DonJoy Ankle Braces: A Revolutionary Way of Correcting Foot Problems
6 min read
January 4, 2022

DonJoy Ankle Braces: A Revolutionary Way of Correcting Foot Problems

6 min read
January 4, 2022

Probably the most ignored part of the body is the foot. Most people don’t bat an eye until they feel pain or sustain injuries. Yet, whether you are an athlete or an ordinary person with a regular job, our feet take most of the heavy lifting in a day's work—from running around the playing field to running everyday errands. 

You must give yourself a break and give extra care to your feet. Fortunately for us, ankle brace supports help maintain the good health of our feet. In addition, these braces can protect against injuries and speed up recovery time. 

Let's take a closer look at one of the most effective ankle braces available in the market: DonJoy ankle braces. But first, let's break down the key features of this product and see why it is the ultimate gear for your foot care. 

5 Most Common Foot Problems 

Foot problems are more common than you think. However, if you don't address them properly in the early stages, it will be harder to correct them in the future. These are some of the foot injuries you may encounter at least once.

  1. Plantar fasciitis is a condition where you feel intense pain in your heels. This condition happens when the ligament that supports your feet's arch is swollen. Plantar fasciitis will cause sharp pain with every step you take. 
  2. Ankle sprains and muscle strains are very common for people who play sports.These injuries happen when a ligament or a muscle is pulled out of position or torn because of sudden movements. 
  3. Fractures happen when a bone breaks into two or more pieces. Breaking the bone usually happens when a part of your body takes a stronger impact than your bones can take. 
  4. Achilles tendonitis is an injury that causes pain on your foot's heel. Other indications for this injury are swelling and inflammation of the heel to the lower leg. This injury is caused by the repetition of intense training regimens and activities. 
  5. Dislocation happens when the joint is moved out of position from the socket. This injury is caused by powerful impacts that move the bone. Remember to get medical advice before popping the joint back in place. 

Fortunately, these injuries can be prevented with the proper protective gear. Consider wearing a foot brace to solve common foot problems. 

DonJoy POD ankle brace

A Review of the DonJoy POD Ankle Brace 

The DonJoy brand has different ankle braces with different designs and unique features made to solve common foot problems. Let's take a more detailed look into their most popular and highly rated item: the POD ankle braces. 

The DonJoy ankle support may be the ankle brace you are looking for. Here are the special features of the DonJoy POD Ankle Brace


The engineers from DonJoy tested different designs to develop an ankle brace that can give you maximum support and stability. The POD ankle braces allow your natural ankle movements and while proactively prohibiting twists and rolls that can cause injuries.

Ergonomic design 

The ankle brace has a low-cut profile so it feels natural to your foot; it won't bother your daily activities. It also has an adjustable underfoot closure that gives you a more comfortable and perfect fit. 

The hinge design allows for a more secure fit. DonJoy ankle brace instructions are included in the kit for proper wearing, so it stays securely on your foot even when you’re on the move. It’s designed to be sleek and slim so that you can wear it with your shoes without feeling too bulky or tight. 


The weight of your gear can affect your performance. Depending on what weight you are used to, it can bring out your best performance. For example, the DonJoy ankle brace is lightweight. Compared to other brands, DonJoy is 30% lighter. This promotes greater mobility and more speed in your movements. 

TPU shell 

There are different materials for a brace’s exoskeleton. If you are looking for total immobilization, metal exoskeletons protect you from impacts and restrain you from moving due to their heavy weight. 

The DonJoy uses a TPU shell or a thermoplastic polyurethane—a rubber-like plastic. TPU is a durable material that can protect your foot from impact. This shell also adapts to your foot as you move, to fit you perfectly and comfortably. 

EVA lining 

The DonJoy ankle support has an EVA lining sleeve that wraps around your foot to keep a warm temperature. The warm temperature helps improve blood flow to keep your muscles from getting cramps. It also keeps your toes aligned in the right position. 

The EVA lining acts as a soft cushion so that braces are comfortable with every step and helps with ankle pain management. It has anti-slip properties to provide for more ankle stability. 

The DonJoy POD is a semi-rigid ankle brace and has available options for both the left and right foot, so make sure to get the correct braces for proper protection. If you are looking for a harder shell and more protection to use during hard contact sports, you can check out the DonJoy Velocity ankle brace series. 

ankle support stabilizer with straps 

Stay Away from Ankle Injuries 

Wearing an ankle brace support stabilizer is an excellent way to prevent injuries. But there are other things you can practice to maintain the health of your foot. 

Do warm-ups 

Your muscles are like engines. It would be best to warm them up first to be in optimal condition. If you are an athlete planning to do intense workout routines, it is always important to warm up. Do not force your body to do the heavy work at once. It will cause muscle and body pains. Sudden activity can also cause injuries. Slowly quicken your pace until the activity feels natural to you. 


You have to spend some time doing an activity before your body gets used to it. For example, say you are training to run. In your first week, you can hit one mile. In the subsequent weeks, you can gradually increase your distance until you maintain and develop the strength and stamina you need. Forcing your body to reach its limit as soon as possible will do you more harm than good. 

Wearing the proper shoes 

Shoes are designed for different purposes. There are shoes for everyday use, walking, running, and special shoes for specific sporting events. Wearing the correct shoes can improve your performance as well as protect your feet. Each shoe has unique features depending on the activity you are into. 

Also, don't hesitate to throw out your worn-out shoes. It would be best to replace your shoes regularly, especially if you’re an athlete. The material can only hold so much impact and use before it gives up. Wearing worn shoes may cause serious injuries. 

Avoid hazardous environments 

Some of us take training to a different level. For example, people who want to build their stamina, strength, and footwork run uphills and uneven surfaces. Yes, these environmental conditions can help you achieve your goal, but they can also be hazardous. Be extra cautious when you are in these situations. Don't run at full speed, or you may find yourself out of control. 

Pay attention to your body 

Sometimes we overwork ourselves, but we continue to keep going. Our body will show us warning signs that we should look out for before things worsen. Inflammation, redness, and pain are the most common signs that you might have sustained injuries. If you have been injured prior, don't push yourself too hard, for it might trigger the old injury to recur. 

Always assess what you feel before continuing with the activity to prevent major injuries. 

Eat healthily 

It's not enough to train regularly and in the right condition. What's going on in your body is important too. For example, taking vitamins can be beneficial for your general health. Doctors have proven that the lack of vitamins, especially vitamin D, makes the bones prone to fractures and sprains. 

Final Thoughts 

Your feet can take you to distant places which is why it's important to take good care of them. Don't let the pain affect your daily life. Instead, invest in an excellent ankle brace to keep you away from injuries. The DonJoy ankle brace can give you the ultimate protection while boosting your performance. 

You check out DonJoy's other ankle braces to see what fits your activity. Always be one step ahead of injuries with the proper ankle brace, so get one today.

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