Stylish and Chic: Leather Ankle Boots for Women
8 min read
December 27, 2021

Stylish and Chic: Leather Ankle Boots for Women

8 min read
December 27, 2021

Leather ankle boots are one of the most versatile shoes you could ever buy. A style staple, they go with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and more! It’s hard to find a better shoe for everyday wear.

Many different leather ankle boots are on the market for ladies, but not all leather ankle boots are created equal. This blog post will go over the list of our favorite leather short booties that we think you should consider purchasing!

The Top 8 Leather Ankle Boots for Women 

We want you to look good from head to toe every day. That's why we compiled the best boots to glam you up for your everyday wear. So check out some of this stylish footwear, and you'll surely find one that fits your style perfectly. 

Kenneth Cole Salt Chelsea Ankle Boots 

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Salt Chelsea Ankle Boots

Product Highlights: 

  • The Kenneth Cole Salt Chelsea Ankle Boots have six fashionable options: Black Leather, Tan, Black Microsuede, Pecan, Burgundy, Grey. 
  • These women’s black leather ankle boots have a low block heel and are approximately 6 inches in height from the arch. 
  • It has a round-toe design for the room and has a pull tab on the rear for easy entry. 
  • The lining on the shoes is purely handcrafted. The lining is breathable for a fresh feeling all day and comes with a cushioned footbed for the ultimate comfort. 


  • The side goring does not offer enough expansion for people with big sizes to put on the easy with an easy glide. 
  • The smell of the leather can be too strong. Make sure to deodorize your boots before using them to avoid foul odor. 
  • The elastic area can be easily worn out if stretched too much, and you can see visible wrinkles on the shoes that are irreversible. 
Cole Haan Chelsea Ankle Boots

Cole Haan Women’s Chelsea Ankle Boots

Product Highlights: 

  • The Cole Haan Chelsea ankle boots are made from Nubuck leather, which is durable and velvety in texture. It rocks an iconic ankle boot design and is 100% waterproof. 
  • The boots come in three color options: Black, Chestnut, and Olive. 
  • The boots have an elastic side goring that gives room for expansion to slip your foot in and out easily. 
  • The shoes have a lug detail traction for better grip on all kinds of surfaces. 


  • The sizing on these boots is bigger than usual so always consider sizing down at least half your shoe size. 
  • The insoles can make your feet sweat, cause you to slip, and produce a bad odor. You can replace them with breathable ones for more comfortable wear.
Merrell Waterproof Andover Bluff Ankle Boots

Merrell Women’s Andover Bluff Waterproof Ankle Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Merrell Andover Bluff ankle boots are made from 100% pure leather and are available in three shades: Black, Espresso, and Sand. 
  • It has a full-grain leather which creates a waterproof barrier that blocks water from getting in your shoes and lets the moisture out to keep your feet dry and fresh. 
  • It comes with kinetic fit base insoles and promotes better flexibility for your feet. 
  • It has an air heel cushion that absorbs the shock from your steps. The sole also has durable tractions that give your feet grip on slippery surfaces and add more stability. 
  • The boots are suitable in the rainy season because they are 100% water repellent. 


  • The boots are not suitable for women that have big sizes. This is because the opening of the boots is only approximately 8 inches wide, and the zipper for expansion is short of adding room for large feet to fit. 
  • Some users claim that the Merrell boot is unsuitable for long walks and outdoor activities because it can cause blistering.  
Clarks Cheyn Zoe Brown Ankle Boots

Clarks Women’s Cheyn Zoe Ankle Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Clarks Cheyn Zoe Ankle Boots measure 4.5 inches from the arch and come in three stylish shades: Black Leather, Dark Brown Leather, and Burgundy Leather. 
  • It has rubber soles, making it a perfect everyday shoe that can withstand wear and tear. 
  • It comes with an OrthoLite Footbed feature, an insole made from recyclable materials. This lining provides sufficient comfort for every step and has an open-air technology that keeps your feet fresh and odor-free. 


  • The opening of the boot is only 9.05 inches. So it may be too tight for people who have wide toes. 
  • The ankle area of the boots can be too narrow that can cause bruising and blisters on your heels and ankles. In addition, you will need socks to protect your feet from wounding. 
  • The boots have little to no arch support. So, walking all day in these shoes can be painful. 
Dr. Martens Leonor Chelsea Boots

File Name: dr martens.jpg
Alt Tag: Dr. Martens Leonor Chelsea Boots   

Dr. Martens Women’s Leonor Chelsea Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Dr. Martens Women's Leonor Boots are made from 100% genuine leather and come in five different colors: Black Burnished Wyoming, Oxblood Atlas, Dark Grey Atlas, Butterscotch, and Dark Grey. 
  • The synthetic sole is crafted using the iconic Dr. Martens AirWay soles. These designs leave little pockets on the sole for air to come through to act as cushions for a more comfortable step. 
  • These ladies’ leather ankle boots are suitable for the winter season because the inner of the shoes are lined with faux fur for warmth and comfort. 
  • These boots are the representation of durable and long-lasting shoes. The upper part of the shoes and soles is sewn with their iconic yellow thread with a heat-sealed z-welt stitch. 


  • The sizing on these boots can be smaller than the standard size, so always size up before purchasing a pair. 
  • If you are tight on budget, these boots may not be the best for you. These shoes will cost you $150 to $160, depending on your size. 
Steve Maddens Leopold Chelsea Boots

Steven Madden Women’s Leopold Chelsea Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Steve Madden Leopold Chelsea Boots are available in black leather short booties. But there are also available options for nude suede and tan suede. 
  • The sole is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE, a mix of plastic and rubber that makes a durable material. TPE is also low toxic, so it won't have any reactions to contact to a substance that can affect your boots' quality. 
  • The boot opening is 10.5 inches, and it has stretchable side goring for easier wearing for the boots.
  • The shoes have a tread bottom which has anti-slip properties that makes the shoes safe even in wet and slippery environments. 
  • The boot has a wide closed-toe design that keeps your toes in a natural position and gives comfort with every step. 


  • The boots can be too stiff for some users to limit their foot movement
  • If you try to bend the boots more than it could take, it will produce creases on the outside of your shoes.
ECCO Women’s Exostrike Ankle Boots

ECCO Women’s Exostrike Gore-tex Ankle Chelsea Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The ECCO Exostrike ankle boots are made from leather and textile. These boots are available in two colors: Black and Camel Brown. 
  • The ECCO Exostrike features a GORE-TEX membrane technology, a thin, breathable, and 100% waterproof layer. 
  • The shoe shaft measures 5.5 inches from the arch and has an opening circumference of 9.75 inches. 
  • The boots rock rubber soles, which are great for outdoor activities. It also has a sneaker design that makes it good with every outfit. 


  • Since there are no zippers or lace to adjust the opening of the shoes, it can be a struggle to put them on and remove them. 
  • The opening does not go wider than 9.75 inches. Some users report they have to repair the shoes to use them and fit them properly around the ankles. 
  • The insoles of the boots can make your feet slippery when you wear them for a long time without socks. 
Dansko Fifi Ankle Boots

Dansko Women’s Fifi Ankle Boots 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Dansko ankle boots have two colorways to fit your style. It comes in black and gray. 
  • The outside of the ankle boot is made from leather, while the lining side of the shoes is made from textile, which is comfortable on foot even after all day of wearing. 
  • The leather boots have side zippers for a more secure fit and a rubber insole for cushioning effect as you take every step. 
  • The insoles are incorporated with a supportive structure to help you stabilize your stance. 
  • The outsole is made from rubber that can last wear and tear. 


  • The sizing on the boot is a bit bigger than the standard sizes. So make sure to decrease half your foot size when you order. 
  • The heel of the boots is narrow, which can make your walk shaky and uncomfortable. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Leather Boots 

Before you get excited shopping for women’s black booties, make sure they fit your daily needs. Shoes should not only be an eye-pleaser but should be functional as well. Here are some things you should think about before purchasing your next footwear. 

Stitched or Glued? 

There are different ways the manufacturers attach the sole and upper part of the shoes. In most cases, like in sneakers, the sole is glued to the upper part of the shoes. But if you want to ensure that water won't get in your boots, choose a stitched shoe with Goodyear welt. 

The Goodyear welt method attaches the sole and the upper part of the shoes with an insert in the middle (usually leather) to create a water-repellent barrier. It is then stitched around the perimeter of the boots for a more durable and long-lasting seal. 

Type of Leather: Full-Grain or Corrected Grain? 

Full-grain leather is produced from the top side of the animal hide. This material is high-quality from the build and its features when used in boots. It's waterproof, and it ages beautifully. However, if the price tag of the full-grain leather is too much for you, you can opt for corrected leather. 

Corrected grain leather is still made from animal skin, but it is buffed to look smooth and shiny. During the buffing process, the leather can wear thin and lose some of these natural properties. That said, it’s still a popular choice for boots because of the aesthetics. 


Heavy-duty boots are mainly used for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, but the fashionable ones can also be paired with formal dresses. Boots with traction details can help you maintain your grip on any surface, but they can be a little too bulky for a formal event. Instead, you can go for flat soles when wearing them indoors and go for higher heels for more flair. 

Zipper, Side Goring, or Lace-Up? 

Leather boots have options for zippers, side goring, and lace-up. This allows you to expand the opening of your boot for easier wear. The expansion can be at least an inch around the opening, depending on the length of the zippers. Over time, zippers can loosen, so you will want to replace them regularly. 

The side goring is an elastic band that allows a portion of your boot to stretch for an easy glide. However, the elastic can be worn down after some time, and visible wrinkles may appear that can affect the overall look of your footwear. 

If you want a more customized fit, choose lace-up boots. It's trendy and compliments outdoor looks. You tighten or loosen the lace depending on the comfortable feel to you. Overall this is a great choice, and you might take some time putting it on and off. 

Everyday Wear or Seasonal Shoes? 

Some boots are made as seasonal clothing. For example, there are boots with furs inside lining to keep the feet warm during the winter season. You can also use boots even on hot days because they are breathable layers to keep your feet cool and fresh. 

Before buying your boots, make sure to know if it's everyday use or for a specific reason because the conditions of your environment can affect comfortability. 

Final Thoughts 

There are hundreds of selections for leather ankle shoes for women on the market. We hope this list helps you choose the perfect boots for everyday wear. Footwear is not all about style. It should also be functional and comfortable. 

If you are looking for other shoe recommendations that are good for your ankles, check out our other blogs and reviews! 

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