The Ultimate Guide to High Ankle Sandals for Comfy Yet Stylish Walks
6 min read
April 4, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to High Ankle Sandals for Comfy Yet Stylish Walks

6 min read
April 4, 2022

Sandals are some of the oldest shoe designs ever made. With roots in ancient Greece, these classics have been back and forth in the fashion community, and it’s gaining a lot of popularity in these warmer seasons. Fashion enthusiasts have ignited the fire on high ankle sandals, putting strappy footwear back on trend.

Fashion does take a little sacrifice now and then because some of the trendiest shoe styles don’t go easy on the feet. But there are ways to avoid it. Learn what it takes to wear these beloved pairs and how to rock them comfortably this season. 

High Ankle Sandal as Ankle Support? 

You might have noticed that your ankles have lesser movements if you wear ankle strap sandals. This is because the straps can interfere as you move; it can go from slightly uncomfortable to painful in minutes. 

Straps on your ankles can compromise the flexibility and freedom of your feet. Because of this, you’d think that ankle sandals can prevent ankle injuries such as ankle sprains because it limits movement. That’s actually NOT the case—it would be better to wear a cast instead. Better yet, strengthen your feet through exercises. 

The claims about these sandals providing ankle support are false and have no medical basis. On the contrary, wearing high strappy sandals could constrict and weaken your feet muscles and cause ankle sprains that are harder to heal.

Perks and Quirks of Women’s Ankle Sandals 

Sandals now come in different varieties and heights: we got wedges, gladiators, ankle strap heels, you name it. Sandals sure are incredibly comfortable—one of the top reasons why they're still popular today. But, when you get down to it, wearing them changes a woman's body. Depending on our comfort levels, our posture becomes laidback. 

If you happen to put extra straps on these shoes, will there be any changes to their pros and cons? Let's check them out. 


Sandals with straps give us some of that extra support we need to keep our feet in place. We don't have to curl our toes anymore. However, if you don't know how to get the right pair, it will take you to certain levels of pain and discomfort. 

Overall Look and Style 

If we’re looking at style, wearing sandals with ankle straps or sandals that cover ankles defeats the purpose as the straps cut your height and shorten your legs. Inheriting your father's large ankles and calves doesn't help your situation either. Wearing strappy sandals will only emphasize them, which may not be flattering at all to some wearers. 

Complementary to Clothes 

An ankle strap sandal is usually flashy and, sometimes, the statement piece of the whole ensemble. That said, it can be difficult to find an outfit that matches well with this trendy pair. A popular piece in the summer, ankle strap sandals are great with short summer dresses or flowy wide-leg pants for the illusion of height. We’ll look at this more closely in the next sections.

Fashion Tips for Strapped Sandals 

Every time we see ankle strap sandals on runway models, we're put in a trance. Why do they look so good in them? But when you try them on for yourself, it only highlights your thick ankles and chunky legs. It's a mystery how other women can pull it off. But don’t fret because there are flattering ways to wear them. Check out these tips below:

Match Your Sandals with Your Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered why celebrities love skin-toned sandals? Lots of eye-catching shades, but why do they stick with the minimal color palette? Choosing colors close to your skin tone gets you a seamless and slimming effect on your legs. Take a pick from these skin colors: 

  • Chocolate
  • Cappucino
  • Cognac
  • Mahogany 
  • Tan
  • Caramel
  • Camel
  • Sand
  • Blush
  • Ivory
  • Olive

It doesn't have to be exact, but close enough will elongate your legs and create a seamless illusion, making you look slimmer and taller. It's the perfect magic trick to make your large ankles disappear. 

Find Thinner Ankle Straps  

Shoemakers have made ankle heels and sandals thick, chunky, and strung in various straps. The main reason for this is durability, because who doesn’t want a long-lasting fashion item? But if you want the illusion of height and slimmer calves, you would be better off buying thinner ankle straps. The less coverage on your ankles, the better your ankle straps accentuate your legs.

Bonus Tip: It would be best to look for a trendy pair that straps across the instep instead of the ankles. This way, it won't cut your leg's height that much.

Stay Away from High Strapped Sandals. 

If you have large ankles and calves, it's best to choose sandals that strap right where the ankles meet your feet. Plus, wearing straps with that much cover all day can constrict your legs, making them swollen. Gladiator sandals and heels will hardly be sexy if you're swelling after.

Bonus Tip: If you like cropped pants like us, be sure the hem doesn't end at the widest point of your calves. You'd have heavier-looking legs, especially with ankle straps.

Wear Long Pants and Skirts. 

You might have ankle strap sandals that you have been dying to wear but couldn't because they crop your legs. Well, you don't have to flaunt the strappy part. 

We recommend you put on wide-leg trousers for a long flowy skirt. Then, put on a body-hugging top, and you will look so chic. 

Comfort Hacks for Strapped Sandals

Looking for fashionable shoes to pair with your Sunday dresses or skirts isn't enough. Getting a pair that can take good care of your feet should be a factor. Having good support from the straps doesn't mean you're comfortable all day. At times, the straps might even give you bad support. Here are simple hacks for any ankle straps:

Find The Right One

Many women tend to forget this number motto so many times. Once they see a tall pair with lots of bling and lace online, they'll click Add to Cart like Black Friday.

You must find the right size, shape, and height for your feet. Any footwear expands as you wear them throughout the day. Second, straps shouldn't feel like snakes constricting your feet. It should allow movement but not so much that your sandals fall off as you walk. 

Then, don't size up or size down just because it's sale season. Make sure you align your heel to the heel of your shoe. Doing so will save you from a lot of pain. 

Lastly, you need to give some space for your little toes. Ankle straps are open-toe, so toes tend to pop out whenever you walk. Imagine if they're ankle strap heels, the gravity will naturally push your feet to the front. 

Insoles for Your Soles

This tip is for the ladies who love wearing ankle heels day in and day out. Slipping and tripping are normal when you wear these shoes, but it is also annoying and painful.

This happens because you have slippery insoles or you're sweating. No worries, you can always DIY insoles from a super absorbing fabric. Or save the trouble and purchase heel grips. Another trick is to buy this nifty little thing called inserts. They will stop your feet from slipping and give more grip to your toes. Get rubbery-texture inserts instead of those hard resin ones that eventually hurt your feet. 

Stop the Swelling

Ankle straps are like those girlfriends who, at first, support and cheer you on. But later on, they give you lots of trouble and pain. To us, that's what ankle straps are. Walking creates friction between you and your ankle straps, causing your ankles to swell and peel. If you ignore these abrasions because your strap sandals are Christian Louboutin's, it's no fun if you get ankle injuries soon. 

Cushiony inserts are the solution to wearing your beloved ankle straps continually. These are the mini versions of the heel grips. You could also get an insert that you can cut and shape according to the thickness of your strap.

Comfort shouldn't be overlooked when buying ankle straps. If you buy expensive shoes that only kill your feet, you'd waste money and hurt yourself. We might as well spend on something we can use in the long run, right? So we hope these hacks can help you walk without pain. 

A woman walking in high ankle heels outside

Strut with Finesse and Peace of Mind 

High ankle sandals are pairs to add to your shoe collection. Model or not, we all want to feel pretty, and these strappy pairs can do the trick.

If you have short legs or large ankles, ankle straps are not out of the question. Mind your foot health and overall comfort. As long as you're happy and comfortable with what you wear, all is well. 

At Ergotoes, it is our job to let you know about the best ways to protect your ankles without jeopardizing your love for straps. If you find this interesting and helpful, explore our blogs.

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