Armor for Your Leg and Foot: Metal Ankle Braces
5 min read
December 14, 2021

Armor for Your Leg and Foot: Metal Ankle Braces

5 min read
December 14, 2021

The ankle is a very fragile joint. If you are an athlete or involved in intense physical activities, you will sustain an injury in your ankle at least once in your life. It is very common for active people to have ankle injuries. That is why they need to take precautionary measures to avoid such injuries or prevent them from happening again. 

It is a common misconception for many that ankle braces can only be worn during an injury. In reality, even if your joints are fine and injury-free, you can still wear them for protection. In addition, there are certain braces you can use even if you are playing and moving. This type of ankle support will not restrain your movements and affect your performance. 

Take good care of your ankle and invest in a good metal foot brace. Preventing injuries is good for your general health and keeps you away from spending on medications and hospital bills.

Common Causes and Signs of an Ankle Injury 

The ankle is a joint on your foot where three bones meet—the talus, the tibia, and the fibula. The ankle is responsible for allowing your foot to move in an upward and downward motion. Ankle injuries come in various forms. Sprained ankles are usually from accidental twists, and you can also have a fractured ankle where any of the three bones are damaged or broken. 

You are wrong if you think that you are safe from ankle injuries when you are not an athlete. You can sustain sprains, fractures, and other injuries even when you are not playing sports. Injuries come when you least expect them. The common causes of ankle injuries can come from: 

  • Awkward landing after a jump. 
  • Sudden and forceful impact.
  • Twisting or rolling your ankles. 
  • Missteps from walking on uneven surfaces.

If any of these happen to you and you feel pain in your ankles, you may have sustained an injury. Here are some warning signs that your ankle is damaged: 

  • Experiencing pain when you put weight on the ankle.
  • Swelling and bruising on the affected area.
  • Feeling that something popped when the accident happened. 
  • Unable to stand up properly and limited range of motion. 

If one of these symptoms occurs, let a doctor assess your condition. In the confirmation of an injury, you will likely wear a metal foot brace until your ankle is fully healed. 

Metal rod support worn on running shoes

FAQs on Ankle Braces with Metal Support 

Are wearing ankle braces effective? 

Recent studies show that 25,000 people in the US sustain ankle injuries every day and almost half of them are reoccurring. Doctors conducted a series of tests to prove the effectiveness of ankle braces. It showed that people who wear ankle braces prevent major injuries and even prevent them from happening again. In case of any accident, ankle braces lessen the damage to the ankles and also aids in avoiding knee-related damages. 

What injuries can ankle braces support? 

Metal ankle supports are not limited to injuries like ankle sprain and fractures. In fact, there are many incidents where you can use ankle braces, whether it's for pain relief, preventing injuries, during injuries, and post-injury. Here are some of the situations where ankle braces are useful: 

  • Ligament injury 
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Metatarsal fractures 
  • Knee injury 
  • Immobilization 
  • Walking support 
  • Ankle foot orthosis 
  • Sprains 
  • Fractures 

When do we need to use ankle braces? 

It is common knowledge that ankle braces are worn during injuries. The braces act as a support to restrict motions on your foot, and ensure that your bones are properly aligned for a faster recovery. In addition, ankle braces can be worn even after the healing process. Not using your ankle for a long time can weaken your ankles. However, you can use braces for rehabilitation purposes alongside your physical therapy until you can do activities normally again. 

Ankle braces can also be used for everyday use, given that you have weak ankles and are prone to tripping, falling over, and injuries. It can support and prevent you from sustaining injuries. But for stable people with good ankle health, wearing a brace can weaken your ankles because your ankles will be dependent on the support. 

So, it is important to know the proper time to wear ankle braces. 

Is a metal ankle brace too heavy for an injured ankle? 

The weight of the ankle brace you have to wear depends on the injury you have. People who suffer from severe injuries or undergo surgeries are required to immobilize their legs until full recovery is achieved. Wearing heavy braces will help prevent unnecessary movement that may cause further damage. 

There are also light ankle supports with lightweight metal shells made from aluminum or other light materials for their exoskeletons. These metals have significantly less weight, and they are also rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and durable, making them an excellent choice for metal ankle braces. You can use these metal braces if the motion on your feet will not affect the injuries you have.

Which is better, metal ankle braces or standard ankle braces? 

Metal ankle braces and standard ankle braces have different highlights depending on the situation you are in. Standard ankle braces are usually made from special fiber cloth that acts as a compression sleeve on the ankles to prevent injuries. You can easily use it and wear it in your shoe, while metal ankle braces may be too bulky to be used during physical activity. 

But because of the metal, metal braces give more support and stability to the user. Suppose you want to wear a brace while doing intense physical activities for protection. There is an ankle brace with metal stays. It is designed like normal cloth braces but has side pockets with a piece of metal for extra support. 

Overall, braces are important to protect you from injuries. When choosing what to invest in, it is better to have both types with you. The standard cloth braces are more compact and convenient to wear with shoes, while metal braces will give you full protection if you are already injured. 

Open toe metal ankle brace 

Advantages of Metal Ankle Brace 

Investing in a hard ankle brace can be a little expensive, but it is great value for money if you are into sports and intense physical activities. Here are some advantages of metal ankle braces to help you decide whether to get one or not. 

  • The metal exterior shells can provide more protection from sudden and forceful impacts on your injured foot. 
  • The fixed exterior shells keep your entire leg aligned and restricts unnecessary movements that can further injure you. 
  • Metal ankle braces, especially the taller models, can also protect your knee from sustaining injuries. 
  • The metal material of the braces is durable so that it will last significantly longer than normal cloth or plastic ankle braces. 
  • Metal ankle braces are easy to store because they can withstand high temperatures. Unfortunately, orthotics made from plastic are sensitive to temperature. Storing them in hot places can melt the plastic shell and deform them in the process, weakening the support on the brace. 
  • Metal ankle braces can take heavy impact without breaking. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people neglect proper foot care. Realizing the importance of ankle braces only comes when injuries happen. Whether you are a basketball player, an ordinary employee, or a stay-at-home spouse, injuries happen in the most unexpected time and with the simplest things. Taking a single wrong step already puts you at risk of injury. 

When you know that you have a weak ankle or are prone to injuries because of your occupation, prevention is better than the cure. Invest in a good metal ankle brace so that you can do what you love to do without any limitations and restrictions.

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