Worry-Free Ankle Add-On: Bodyprox Adjustable Ankle Brace Review
4 min read
August 19, 2021

Worry-Free Ankle Add-On: Bodyprox Adjustable Ankle Brace Review

4 min read
August 19, 2021

Active living makes you stronger, but it doesn't exempt you from ankle injuries. You could be a regular in the gym, a master of all the dos and don'ts of exercise. However, one day you suddenly get an ankle injury from a sharp turn or a wrong step.

It leaves you with weak ankles that trigger frequent sprains or dislocation issues. Consequently, you find it difficult to exercise as much as before without wearing protective gear.

Ankle injuries are often hard to deal with, as they can compromise your balance and stability. It's important to wear a good ankle brace when you're healing from an injury or playing sports that may cause you to roll your ankle.

Ankle braces come in many styles and sizes, but we found one that we think will work for most people: the Bodyprox adjustable ankle brace! Learn more about this product and how it could provide ankle support.

The Bodyprox Ankle Brace & Wrap (Adjustable): Everything You Need to Know

The Bodyprox Ankle Brace is essential for anyone who wants to ensure ankle protection in the presence of injuries. On the other hand, you may have naturally weak ankles and only want to prevent the likelihood of ankle issues. Either way, both cases are perfect for the Bodyprox device.

What are the specifications of this product that makes it the right (or wrong) choice for you? Here's everything you need to know.

Flexible Design for Quick and Easy Adjustments

The Bodyprox ankle brace incorporates an open heel and hook-and-loop closure system, making it a quick and easily adjustable device. Additionally, it's made of flexible materials (70% neoprene, 20% nylon, and 10% polyester) so that it fits easily inside your shoes. There's nothing better than an ankle brace that doesn't hinder your natural movements, especially if you're playing sports.

Non-Slip Material for Steady Placement

With Bodyprox, you don't have to worry about the brace slipping out of place. The neoprene fabric includes a wavy silicone gel design along the adjustable ankle strap. It's a non-slip material that secures the placement of the ankle brace so that it won't fall out of place or slip around your foot.

Neoprene Fabric for Hygiene and Breathability

The Bodyprox brace is latex-free and made of neoprene fabric. Neoprene is light, low maintenance, durable, and strong enough for long periods of usage. It also prevents the skin from irritations and promotes comfort. The manufacturer recommends hand-washing it instead of using a washing machine.

Ankle Compression to Speed Up Recovery

The Bodyprox ankle brace compresses muscles and tendons that need the most work to heal your ankle or foot quickly. There's no need to worry about the compression level, as it won't negatively affect the blood circulation in your feet.

Sturdy Straps Make Detachment Challenging

While the Bodyprox brace is one of the most flexible ankle braces in the market, some people might find the straps complicated. The solid velcro adhesion and non-slip silicone wave design on the straps can make the brace difficult to remove.

One Size Fits Most

The Bodyprox brace fits up to 11" based on foot arch circumference. To calculate the arch circumference, measure the length of the thickest part of your arch.

Product Shortcomings

Not Durable and Breathable Enough

Some users find that this ankle brace wears out faster than they expected. Others also experienced skin irritations such as itching, showing a lack of breathable properties. These issues, however, may depend on your device maintenance and skin condition.

Might Not Fit Well in Shoes

Some customers find that the brace works better when barefoot instead of slipping it into footwear. The braces might be too thick and tight to allow smooth feet movements inside the shoes. Bigger foot or shoe sizes may also not fit well with these braces.

Doesn't Come In Pairs

One last thing to note about the Bodyprox brace is that it doesn't come in pairs. You need to purchase them again if you need one on each foot.

Things to Look at When Choosing an Ankle Brace

Ankle braces are one of the go-to's for ankle pain or injuries before surgery. However, their specifications aren't simple. These devices vary in type, purpose, sizing, and extra features.

If you can't find the right one for you, it will only worsen the damage. Make the right choice with your health expert's guidance and some considerations we've outlined below.

Purpose of the Ankle Brace

First, you need to determine your purpose for the ankle brace. It could be the most important buying factor for medical devices. Some braces work for prevention or comfort, while others are for more severe cases like healing an injury.

Type of Ankle Support

There are different braces, such as lace-ups, sleeves, stirrups, and hybrids. Understand their purpose and determine which works best depending on a few more factors: duration of use, stability, safety, and how to wear the ankle brace.

How Well It Fits

An ill-fitting ankle brace only does more damage than support. You need the correct fit to acquire all the benefits it can offer. The key to this aspect is moderation; your ankle brace shouldn't feel too tight or too loose. It shouldn't negatively affect the circulation. Ensure to look into the sizing chart before purchasing.

Brand and Pricing

Brand name and pricing are always important purchasing considerations. You can buy an ankle brace from physical local medical stores or online. You may do some research on the most trusted and popular brands and compare their products along with the pricing. Don't pick an item just because it's cheap—look at its features and decide wisely.

Final Thoughts

An ankle injury won't necessarily prevent you from living actively. You can still resume some of your activities, but you need strong ankle support. When it comes to that, the Bodyprox adjustable brace is a reliable choice. It does its job well, providing you with the full support you need.

It's easily adjustable, comfortable, and keeps a steady placement on your ankle. Despite its shortcomings, you can rely on its adjustable ankle support with proper use and maintenance. If you want to know more about different ankle braces or how to put on an ankle brace, you may explore more of our articles.

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