Med Spec ASO Brace: The Ankle and Foot Brace Men Need to Prevent Sports Injuries
5 min read
September 21, 2021

Med Spec ASO Brace: The Ankle and Foot Brace Men Need to Prevent Sports Injuries

5 min read
September 21, 2021

The most number of foot injuries recorded happen in sports such as basketball, football, and lacrosse, which all require intensive use of the foot and ankle. Men who are active in these sports know that foot and ankle injuries are part of the package. It is only a matter of when it will happen.

If you participate in these sports, investing in a good ankle and foot brace would benefit you in the long run. Whether you have not been injured or have experienced ankle and foot injuries in the past, braces can help you prevent various types of injuries that will keep you from doing your best. It will also speed up the recovery if a foot or ankle injury happens.

This article will give you a rundown on the basics and benefits of having an ankle and foot brace, as well as some recommendations of starter equipment for your ankle and foot.

Benefits of Wearing Ankle and Foot Braces

 Ankle Joint Support

Ankle braces support the tendons, ligaments, and muscles on your ankles and feet by limiting their range of motion. This is done by compressing your ankles, which will prevent the foot from being overstretched. This will stabilize your ankle joint, minimize the risk of further injuries, allow faster recovery, and provide warmth to your ankle and foot muscles so that you can wear them comfortably.

 Recovery From Injury

Your ankle injury can become worse if it is subject to constant and intense physical motion. Ankle braces limit the movement of your ankle and foot, thereby giving them a break from being pushed further when doing your day-to-day or sports-related activities.

You can also adjust your ankle brace as to the amount of pressure applied on the injured ankle. So you can allow your ankle to recover while you do athletic activities and exercises.

 Preventing Further Injury or Damage

Wearing an ankle brace even without injury can still help by preventing it from happening. This is especially important when you have suffered foot or ankle-related injuries, especially due to sports.

 Types of Ankle and Foot Brace for Men

 Ankle Sleeves

This type of ankle brace is classified as a soft brace. It is often made of Neoprene and is commonly used for minor injuries and as mild support. It prevents foot cramps and soreness on the foot and ankle by putting pressure on the affected area.

Ankle sleeves are useful in reducing the likelihood of incurring injuries. There is an ankle brace for running men out there who go on marathons, while there is a plantar fasciitis wrap for men who like sports activities that are prone to that type of injury. These braces all fall into the ankle sleeves category.

 Ankle Supports with Straps

Unlike ankle sleeves, ankle braces with straps— also called stirrups— provide a higher level of support. In addition, you can personalize the amount of pressure placed on the ankle and foot by tightening or loosening the straps.

Athletic men with ankle sprains may find the stirrup ankle brace helpful. The brace can be used in combination with shoes— great for times when you cannot postpone training. There are superb ankle support shoes for men available in the market that will improve the effectiveness of stirrup ankle braces while also providing foot support so athletes can move with comfort and ease.

Lace-up Ankle Braces

The lace-up ankle brace is the most commonly used by athletic men. It is also prescribed by physicians often so athletes can still move around while treating ankle and foot injuries.

This semi-rigid brace is also made of tough materials covering the ankles and the calf, which adequately restrict their movement. The lace in the middle works similarly to the one used in shoes. It adjusts the tightness of the ankle brace and determines how limited the ankle's range of motion should be.

This type of ankle brace provides moderate ankle support. It is also lightweight and is not bulky, so it can fit on any shoe.

Product in Focus: Med Spec ASO Ankle and Foot Brace

To get you started in the right direction, we recommend checking out the Med Spec ASO Ankle and foot brace. It falls under the category of a semi-rigid ankle brace which is a great overall choice for athletic men like you who engage in competitive sports. Let's dig deeper into the details of the Med Spec ankle and foot brace.

Highlights of the Med Spec ASO?

Made of Nylon

Nylon is the primary material used in making the Med Spec ankle and foot brace. This material is abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant. It is one of the most used materials for ankle and foot braces because it is affordable, yet it delivers superior strength.

Stabilizer Straps

The ankle and foot brace takes the effectiveness of ankle tapings and incorporates it into the ankle brace. The straps overlap in a criss-cross "eight" fashion which provides more stability on the ankle and foot area and adds muscle warming benefit.


Underneath the straps are the laces of the Med Spec ankle and foot brace. The lace provides the initial stabilizing foundation and is adjustable depending on your preference in rigidness and comfort.

CoolFlex Padding

This breathable padding provides comfort to your tendons as well as the top of your foot. It is also made of elastic fibers to ensure you get the most comfort.

Elastic Cuff

The elastic cuff secures the lace and the straps in place and keeps them from loosening. The cuff edges are rounded to ensure that the cuff does not catch anything that might strip it off the velcro lock. It also has a restrictive function, keeping the ankles from rolling.

Adaptive Fit

The Med Spec ankle brace is designed to fit both your left and right foot. You can also wear it along with your shoe.

Lowlights for the Med Spec ASO


The Med Spec ankle and foot brace materials will shrink if you throw it into the washer frequently. In turn, it will fit you uncomfortably over time. You will have to handwash the Med Spec gently and soak it in water with detergent to keep it from shrinking. It would be great if the material is breathable and yet prevents shrinkage.

Efficiency When Putting It On

While the Med Spec's lace and straps are secure enough for your ankle, it takes a while to put it on. Maybe there is a way to keep the stable hold of the ankle brace without the strap or the lace since most men use this when playing sports outdoors.

Stability and Tightness

If you are an athlete who is used to taping or bandaging your foot, you may find the Med Spec ASO to be more loose than your traditional foot bandage, making it uncomfortable for those who want it as tight as the bandage. It would be convenient if it has an extended strap with adequate flex to help tighten the heel area and provide a more stable lateral support.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Med Spec ASO ankle and foot brace has all the features of an excellent semi-rigid ankle brace. In addition, it delivers the stabilizing effect that you need to bring to a sporting activity involving intensive movement of your feet and ankles. It is a fantastic investment for your foot and ankle to prevent injuries while still letting you function.

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