Got Small Feet? These 4 Best Braces for Ankle Sprain Will Fit You Just Right
4 min read
July 29, 2022

Got Small Feet? These 4 Best Braces for Ankle Sprain Will Fit You Just Right

4 min read
July 29, 2022

Did you know that an ankle sprain mostly occurs at ages ten to twenty-four? It's the age when children and young adults are the most active. But even so, it is still a common foot injury that can affect anybody regardless of age or activity.

So whether you're an adult with small feet or your child needs to wear braces, there are plenty of small-sized braces to help you get back on your feet. We'll share the best braces for an ankle sprain, designed for kids and adults with small feet. Keep reading for more information!

4 Pediatric Ankle Braces for Adults With Injured Ankles

If you have ankle pain, one of the best things you can do is wear an ankle brace. Ankle braces help stabilize and support the ankle, which can help alleviate pain and improve function. 

Check out our top four favorite ankles, perfect for kids or adults with small feet. 

#1. BXT Ankle Braces 

Ankle braces don't have to be sophisticated with all the straps and cast. If you want something quick and easy to put on, the best brace for ankle sprain comes from BXT. Plus, it's affordable.


  • Material: Neoprene and elastic spandex.
  • Quantity: Two ankle braces 
  • Shoe size: US kids 12-4; US big kids 4-8 
  • Colors: hot pink and black 
  • Price: $12.45


  • Easy to put on. The BXT doesn't have extra straps that you need to loop around your feet. You simply insert your feet and the hook-n-loop closure straps on your Achilles tendon
  • Low-key compression. If you only have a mild sprain, the BXT can give that gentle compression that doesn't overcorrect your ankle. 
  • Breathable. It has an open-heel design with neoprene that allows air to come in to avoid sweat buildup. 
  • Affordable. For almost $13, you get a pair of quality entry-level ankle braces that are perfect for everyday use. 


  • One user found that some of the ankle braces don't give enough support. This is because of the lack of straps that you can find in other brands. 

#2. BodyMoves Kids Ankle Brace Support

BodyMoves Kid's Ankle Brace Support

Most sprained ankles happen during sports and weight-bearing activities that overstretch the ligaments and joints of your foot. As you injure your foot, the compression from an ankle brace may not be enough, and you need hot or cold compression to reduce the swelling.

This is where BodyMoves braces come in.


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Quantity: Two ankle braces, two hot and cold ice pack
  • Shoe size: US kids 12-3; US big kids 4-7 
  • Colors: Active blue, sweet pink, and sporty black 
  • Price: $22.99


  • Hot and cold ice packs. The pack comes with Velcro straps to apply hot or cold compress on the ankle without holding it. Plus, it's reusable. 
  • Extra compression. Some ankle braces have built-in straps, but the BodyMoves are removable. So any time you need more support on your sprained ankle, you can easily put on the long strap and make a figure 8 compression on your foot. 


  • Some users find the ankle braces to be loose after a few months. But it's worth noting that ankle braces' lifespan will depend on how hard you use them. 

#3. Neo G Ankle Brace

Are you looking for the best ankle brace for medial ankle sprain? Do you need ankle brace wraps that experts and orthopedists trust? The ankle support from Neo G might be the one you're looking for. 


  • Material: Neoprene and polyamide 
  • Quantity: One ankle brace
  • Shoe size: No shoe size is indicated, but it fits ages up to 12 
  • Color: Blue
  • Price: $19.99


  • Class 1 medical device. Neo G ankle braces have been registered internationally as Class 1 Medical Devices and have proven effective in treating sprained ankles. 
  • Universal size. This universal-size support fits left and right ankles and can fit up to 12 years of age or adults sizes 4-7. 
  • Heat therapeutic: This ankle brace is made with premium-grade neoprene that warms up your muscles and joints 


Some users complain that they can't wear running shoes with them as it gets too bulky and uncomfortable. 

#4. BraceAbility Ankle Brace with Laces 

BraceAbility Ankle Braces

BraceAbility ankle brace is the best brace for high ankle sprain. Thanks to its Figure 8 strap and laces, you can guarantee your ankle is well-supported. 


  • Material: Neoprene and nylon 
  • Quantity: One ankle brace
  • Shoe size: US big kids 2-6
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $24.99


  • Fits either foot. It also has a universal fitting that you can use on either foot. 
  • Easy adjustment. You can use your finger to loosen or tighten the straps. 
  • Laces for a customized fit. Our top picks are all adjustable, but the BraceAbility is more capable of adjusting to your small feet. This is due to the laces that go all the way to your ankle. Plus, they can act as an added compression.


  • The laces are long, so securing them with the strap can be tedious. And after some movement, it loosens. 

Our Top Pick: Brace Yourselves With BraceAbility

If you have experienced a sprained ankle, you know that the pain can be unbearable. The longer you wait to start treatment, the worse it can get. If you're looking for the best ankle braces to help with your rehabilitation or prevention efforts, look no further than BraceAbility. It provides ankle stability ideal for any small foot. 

All of the top four products above offer superior support and protection. They are also comfortable enough to wear all day. So if you're dealing with ankle pain, don't wait any longer—check out our in-depth reviews for curing ankle pain at Ergotoes and find the perfect brace for you today.

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