Fighting Foot Pain in Style: Vionic Women’s Abyss Brinkley Black Ankle Boots for Women
5 min read
June 8, 2022

Fighting Foot Pain in Style: Vionic Women’s Abyss Brinkley Black Ankle Boots for Women

5 min read
June 8, 2022

 Individuals with foot aches and conditions rarely get to wear fashionable shoes. It's hard to find stylish shoes or leather boots that can give comfort while using them. We attempted to find the most comfortable black leather shoes for women. These shoes will help you alleviate your foot conditions, and these booties can go with any style you rock. 

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the Vionic Women’s Abyss Brinkley leather boots. We’ll break down its different features and potential drawbacks to see if these ankle boots fit your podiatric needs. We'll also give compelling reasons why getting Vionic footwear is a good decision and investment.

vionic abyss Brinkley boots

Product Spotlight: Vionic Women’s Abyss Brinkley Ankle Boots 

There are endless options for women's ankle boots available in the market. Some are high-heeled, made from different materials, and very stylish. But not all of these options are comfortable, especially for those with underlying foot conditions. 

The brand Vionic was founded by a podiatrist, Mr. Philip Vasyli. Vionic’s goal is to provide affordable shoes to alleviate pain related to the most common foot conditions. Vionic has a wide collection of footwear for all occasions, and their experts are continuing to develop new technology to bring more comfort to people. 

Now let’s look at why these boots are some of the the most favored in Vionic’s catalog. 

Wide range of size 

The shoes practice inclusivity for all women. The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11, so even gals with large feet can have style and comfort. The boots were also designed with enough allowance to put orthotics or compression socks in. This helps support your feet and ankles further. 

Moreover, the shoes have a zipper closure on the side and pull tabs on the ankle so you can slip your foot in and out of the shoe easily. Size-wise, these shoes are the perfect choice for everyday comfort wear. 

Leather material and rubber soles 

The Vionic Abyss Brinklye ankle boots use genuine leather material for the shoe's upper. The material is water repellent and has extreme durability. The upper is puncture-proof and can withstand wear and tear from everyday use. In addition, the shoes have platform heels with a height of 1.5 inches. If you need a black flat ankle boot for women that will add height without the uncomfortable block heels, the Vionic Abyss Brinkley just might be the one you’re looking for. 

Furthermore, the shoes have enough lugs for excellent traction—not too small that they won’t help you support your steps and slipping and also not too big that the rocks and other external objects stick between the lug gaps, which makes walking uncomfortable. The ankle boots also have a rubber outsole that is guaranteed to last long and helps cushion your steps. 

Three-zone comfort technology 

Expert podiatrists at Vionic developed the three-zone comfort technology so all of Vionic’s footwear can give comfort to a wide range of people experiencing foot conditions. For example, these black leather ankle boots for women have a Vio-motion footbed technology that delivers arch support, cushioning, and stability. 

You can use the Vionic footwear to help relieve pain from flat feet and heel spurs and fix deformations from high arches, bunions, and hammertoes. The three-comfort technology also gives ample support to help you ease the pain in your lower back. In addition, Vionic footwear is specifically designed to adapt to the shape of your foot. So the more you use these booties, it wraps around the pressure points of your feet with superior comfort. 

Ease of cleaning and maintenance 

The Vionic Abyss Brinkley is available in three colorways—Napa Green, Cream Lizard, and Standard Black. The ankle boots have a glossy finish, so dirt does not stick to the upper and for easy cleaning. Just wipe your shoes with a dry cloth to lift off any dirt or debris. Never use an abrasive brush that could damage the leather. 

If the insides of your shoes get wet, just air dry your shoes and avoid exposing them to direct heat to prevent the leather uppers from drying and flaking. 

The Drawbacks of Vionic Abyss Brinkley Black Ankle Boots for Women

Vionic is one of the best brands of shoes in the marketplace. There are so many unique features and good things we can do about their individual footwear. But there are some potential lowlights that you may find lacking in these ankle boots. So let's look at them to help you decide on your purchase. 

No thermal layer

Genuine leather is naturally warm, so that it can protect you from cold. But the Vionic Abyss Brinkley ankle boots have no thermal layer for intense cold during the winter season. Other black leather boots are lined with a thermal layer or faux fur to help warm your feet in the winter. We recommend wearing thermal socks during the cold season since the boots are wide enough to accommodate thick socks. 

Price point 

You can expect that high-quality shoes also come with a high price tag. Depending on your size, the Vionic Abyss Brinkley price ranges between $100 - $150. There are ankle boots you can get for less, but you can't expect them to be as comfortable as the Vionic ankle boots. If these boots are too expensive for you, we recommend putting inserts in your shoes for added comfort.

aesthetic ankle boots 

Why Choose Vionic Shoes? 

There are many popular and trusted brands you can choose from when it comes to footwear. But remember, your shoes shouldn't be all about style and fashion. It should also be comfortable and functional to make it worth every penny. So, if you have doubts about Vionic shoes, here are some reasons why you should get a pair with them. 

  • Vionic is a brand where style meets comfort. Aside from a wide range of sizes for inclusivity, Vionic shoes offer different footwear for men and women. So whether you're looking for sandals, slippers, running shoes, ankle boots, dress shoes, or casual boots, Vionic has a wide range of selections for both genders. 
  • Every footwear is guaranteed and backed up by science to provide orthopedic comfort for a wide range of foot conditions and deformations, as well as give support and pain relief targeting the lower points of your body. 
  • Vionic finds a way for everyone to purchase their shoes. There is an installment basis for a more flexible payment method for people on a tight budget. Moreover, the Vionic has a pointing system for their customers that gives them special discounts they can use for their next purchase. 
  • Vionic also offers inserts compatible with all your footwear. Furthermore, Vionic gives its customers a 30-day wear test so you can assess if the footwear is right for them. If you don't like the feel on your feet, you can have it returned free within 30 days upon purchase. 

Our Takeaway 

Finding a comfortable shoe when you have foot conditions is hard. More so, if you have a big size. Fortunately, Vionic shoes are the solution to all your foot problems. The three-comfort zone technology is sure to relieve foot pains from common foot ailments. Furthermore, they have several footwear choices, so you never have to compromise your style just for a bit of comfort. Instead, you can have an ache-free day rocking the most beautiful boots. 

The Abyss Brinkley is just one of the excellent pairs from their line of women's footwear. Don't forget to browse the catalog for more options. We have detailed reviews of no heel black ankle boots for women, sandals, hiking boots, and sportswear if you are looking for more support footwear. 

In addition, we also have recommendations on ankle braces, bunion relief, compression socks, and some helpful tips on faster recovery from foot ailments. Subscribe to our blogs for foot care-related needs. 

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