How to Choose The Best Ankle Support For Women
5 min read
September 9, 2021

How to Choose The Best Ankle Support For Women

5 min read
September 9, 2021

When it comes to finding the best ankle support for women, some research and a trip to the podiatrist are crucial. There are many ankle braces available in the market, a wide range of options to choose from. It may be overwhelming to choose the right ankle support for you—not to mention a bit technical since there are some things you have to consider. Read on below to learn more about choosing the right products.

When to Wear Ankle Support?

Before diving into details, the question you should be asking is, "when should I wear an ankle brace?" This will depend on your situation. Some would need ankle support socks for women because they frequently experience ankle sprains or strain in the ankle area. Some would use this support because they experience pain or inflammation every time they move. Compression or supports would be very helpful in these cases as they tightly secure the ankle in place.

You can use an ankle brace for women, small or large, depending on the size of your foot. Although it's available commercially, it's not a one-size-fits-all option. If you truly want to maximize its benefits, you should get one that's perfect for your size and needs.

Understanding the Different Types of Ankle Braces

There are specific types of ankle braces for small women and ones for larger frames. They come in different products that give you the best relief depending on your existing condition and foot and ankle size. Here are some key points and differences you need to know:

Ankle sleeves

Ankle sleeves are specialized ankle braces made of softer materials such as knit fabric or neoprene. These are designed to protect the ankle area and provide moderate compression. If you're looking for something that will give you added support and relief for any kind of pain you might be feeling, ankle sleeves are the perfect braces for you. These are also recommended for those experiencing inflammation and swelling in the ankle areas—conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or tendonitis.

Ankle supports

Ankle supports usually come with straps. Its structure is very much similar to ankle sleeves. The main difference is there's an additional step of strapping it over the sleeve. This would provide extra protection and compression in the ankle area. Ankle supports with straps are available in different sizes—either with 6 or 8-hole configurations. If you want it in a bigger size, you can choose the 8-hole ankle support so you can adjust the sizes accordingly, while the 6-hole configuration is perfect for smaller sizes.

Lace-up ankle braces

These types of ankle braces provide the most snug fit. Its design is similar to regular shoelaces, wherein you can lace and tie them up from top to bottom. With this, you will have full control over the amount of compression or tightness you want to have in that area. It's the best choice if you're looking for ankle support for women's sprains as it provides the best compression out of all three types of supports.

How to Choose the Best Ankle Support for Women

There are different things and factors you should first take into consideration when you're buying an ankle brace for women. But among these factors, the most important ones are the fit and the fabric.

Fit of the ankle brace

It goes without saying—an ill-fitting ankle brace can bring discomfort to you. The main reason why ankle braces are used is to prevent any ankle injuries. With an ill-fitting brace, you might still be prone to having injuries. Logically, it's not serving its purpose and can further disrupt the normal posture of your body. So before you get an ankle brace, make sure that these are within your size. It will depend on your ankle's circumference or shoe size. See to it that you are also comfortable with the fit as you should be wearing the ankle brace majority of the day.


Type of material

Aside from the size, you should also consider the type of fabric for your ankle brace. Since the brace will frequently contact your skin, you should choose one that will allow you to become more mobile without having to worry about developing skin allergies. There are two commonly used materials for ankle braces—these are neoprene and fabric.

  • Neoprene

Neoprene is a flexible material and provides more compression compared to cotton fabric. It's also great for added support and heat insulation, especially if the ankle area is inflamed. The downside with neoprene, however, is that it's not a breathable material. Add the fact that it provides heat insulation; you may feel like it's too hot when the brace is on throughout the day.

  • Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric and other knit materials are more breathable compared to neoprene. Since air flows into it easily, you don't have to worry about wearing it all day long. The only downside with it is that it lacks compression and health insulation because of its soft texture.

Choosing The Best Ankle Support

Aside from the fit and type of material used for the ankle brace, there are four more factors you need to add to the equation when looking for an ankle support. These are comfort, frequency, type of ankle brace, and tightness.


Comfort is one thing, but knowing how frequently you will wear the ankle brace is also important. Are you required to wear them all day or only when you're moving? If you're required to wear them all day, a fabric or knit material may be the best option for you as it's breathable, and you won't feel irritated as the day goes, especially when it gets hot. If you just have to wear ankle braces for a specific time in the day, it's advisable to get the neoprene one for added support and compression.

Type of Ankle Brace

As mentioned above, there are three types of ankle support shoes you can choose from. Before choosing the type of ankle brace, you'd first have to know what your target or purpose for getting one would be. Are you getting an ankle brace to prevent excessive movements as you're recovering from an injury? Or are you getting one for other reasons? Again, you should first assess what your bracing or support needs will be. From there, it will be a lot easier for you to choose the best type of ankle brace.


Aside from the size and fit, the tightness of the ankle brace will also depend on your compression needs. When getting the ankle brace, it's best that it doesn't only fit you properly, but it's also good if you can adjust the tightness anytime you want. Among the types of ankle braces, the lace-up ones provide the most compression. You can also lace them up as tightly or loosely as desired. But if you'll need a more stable compression, you can choose ankle sleeves or ankle supports with straps.

Final Thoughts

Ankle braces are definitely helpful if you need added support and compression in that area. It helps prevent further injuries such as sprains and alleviates any pain such as inflammation and swelling. Maximize the benefits it will give you by ensuring the right fit, material, and other crucial factors. Let the best ankle support change your life one step at a time.

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