Fit or Quit? A Review of CopperJoint Compression Ankle Braces for Women and Men
7 min read
April 7, 2022

Fit or Quit? A Review of CopperJoint Compression Ankle Braces for Women and Men

7 min read
April 7, 2022

You live an active lifestyle. Nothing makes you happier than the freedom of body movement, and you can't imagine not living that way. Unfortunately, it won't save you from accidents like ankle injuries. Even those who are careful about their feet can still get injured more than once.

You're probably one of these injured people right now. Perhaps, you know someone who's suffering from it. In any case, you want to look for an ankle solution that will help you avoid quitting your active life.

This is a perfect time (and article) to check out the best ankle braces for women and men! If you're experiencing ankle pain often or have been told by your doctor to start wearing ankle braces, consider the CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve With Straps. This ankle brace is designed to provide ankle support, so you can unleash your best movements while on the road to recovery.

8 Ankle Brace Buying Considerations and The CopperJoint Ankle Support Brace With Straps Review

When shopping for ankle braces, finding the right one for you is a big concern. How do different ankle braces compare? How to make sure you're getting the best ankle stability brace possible? Where to buy ankle support?

Allow us to answer these questions in a comprehensive product review. This article reviews the CopperJointCompression Ankle Sleeves, one of the best-selling ankle braces on Amazon. We'll also provide buying considerations for ankle braces and ankle care tips.

An Overview About CopperJoint

CopperJoint is a US-based (Sheridan, WY) health and lifestyle company making and selling support solutions for the upper body, lower body, and feet. These products offer various health benefits such as improved mobility, recovery, performance, and pain relief. In addition, CopperJoint's products use a four-way compression construction (which we will elaborate in the later sections).

CopperJoint also has a pretty good reputation in the industry. Admittedly, it's not as popular as other big brands; but some of its products make it to the top ranks. For example, this ankle compression brace we will discuss currently sits at #14 on Amazon's Best Sellers in ankle braces.

Now that you know a bit about the brand, let's dive into eight ankle brace buying factors and how CopperJoint measures up to them!

men's ankle brace - copperjoint ankle compression sleeve 

1) Selling Point

A product's selling point usually attracts customers fast. It doesn't have to be super unique (although that would gather more attention). The important thing is that highlighting a selling point can make the product stand out from the competition.

The selling points of the CopperJoint Ankle Brace are the copper-infused nylon and four-way compression construction. Copper-infused fabric is known for its anti-microbial, lightweight, and flexible properties beneficial to ankle performance and recovery. Additionally, the four-way compression helps with quicker muscle recovery and pain relief.

2) Scientific Evidence

Many health claims by manufacturers are unsupported and often based on personal experiences. At first, they might seem a harmless case of false advertising. However, a small detail can trigger minor to major health concerns. For that reason, many buyers look for scientific evidence to back up the product's efficacy, especially health products.

Luckily, the CopperJoint Sleeve has some studies to back up its beneficial claims. For one, the copper-infused fabric has been proven anti-microbial and promotes health and wellness. Additionally, copper ions help with blood vessel development and skin rejuvenation and outperform silver in terms of non-toxicity.

3) Comfort and Convenience

You'll be wearing an ankle brace for long periods. So naturally, you want something comfortable and convenient. If the brace isn't comfortable, it'll only aggravate your condition. The fabric, weight, and adjustability determine a brace's comfort level.

The CopperJoint Sleeve makes a great candidate for these aspects. It is lightweight, breathable, anti-odor, and highly flexible. These are all made possible by the 4-way compression technology and copper-infused nylon material.

4) Variety of Application

You are probably more than willing to invest in an ankle brace that can treat more than one injury and be used with or without ankle damage. That's how ankle braces should work in the first place, but some products fail to live up to that. This is where the CopperJoint Sleeve shines!

The CopperJoint ankle sleeve can treat sports injuries, Plantar Fasciitis, minor injuries, arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains with its full ankle support system. Moreover, you can wear it regardless of whether you're active or inactive, injured or not injured. 

5) Size Accuracy

Ankle braces come in different sizes. Typically, a size chart is provided to help you pick the right size based on your ankle circumference. But what if the ankle brace doesn't fit as expected? It would be a financial waste. This is actually a common problem in most ankle-related products.

The CopperJoint Sleeve is not an exception. While you get four size options (S, M, L, XL, and XXL) with detailed measurements, many users say the product is smaller than expected. Thus, it is best to choose a larger size to ensure a good fit. That way, you can leverage the product's benefits.

6) Support Level

No matter how beneficial an ankle brace may be, it has a certain limit. Some are made for high-impact sports, while others are for milder day-to-day activities. Many products attempt to offer both, but they rarely last and are often insufficient. Although that may have to do with use and maintenance, the quality is still questionable.

When it comes to ankle support levels, the CopperJoint Brace is a game-changer. It stabilizes your ankle while still allowing a full range of movement. At the same time, the elastic straps provide adjustable support; you can adjust the hook and loop to a fit to provide more cushioning and disperse pressure. A few customers report insufficiency in high-impact activities, but it is still worth trying.

7) Ease of Use

An ankle brace is not an ankle support solution that you can put on and forget about. In most cases, you have to wrap it around your ankle and use the straps to secure it in place. The process can be tricky, especially if it's your first time. For this reason, customers prefer ankle braces that are easy to use.

The CopperJoint Sleeve is not necessarily a complicated ankle solution. There are step-by-step instructions provided on the official website. However, putting it on and off requires effort due to the velcro straps. While the straps are designed for solid ankle support, they can be tricky to figure out.

8) Pricing

Your ankle brace is a significant investment, so you want to ensure that the product is worth every penny. More often than not, the price is determined by the quality and features. But that doesn't mean you should choose something expensive. Some ankle braces are affordable and still have excellent quality.

The CopperJoint Sleeve ankle brace is one of them. It's priced at $17 per sleeve, a more affordable option than its competitors. Nothing's greater than investing in a solid ankle support solution without breaking the bank.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Ankle Brace

A good ankle brace support stabilizer lasts, but there's more than one way to make it last even longer. Here are three tips for using the CopperJoint compression brace to your advantage.

Start With a Good Quality Ankle Brace

This is the primary reason you're reading this product review. Ankle braces are not created equal, so research is necessary before buying a product. And what better way to start than getting an ankle brace with excellent quality?

You can check products from reputable brands, trusted customer reviews, or technical details to see what materials they're made of. If the information is not enough, you can consult your health expert for ankle brace recommendations. That way, you can be more certain of your choice.

Learn Proper Ankle Brace Maintenance

Your ankle brace is a long-term investment, which means it needs maintenance to last. Some products have specific cleaning instructions, so check that first. To avoid wear and tear, gentle cleaning methods and tools (e.g., warm water and soft cloths and brushes) are highly recommended. Moreover, cleaning should be done on a consistent (preferably regular) schedule.

When it comes to storage, avoid keeping your ankle brace in tight and closed bags or containers for good ventilation. Should there be early signs of wear and tear, fix or replace them immediately. Don't let the damage get worse before you work on it.

Use it Properly

Use the product as intended. Ankle braces have different types designed for different purposes, so make sure you're using the right one. Otherwise, your foot condition will only get worse. If you're using it for prevention, it will only do the opposite.

If it's tailored for mild, daily activities, don't use it for high-impact sports. It is best to read the product details carefully or seek advice from your orthopedist to guide you to the right type of ankle brace.

where to buy ankle support - doctor holding a patient’s ankle 

Other Ways to Take Care of Your Ankles

Lastly, let's go full ankle support with more ways to take care of your ankles. These practices will also help you make the most of your ankle brace investment and encourage fast recovery.

  • Pay attention to the surface you're standing, walking, or running on. Irregular and slippery surfaces are notorious ankle killers. If you can't avoid them, be extra careful or wear protective shoes.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Ankle support also depends on the shoes you wear. So if you're often in high heels or pointed shoes, it's time to ditch them for a while (especially if you suffer from injury.) Instead, go for shoes with good arch support and adequate space so your feet can move freely.
  • Do ankle and calf exercises regularly. These exercises improve ankle flexibility and strength, which help prevent ankle damage.
  • Warm up before doing any physical activity. Do some light ankle stretches and other related exercises that target ankle strength and flexibility.
  • Listen to your body. When your ankles feel the pain or fatigue, take a rest as much as possible. This will lower the risk of injury.

Find an Ankle Brace With the Perfect Fit, So You Don't Have to Quit

Does the CopperJoint Ankle Brace With Straps make a perfect fit? Overall, it is a brace worth trying. Despite the minor drawbacks, this product is considerably affordable and reliable for the price. It is also designed for both men and women, athletes and non-athletes, so many people can benefit from it.

In addition, keep in mind that a good ankle brace isn't about the product quality alone. The way you use, clean, and maintain it significantly contributes to its lifespan. So if you want it to last, ensure to carry out the right practices. We hope this review helps you with all of that.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out more products or information on women's and men's ankle brace. In that case, explore our website for more articles, single reviews, and buying guides.

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