Raising Women's Confidence With Comfort: 10 Foot Care Products You Can Partner with Closed Toe Heels With Ankle Straps
10 min read
January 28, 2022

Raising Women's Confidence With Comfort: 10 Foot Care Products You Can Partner with Closed Toe Heels With Ankle Straps

10 min read
January 28, 2022

Closed-toe block heels with ankle straps help women feel confident in their appearance. The ankle strap heel is a classic shoe style that has been around since Egyptian times (yes, really!). It's back again in full force because it's stylish and convenient. The ankle strap provides support while also ensuring your foot doesn't slide out of your shoe when walking downstairs or crossing the streets.

Here is another fact—women are often concerned when it comes to their shoes. They may feel that a pair of black ankle-strap heels will make them appear shorter or that ankle strap closed-toe block heels will be too hard to walk in. After all, some shoes can be painful to wear, no matter how stylish they are. These worries can leave women feeling like they cannot get dressed up for a night out on the town, go on a date with their significant other, or just have fun shopping at the mall.

Keep scrolling down and discover the power of ankle strap closed-toe block heels paired with our 10 recommended footcare products. These will give women an extra boost of confidence and make their outfits look more polished without feeling uncomfortable.

The Beginnings of Closed Toe Block Heels With Ankle Strap

High heels can be traced back as early as 3,000 B.C. in the murals of Ancient Egypt. Closed-toe ankle strap block heels, in particular, have been around for hundreds of years. The first pair was found in an Egyptian tomb, dating back to 700 B.C., as the royal family members wore them as a status symbol.

The ankle straps made their way through Europe during Roman times, where they became more popular among women who wore them with gladiator sandals or open-toe shoes. In fact, ankle straps can be seen on Greek vases from 500 B.C. depicting female goddesses wearing these types of a closed-toe block heels with ankle straps. 

This style gained popularity again in modern times when Audrey Hepburn donned them paired with ballet flats in the movie Funny Face. Today, ankle strap styles are just as popular, with ankle bracelets still making their way into celebrity style and the fashion scene in general. Even celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted wearing ankle straps on casual outfits or even adding them to evening gowns for a dramatic touch. 

With a block heel closed-toe ankle strap, you can find your own unique sense of style while also boosting your confidence level without breaking the bank account.

Closed-Toe Block Heels in the Modern Times

The ankle strap is forever a style icon. This trend has taken over the footwear market and will not be slowing down anytime soon, whether it's ankle bracelets, ankle boots, or ankle strap heels. Ankle strap closed-toe block heels offer women height and style while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. 

These ankle bracelet closed-block heels look similar to sandals. These types of heels come in closed-toe options so that women can feel comfortable walking around during cooler seasons.

Moreover, ankle straps provide additional support by helping women maintain balance when they walk with comfort, reducing potential injuries and accidents. Closed-toe ankle strap block heels are fashionable and easy to walk in for long periods of time, giving you the confidence boost when needed most!

Materials to Choose for Your Closed-Toe Block Heels

Choosing between synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, or genuine leather is all about personal preference. The most important thing to consider when purchasing your ankle straps is whether they are washing machine friendly. Make sure that whatever fabric option you go with it does not stain easily, which rules out polyester because it absorbs stains like a sponge. 

Ankle bracelets are commonly available in soft leather, with the ankle strap being adjustable, which is one of the best features for comfort. They are also available in various colors to suit your personal preferences and what you plan to wear them with.

A great tip when shopping for closed-toe block heels with straps is to check out online retailers like Amazon or Overstock. They offer block heels at discounted prices since the stores sell shoes that have been returned. These types of sales can save you up to 50% off the retail price. 

But watch out because there is no guarantee if returns will be accepted after purchase, especially during busy seasons such as fall and winter. When shopping for new closed-toe ankle strap sandals, make sure they are comfortable and can be worn for long periods without discomfort.

Closed-block heels come with various heel height options to choose from, depending on your preferences! The standard ankle bracelets offer moderate thickness, but ankle strap styles also include lace-ups which range anywhere from one inch to four inches. However, maxi dresses look great paired with ankle bracelets or ankle booties that feature at least two-inch block heels. These types of shoes elongate the body, giving women an elegant appearance. 

Benefits of Closed-Toe Heels With Ankle Straps

Ankle bracelet heels are designed to have ankle straps that can be adjusted, ensuring that the shoes fit your feet perfectly. Also, ankle strap styles tend to come with a thicker heel than traditional wedges because they provide more support for women of all ages, helping them feel confident. Aside from that, the following are the benefits of closed-toe block heels with ankle straps:

  • Stability for both ankle and feet.
  • Some ladies want to get the attention of the people they want to impress, like their crushes. Being a few inches taller with the help of heels with attractive color can certainly do some magic.
  • Closed-toe block heels save the feet from dirt, suntan, and ultraviolet rays.
  • Fragile foot nails and toes are protected against challenging areas and dangerous edges with closed-toe block heels.
  • Closed-toe footwear can easily cover up your toenails even when you have no pedicure at all.
  • Ankle straps also include lace-ups, offering more flexibility depending on what you plan to wear them with.

10 Foot Care Products You Can Use With Closed-Toe Heels

There are so many block heels with ankle strap closed toe in the market today. To achieve comfort, you would naturally want to match it with the best foot care products. This article is not complete without having a comprehensive list of the foot care items that you might want to add to your shoes so you can walk comfortably.

Here are the best closed toe ankle strap block heels accessories that many women around the world can partner to their shoes.

Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Protectors

#1 Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Protectors with Metatarsal Pads (4 Pieces)

If you're looking for a great way to take care of your feet, we highly recommend trying out Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Protectors with Metatarsal Pads. These protectors will help cushion and protect your toes, and they also come with metatarsal pads to provide extra support for your feet. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but they're also affordable and easy to use.

Use it with your favorite closed-toe heels for a pain-free night out with friends or your partner. These toe protectors are made of soft and medical-grade rubber, allowing them to be washable and reusable. They are also eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and perfect for your budget.

So why wait? Try out Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Protectors with Metatarsal Pads today!

Enerfoot Metatarsal Pads Toe Separators

#2 Enerfoot Metatarsal Pads Toe Separators Ball of Foot Cushions

These comfort insoles from Enerfoot have the newest design that gets the best of the ball footpad and toe separator. This product delivers extra cushion and minimizes the soreness, swelling, and discomfort that you may experience due to sports or long hours of walking and standing.

Enerfoot metatarsal pads toe separators are made of premium-quality materials that make these items eco-friendly, perfectly stretched, and can be easily removed. Enjoy the natural way of getting pain relief against bunions and overlapping toes. Walk with ultra confidence with Enerfoot metatarsal pads toe separators.

Footminders Catwalk - Slim Fit Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

#3 Footminders Catwalk - Slim Fit Orthotic Arch Support Insoles 

If you're looking for a way to take care of your feet and increase your confidence level, go ahead and try a pair of Footminders Catwalk – Slim Fit Orthotic Arch Support Insoles. These insoles will help keep your feet healthy and happy!

There are a number of benefits to wearing Footminders Catwalk - Slim Fit Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, including a more improved posture because of the orthotic arch support. You may also enjoy increased comfort since the product is designed to provide you with maximum protection, so you can wear them all day long without feeling tired or sore.

The insoles also help reduce the amount of fatigue you feel in your feet, which can help you stay energized all day long. They reduce ankle pain and improve blood circulation. So take advantage of Footminders insoles and unleash your signature catwalk!

Eacozy Toe Inserts for Shoes

#4 Eacozy Toe Inserts for Shoes

You can definitely enjoy lots of benefits when wearing Eacozy toe inserts for your favorite closed-toe heels. The inserts help to stabilize your feet, which maintain your balance and posture when walking. In case your shoes are too big for your size, these shoe inserts are the remedy to fit the shoes to your size.

They also aim to reduce the pain that you experience in your feet and toes. Eacozy toe inserts help to cushion and protect your toes, which improves your comfort when wearing your closed-toe heels. These shoe inserts are made of soft foam and cotton cloth, making them washable and reusable.

Get ready to walk without pain with these toe inserts from Eacozy.

Autpro Foot Liner Covers

#5 Autpro Foot Liner Covers

The Autpro Foot Liner Covers are designed to protect your feet from moisture and debris. They are made of a durable, lightweight material that is easy to clean and care for. The covers come in a variety of sizes to fit most foot types, and they are also available in a variety of colors to match your style. These covers are half-toe socks that are also washable and reusable.

Autpro foot liner covers will make you want to wear your closed-toe heels more.

#6 GEOOT Silicone Gel Toe Caps for Ankle Strap Chunky Heel Closed Toe

You might love wearing closed-toe heels like the chunky type, which is also trendy! The GEOOT silicone gel toe caps are the perfect solution for protecting your toes when you wear your chunkies! The therapeutic, shock-absorbing silicone provides extra cushioning and protection without being bulky or heavy in weight. 

With its soft exterior, you'll feel good against the skin while providing an incredible amount of comfort throughout hours at work or whatever you do! Silicone gel toe caps are flexible, and you can use them with any of your shoes!

#7 Fancy Feet Women's Gel Spot Dot Cushions

Fancy Feet foot petals have your back when you need a little extra support for your foot. The people behind Fancy Feet know how it feels to be in pain from high heels and flats alike. They created a line of inserts tailored specifically with the challenging issues that can come alongside the two common foot pains such as lack-of arch or sore spots. 

No matter what shoe problem makes you nuts, whether it's a slipping platform, painful toes which make you suffer, or toes cramping after long hours of standing or walking, Fancy Feet dot cushions are here for you! Feel the comfort you deserve with Fancy Feet women's gel spot dot cushions.

Vivesole Toe Pouches

#8 Vivesole Toe Pouches

The Vivesole toe pouches protect the toes and forefoot from blisters, hotspots, or painful pressure points while eliminating metatarsal pain. This product is perfect for your closed-toe heels. The sleek, flexible material of this innovative product comfortably stretches around your toe without adding bulk or constricting movement, making it easy for you to wear them under socks or hosiery as well! 

These breathable, flexible gel protectors keep your feet cool and dry all day long. The ventilation holes along with the minimal construction of these toe pouches make a comfortable fit, perfect to wear at work or on an extended hike!

They are also reusable and easy to wash. These protectors will keep you safe from any potential discomfort throughout the day!

walksize metatarsal pads

#9 Walksize Metatarsal Pads

High heel shoes are often very uncomfortable and painful. Luckily, there is a solution! Walksize metatarsal pads are high-quality gel-based inserts that can take the pain away from your feet by attaching them to your shoes.

Wear high-heels with confidence and comfort with metatarsal pads. Enjoy every step of the day without worrying about your feet! The adhesive foot pads are designed to stick securely and comfortably on any type of shoe for the perfect fit.

You can be confident in your feet with these shoe inserts. Whether you're at the office or dancing all night, Walksize metatarsal pads got you covered!

Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot Cushions

#10 Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot Cushions

These foot cushions from Dr. Scholl are designed for women who suffer from ball of foot pain when they wear heels. The soft gel gives cushioning and even acts as a shock-absorber for all-day relief. When you incorporate them in your heels, you'll notice that the clear gel cushions are almost unnoticeable, making them perfect even for open-style heels.

Just remember to place the cushion firmly to prevent toe scrunch and feet from sliding forward.

Taking Good Care of Your High Heels

Whether you collect high heel shoes or buy them for occasional use, it is vital to take good care of them. Below are tips you can apply to prolong the lifespan of your high heel shoes.

  1. Store them in a closet. Just like you, your shoes need a clean space where they can breathe and rest. To secure that your high heel shoes are in good condition, regularly clean the storage area and disinfect it as well.
  2. Clean your shoes. Always clean your shoes after use or when they are stored for a long time. Use the correct cleaning material depending on the type of shoes and what they are made of. If an unpleasant odor is present, you can sprinkle baking soda that absorbs the dirt and lessens the bad smell.
  3. Never wear high heels when driving. It is always better to drive in flats than in heels. Exertion of pressure on your heels when you drive can damage your heels by the breakage of shanks.
  4. Use heel savers. Add plastic caps over the heels to protect them from sinking in soft surfaces and scratches against cobblestone or subway grates.
  5. Consider the weather when you wear your shoes. If you need to wear heels because you have to attend a function or you need them at work, always bring flip-flops or flat shoes that you can use on your way. Winter and rain can damage your high heels because of the moisture.
  6. Walk lightly and carefully. When you walk in high heels, do it with poise and grace.

Walk With Grace and Confidence No Matter the Occasion

Closed-toe heels are beautiful and can even raise a woman's confidence. However, it is not right if you are suffering within. You can be tall and confident without compromising the comfort of your feet. There are so many foot care products available in your favorite stores or shops online. 

Consult our list so you can have an easy review with the foot care items that will give you comfort and happy feet. Moreover, wear your heels with protection. Now, you can be bold and powerful without suffering deep inside.

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