discuss why they might be for you.

compression ankle socks - zatech quarter cut black compression socks

Manufacturer Profile

First, here's an overview of the brand. ZaTech is a US-based company that makes compression socks for plantar fasciitis and other related foot conditions. Their sock collections come in three editions: the Quarter Cut, Low Cut, and Merino Wool edition.

ZaTech isn't one of the mainstream brands for compression socks. Still, they're outperforming the competition with superior quality and performance, leading to excellent ratings on various marketplaces like Amazon.

Product Basics

Here are some technical details about the ZaTech Compression Sleeves.

Material, Colors, and Sizing

These quarter-cut socks are 85% polyamide, 15% spandex, and mesh. They're lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchable. They also come in nine colors and five sizes (with specifications for men's and women's sizes). Furthermore, they're anatomically designed for both left and right feet.


  • All black
  • Black/gray
  • Gray/black
  • Orange/black
  • Red/black
  • Electric yellow/black
  • Blue/black
  • Pink/black
  • White/black


  • Small (5‒7 for men, 5‒8 for women)
  • Medium (7‒8 for men, 8‒9.5 for women)
  • Large (8‒9.5 for men, 9.5‒11 for women)
  • XL (9.5‒11.5 for men, 11+ for women)
  • XXL (11.5+ for men)

Target Audience

These socks are beneficial for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, cramps, pulled muscles, heel pain, arch pain, ball-of-foot pain, and scrapes and blisters. It's also a good choice for daily or sports use such as workouts, running, and hiking.

Compression Features

These ZaTech socks incorporate five features that we find the most useful when dealing with stress fractures.

Four-Way Support System

The socks have several targeted compression zones that offer graduated compression. They give the right amount of protection to the ankle, arch, Achilles tendon, and heel areas to help blood circulation and muscle stabilization.

Stretchable Sewn-in Cuff Design

The cuff of these ankle compression socks for women and men is firmly sewn to prevent slipping. In addition, its stretchable construction makes donning and doffing faster and easier, even for those with larger calves.

Mesh Zones

These socks have high-end synthetic fabrics and breathable mesh zones near the toe area. These features wick away moisture, regulate feet temperature, and promote air circulation. Consequently, your feet are dry and comfortable all day.

Second Skin Fit Design

These socks let you move freely and precisely while preventing skin chafing and blistering. This way, you can increase your performance efficiency and still recover fast.

Sock Maintenance

Do you want to make the most out of these compression socks? If so, it's important to know how to take care of them properly. Luckily, ZaTech provides you with specific maintenance instructions.

  • First of all, they don't require special maintenance. This saves you money and time figuring out unfamiliar processes and tools.
  • ZaTech recommends gentle machine washing with warm water and neutral soap.
  • Avoid bleaching to prevent discoloration and fabric wear and tear.
  • Low-temperature drying is okay.
  • After drying the socks, you might notice that they're not in their usual shape. Don't fret; simply stretch them out to get the natural shape back.
  • Look for any additional instructions in the packaging.

Product Lowlights

Finally, let's end this product review with some notable drawbacks. These are essential when evaluating your purchase decision.

  • Some customers find that they still lack support.
  • You might encounter sizing issues. Most people express concern about the socks being too tight.
  • They're not durable enough for highly intense activities.
  • They can be hard to put on. ZaTech recommends rolling the sock down and stretching it before wearing them.

Stress Fractures: Additional Treatment and Prevention Tips

You shouldn't take a stress fracture lightly. Athlete or not, you can always be susceptible to it. And if left untreated, it can cause chronic problems

Consider these practices when modifying your new workout routine for stress fractures.

ankle compression socks for women - woman suffering from heel pain while sitting on a yoga mat

Addressing the Root of the Problem

Before anything else, you should find out what's really causing your stress fractures. Then, adjust your treatment plan to address that directly. For example, the most common triggers of stress fractures are high-impact activities, lack of nutrients, abnormal menstruation for women, and other related conditions.

To address these causes, you should cut down on the intensity, eat healthier food, or treat underlying or related conditions immediately. It will significantly reduce or prevent the risk of stress fractures.

Dealing With Natural Foot Structure

Some people are born with a foot condition that makes them more prone to stress fractures. For instance, if you have flat feet or high arches, you must carefully select your activities and footwear.

Investing in good quality and comfortable orthotics is also helpful, a reason why we recommend these ZaTech compression socks. They deal with the swelling well and keep you comfortable while recovering.

Slowly Shifting Your Lifestyle

On some days, you might suddenly want to change your workout routine and rapidly increase activity. But that's not good; you have to take it slow to allow your body to adapt without straining it. For instance, if you want to go from ten exercise counts to fifty, don't shift to it immediately. Instead, increase your count by ten each week to help your body acclimate until it reaches your goal.

Focusing on Proper Nutrition

A lack of nutrients like calcium and vitamin D can also cause stress fractures. Thus, you need to give your body proper nutrition to heal quickly. It will make your bones stronger and reduce the risk of stress fractures.

Wearing Proper Shoes

Wearing inappropriate or ill-fitting shoes only adds more strain on your feet. That's the last thing you want to happen (especially when you have stress fractures), so always wear shoes that fit you well and feel comfortable.

Adding Variety to Your Workout Routine

Doing the same intense movement or activity each time you exercise can lead to stress fractures. Consider adding low-impact workouts to your routine. This way, you're not overusing your feet and giving them moments to rest and recover from the impact.

Your New Workout Plan is Good to Go!

It's aggravating to be excited and hopeful for a new exercise program only to end up with a stress fracture. We understand your desire for a healthy lifestyle but ignoring your body's need for rest can't get you anywhere. So when your feet say no, focus on building a routine that helps you treat them fast. 

A good stress fracture treatment plan typically involves the RICE protocol and several prevention practices. Most of these methods don't require special equipment and processes. However, you'll need to choose your compression solution carefully.

There are many compression socks out there, but not every single one of them can provide the support you need. So we reviewed the ZaTech Ankle-High Compression Socks to help you out!

We think these socks have the best compression features and options to help you deal with your stress fractures. Add these to your new workout routine for a faster and less painful recovery! If you're looking for additional information on compression socks or ankle support, explore our website for more.

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