The Best Black Ankle Strap Heels: Shoes to Complete a Classic and Comfortable Look
8 min read
August 16, 2021

The Best Black Ankle Strap Heels: Shoes to Complete a Classic and Comfortable Look

8 min read
August 16, 2021

Black ankle heels always have that timeless look. They are a classic, which means you can wear them anytime with any outfit. Consider them as investment pieces. Trendy shoes may be fun, but with tons of color options, they’re hard to pair with the majority of your wardrobe. With black heels, you also won’t have to worry about the style fading in a couple of seasons or years.

Yet, as everyone knows, heels aren’t exactly the most comfortable shoes in the closet. How many times have you limped home after a night out in high heels? This isn’t healthy; improperly fitting shoes can lead to a host of foot problems, like bunions and hammertoes. Fortunately for you, advancements in shoe design have made it possible to be both stylish and comfortable.

Are you looking for the best comfortable black ankle strap heels you can buy right now? Then you've come to the right place! This article talks about how to choose the black ankle strap shoes suited for you, along with a review of the best heels you can buy today. Check these beauties out:

Dream Pairs Women's Hi-Chunk High Heel Pump Sandals

The Dream Pairs Pump Sandals look elegant with their chunky heels. Even with its wide heel which helps distribute pressure and weight across your foot, the shoe still looks sleek. Its soles are narrow, which makes it a perfect fit if you have slim feet. It has a buckle enclosure at the strap area with a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sole which secures the whole ensemble. Its heel height is approximately 4 inches with a platform height of 0.25 inches. The soles are also padded for added comfort even when it's worn over long periods. If you're having difficulty maintaining your balance with stilettos, but you still want to look and dress classy, wearing chunky sandals is the best option for you!

The material of the shoe is suede which is typical for most ankle strap heels. Although this is a good choice for strap heels, it is prone to collecting dust and dirt easily. You also have to be wary of getting it wet since suede readily absorbs water when drenched.


  • Slim shoe structure which is very flattering for those with small feet.
  • Chunky heel to help distribute weight evenly; much healthier for you than stilettos.
  • It has non-slip rubber soles, so you won't be slipping as you walk with these.
  • Perfect to wear with short dresses as it elongates the legs.


  • Its thin straps may not feel secure, although this is mostly based on personal preference.
  • It may be too small for women with large feet.

Sam Edelman Women's Patti Dress Sandal

These black high heels with ankle straps from Sam Edelman share some features with the heels from Dream Pairs. Both are made for women with slim feet, but they do differ in many ways, too. The Patti Dress Sandal is made from pure leather with a shiny finish. Its sole is synthetic, and its heel is approximately 3.25 inches high. Since these are stilettos, they don’t have a platform, but their heel height isn’t too high that you’ll feel off-balance while wearing it.

If you're not used to wearing stiletto heels, you might find it hard to walk in these. But if you've already tried wearing stilettos before, you may find it less challenging to wear because of the perfect heel height, which is neither too high nor too low for stilettos. These black ankle strap high heel sandals are perfect for everyday office looks—they're not too formal nor too casual! You can count on these to instantly give you a powerful girl boss moment without having to sacrifice comfort.


  • Comfortable to wear even for extended periods as the heel isn’t too high, and the straps give adequate support.
  • The leather material makes it look and feel more elegant to wear.
  • Its closed heel cup doesn't cause blisters, especially when newly worn.


  • More expensive compared to other ankle strap heels.
  • The straps across the toes may be tight for some.

Cushionaire Women's Nila One-Band Low Block Heel

Heels don't mean they always have to be high. Low block heels are most suited for casual errands like grocery runs or shopping. These Cushionaire low block heels are the perfect heels, especially if you don't like flats, but are not comfortable wearing very high heels. These black high ankle strap shoes have a suede sole and a soft vegan suede on their upper part. Its insoles are padded, which makes it comfortable to walk in over extended periods.

Its heel is only approximately 1-inch high which makes the whole sandal relatively flat. Did you know that 1-inch heels are the healthiest to wear? Very high heels can damage your feet and toenails, and completely flat shoes can collapse your arch. These beauties are best paired with your most comfortable day-to-day outfit!


  • You get comfort and style with these shoes—no need to worry about your feet aching when you wear these sandals!
  • They have the ideal heel height of 1-inch.
  • These can be dressed up or down.


  • The top half of the shoe is a bit wide; it may not be the perfect fit for those with small feet.

The straps are not secured tightly.

Allegra K Women's Strappy Straps Lace Up Chunky Heel Sandals

The heels we’ve mentioned in this list all come with a basic strap. But what are the best high heels with ankle straps you should buy if you're feeling a little bit extra? The Allegra K Strappy Lace-Up Heels may just be the shoes you're looking for. These come with rubber soles and a heel height of approximately 3 inches. In addition, the heels are chunky, so you won't have a hard time maintaining your balance when wearing them. The insoles are also padded for added comfort.

Now, what sets these heels apart from the rest are their straps. These aren't just regular ankle straps. Rather, you can lace these up until mid-leg. Wearing these will give you an effortless girly look; you can even wear them to weddings and other dressy occasions!


  • The straps go up until the mid-portion of the leg, but you can also tie them around your ankles for a different vibe.
  • Very stylish; perfect to wear with mid-length dresses
  • The front portion is wide, so those with wide feet won't have any trouble fitting in these.


  • If you lace them tightly, you may get blisters.
  • Not true to size. Order 0.5 to 1 inch bigger.

HerStyle ISLAND Women's Open Toe Ankle Strap

Are you comfortable with a high-heel and platform combination? If your answer is yes, these black ankle strap pump heels from HerStyle Island will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. With a platform height of approximately 1.25 inches and a heel height of a staggering 5 inches, these are the highest heels we've reviewed so far. You'd expect them to be uncomfortable to wear all day long, but the high platforms make them much more comfortable to wear.

Although they might look very intimidating because of their size, these pumps are more comfortable to wear than stilettos. The chunky platform distributes the pressure from your body evenly across the whole foot. On the other hand, with stilettos, the stress is mainly concentrated at the toe area.

These black ankle strap pumps (heels) from HerStyle are made from faux suede with rubber soles. Its footbed is cushioned for added comfort, and the soles are slip-resistant for safety. It comes with thin straps, which can make the legs look longer compared to thicker straps. If you're looking for something that can make you stand confidently and without pain, we recommend getting these ankle strap heels!


  • The heels and platform are high, but they don't put too much pressure on your feet.
  • It looks stylish and elegant; you can use them for casual and formal occasions.
  • The shoes fit true-to-size.


  • These are bulky heels, and they are a little heavier compared to other strap heels.
  • It's possible to get blisters from the suede material.

How to Choose The Best Block Heels With Ankle Straps

Since there are different ankle strap heels to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed when choosing one. Here are some quick how-tos on selecting the right ankle strap heels for you:

Consider the heel shape.

There are different types of heels you can choose from, and these differ mostly in their heel shape. One important factor in determining the right heel shape to buy is where you will use the shoes.

For example, if you're looking for black heels to wear at an outdoor garden event, stilettos might not be the perfect choice with their thin and high heels. The heel might get stuck in the uneven pavement or sink in soil. Instead, stack, wedge, or block heels will be a lot easier to wear for outdoor use with their chunky and wide heels.

Choose the strap style.

There are three types of designs you can choose from plain pumps, ankle straps, or Mary Janes. Plain pumps and Mary Janes are very classic pieces, but ankle straps can be too!

The addition of ankle straps adds security to the shoes, which means you won't have to worry about your shoes if they’re a little loose. In addition, the straps are versatile enough—like that of lace-up straps—to be designed and styled in a way that will make the shoes and your whole look stand out.

Know what you're going to pair it with.

Black heels with ankle straps are commonly used in formal set-ups, but you can wear them casually too. For example, you can pair your ankle strap heels with an A-line skirt for a school-girl look or hide them under slacks if you don't want the straps to be seen. The addition of straps, however, gives the illusion of your heels looking higher than it is.

Remember that stilettos are often used for more formal events with evening gowns or business attire. Ankle boot heels are for more casual wear, often paired with jeans or denim shorts. So it's important that before buying heels, you already have an idea of the look you're going for.

Choose the proper heel height.

Most women prefer to wear high heels with ankle straps because they want to look taller while also feeling secure. Since it's a personal preference, the shoe will depend on how tall you want to look. Flats have less than 0.75 inches of heel height, kitten heels have between 1–2 inches, mid-height heels have 2–3 inches, and high heels are considered those with 3 inches of heel and higher.

You may acclimate yourself by wearing kitten heels first before jumping to higher heels. This way, you'll be more familiar with how you can walk and move with heels on. Then you may proceed to wear chunky mid-height heels before wearing thinner and higher heels. Choose whichever heel height you're comfortable with! This is also relevant to foot health; if you're still not completely comfortable in them, wearing high heels may result in injuries and foot-related problems.


We've listed down the features, pros, and cons of five black ankle strap heels you can buy. While these are all great buys, Dream Pairs' Hi-Chunk High Heel Pump Sandals take the cake. These are the black heels that will go with almost every outfit you have in your closet right now. In addition, they’re ultra-comfortable for almost everyone, especially if you have small feet.

Choosing the right black strap heels requires a lot of research and planning. However, these are investment pieces you can use for years without having to worry about them going out of style. Since you'll style this with hundreds of possible outfits, make sure that you choose the best and most comfortable heels available. Try the pairs from our recommendations and find your new everyday shoe now!

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