Take Your Game to the Next Level With Basketball Ankle Braces
5 min read
December 9, 2021

Take Your Game to the Next Level With Basketball Ankle Braces

5 min read
December 9, 2021

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports around the globe. People from different age groups are obsessed with sports, and some take their love for ball games by making it their career. Many people train and play every day in the hopes of being a basketball superstar one day— playing inside the arena alongside famous names like Lebron James and Stephen Curry. 

Whether you are training to be one, playing the sport as a hobby, or getting ready for tryouts, it is important that you are in perfect condition. Shooting and dribbling skills are not the only things you should focus on. Keeping yourself healthy and injury-free is also essential to play at your 100%. 

Basketball is a high-contact sport, and an ankle injury is a very common occurrence. But did you know that ankle braces can help you level up your game and keep your feet running and protected while playing? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Should You Wear Ankle Support Basketball Braces? 

Even if your body is in perfect conditioning, external circumstances can contribute to injuries. These include slippery floors, strong physical contacts, loose shoestrings, and several other unseen situations. Many athletes choose to forgo wearing an ankle brace because they think it can negatively affect their performance on the court. 

Contrary to popular opinion, there are several benefits players can experience wearing the proper ankle support during the games. Here are some of the few reasons why you should start wearing a basketball ankle sleeve on your next games: 

Protects you against major injuries 

The main purpose of ankle braces is to protect from injuries. When playing basketball, the joints on your feet are the most prone to injuries. Strong impacts and awkward landings can tear your muscles and ligaments. Ankle braces ensure that you can still move in a full range of motion while keeping your muscles and joints aligned. 

Wearing proper braces does not only protect the ankle but also prevent knee injuries from happening. 

Pain relief 

For someone already in an injury, ankle braces can ease the pain in the affected area. There are injuries that may require minimal movement or total immobilization. The ankle braces help you restrict your motions and avoid unnecessary movement that may cause more pain and damage to your injuries. 

Prevents bone separation 

For some unfortunate events, fracture injuries can happen. Fracture or breaking of the bone can occur when the bone takes a direct hit of force more than it can take. There are ankle braces with exoskeletons that lessen the damage from strong impacts. 

Different types of exoskeletons could protect you. For example, there is high-quality plastic material like resin and some exterior shells, including metals like aluminum and titanium.

Post-injury rehabilitation 

There are major injuries that require stopping physical activities for a certain period. Ankle braces can help you get back to your feet without forcing your ankles. These braces can speed up your recovery process but remember that these are not a replacement for medication and physical therapy. 

Basketball player with ankle injury

How to Choose the Right Ankle Brace for Basketball? 

The market has a wide selection of ankle braces. Individual braces have different features, each targeting specific injuries and/or sporting events. If you are looking to invest in a brace for basketball, here are some the few things you should consider before buying: 

Choosing the perfect fit 

To prevent injuries, the fit of your ankle brace should be perfect. Too loose can weaken the support of the braces, and too tight ankle braces can make wearing the support uncomfortable. There are different styles to customize the fit of your braces. There are hinges, straps, and lace-up ankle supports

Hinges and straps for ankle braces allow you to easily put on and remove the braces when needed. These also allow for easy adjustment without having to remove your shoes. But they can loosen after prolonged use, so it's not advisable to wear them while you are moving around a lot or during playing games. 

Lace-up straps allow for a more customizable fit. In addition, you can tighten the straps for more support and stabilization. This type of brace is also perfect as ankle support while playing basketball because the brace can stay securely on your foot while you move around. 

Choosing the type of fabric 

Ankle braces come with a compression sleeve that wraps your ankle for protection and pain relief. Braces come in different fabric types. Depending on your needs and preference, you choose the one tailored for you. 

Hydramesh fabric

This type of fabric is comfortable and breathable. It is perfect for activities such as running and jogging. The breathable fabric cools your feet and prevents foul odor caused by sweat. It also provides enough support to prevent twisting and rolling of your ankles. 

Neoprene fabric

Neoprene fabric is the most popular basketball ankle sleeve choice for players. It has all the properties of the Hydramesh fabric and more. It is also more flexible than other fabrics. And in case of an injury, it can give you room for swelling. 

This type of compression sleeve also keeps your ankle warm. The warm temperature helps your muscles loosen and increase blood flow, preventing common injuries such as sprains and strains. 

Rigid, soft, or hybrid braces 

Depending on your injury or activity, you can choose between rigid braces, soft braces, and hybrid braces. For example, rigid braces are perfect to use when you are healing after an ankle injury. The exterior shells of these braces will restrict your motions and protect your foot from unwanted impact. 

Soft braces are ideal in preventing common ankle injuries and swelling. Hybrid braces are most recommended for basketball players—it is a combination of rigid and soft ankle braces. The compression sleeve of soft braces protects the ankle, while the protective exoskeletons of rigid braces protect you from impacts that may cause ankle injuries and fractures.

lace-up black ankle brace support  

Start Elevating Your Game with an Ankle Brace for Basketball

Complete your playing gear by pairing your basketball shoes with the proper ankle brace for basketball players. Here are the top ankle braces to help you get started. 

  1. McDavid Ankle Brace Support for Basketball - $54.99 
  2. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer - $31.93 
  3. SENTEQ Ankle Brace Asain Slim Fit - $16.88
  4. Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace - $9.99
  5. ComfiLife Ankle Brace at Amazon - $12.95  
  6. Sleeve Stars T1 Rigid Ankle Brace - $14.95 

These braces are chosen by professional players based on their fit, compression, comfort, and pain relief capability— ankle supports that will surely bring out your A-game.

Play Like an All-Star 

Shoot for your dreams! Wearing protective gear should be an essential part of your playing routine. Keeping your ankle strong and in excellent condition is your ticket to stardom. Train hard and play harder at maximum performance every game. Say goodbye to ankle injuries by wearing the right basketball ankle braces. 

Explore the different choices of ankle braces in our blogs, and get to know the different purposes of different fabrics, external shells, and brace materials in-depth. We hope this buying guide is helpful in your search for the perfect sports safety gear. 

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