Ankle Brace or Wrap: Which Do You Need on Your Daily Walks?
5 min read
March 8, 2022

Ankle Brace or Wrap: Which Do You Need on Your Daily Walks?

5 min read
March 8, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, almost everyone was stuck motionless in their homes. We’re either glued to our seats working from home or lying down most hours of the day. 

In times when limitations to our movement are plenty, it's easy to take our health for granted. Everyone's unmotivated to move around or too scared to go out. But now that we’re slowly recovering from the damage the pandemic has wrought, we can also start reshaping ourselves physically and mentally. 

But there's no need to rush. Taking little steps to improve your health is alright. In this article, we'll bring back your motivation to keep yourself in good shape. Here's a list of the many benefits of walking daily and how an ankle support wrap keeps your feet and toes healthy.  

Walk Your Way to a Healthy You 

You don't have to hit the gym at once and start with a rigorous exercise routine. Light physical activities such as walking can be your stepping stones to a healthier you, and doing it every day is already a step toward your goals. 

Physicians recommend taking 10,000 steps daily to improve our overall health. Aside from physical benefits, walking can improve your mental health. 

Look at the different benefits of walking, and start moving! 

Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight and burn calories.  

If you're trying to drop the pounds you gained from sitting all day and eating empty calories, walking can help. Walking every day increases your metabolism and burns calories. After a few days of walking, you will feel your pants loosen a bit at the waist, even if the numbers on the weighing scale don't show it. 

You don't need to walk for long miles to lose weight and control your weight. Instead, it's enough to plan your regular route. You can vary your walking speed as you get used to your daily exercise. Allotting a specific time for brisk walking will also help you burn more calories. Doing this for 30 minutes to an hour every day will get your body back into shape. 

Walking improves your mood. 

Alternating between your computer screen, gadgets, and bed can be a bit monotonous. In this case, changing your environment even for a bit can enhance your mood and keep you positive throughout the day. 

Doctors recommend that you walk in parks or places with a lot of greenery to promote relaxation and peace of mind. Taking in the sight of nature can help clear your thoughts and manage your emotions. 

Aside from improving your mood, walking with friends and family can promote a healthy relationship. You can talk about anything during your walk, enhancing your communication and deepening your connection with them. It's also a great way to catch up on their lives and reach out to them, especially if you’ve spent most of the lockdown apart. 

It relieves joint pain. 

As we grow older, many of us refuse to walk because of our aching joints. But in reality, walking will help ease these pains instead of making them worse. When you walk every day, you train your body to increase its natural range of motion and improve blood flow to tension areas like your knees. 

Walking can also help prevent pain from arthritis and other joint conditions. It also improves muscle mass and strength around those areas to keep your walking stable as you grow older. If you want to support your feet and ankles and prevent minor injuries while walking, it helps to wear a slip-on ankle brace. 

It reduces your risk of acquiring different diseases. 

Many studies have proven that walking can reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases. Among the benefits of walking on our bodies is that it can help regulate your blood sugar, lowering the risk of diabetes. In addition, walking is great for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Studies have also proven that people who take time to walk daily have a 30% lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 

If you want to stay healthy, avoid diseases, and lead a longer and happier life, walking every day is the key. 

Walking promotes better sleep. 

Most adults have trouble sleeping at night. Often, the root cause of sleepless nights is that you have too much energy you haven't used throughout the day. 

Walking or doing moderate exercise during the day promotes better sleep at night. Physical activity tires out your body, so it will need to recuperate. And when your body is signaling it has to rest, melatonin production will begin. Melatonin is a chemical that triggers sleepiness. 

Aside from improving your overall sleeping routine, regular workouts will make you feel rested and refreshed in the morning. As you experience fewer sleep disturbances, it will set a positive mood for the next day. 

foot and ankle being wrapped

Ankle Wrap vs. Ankle Brace: Which Keeps You on Your Feet Better?

Now that we have convinced you to walk every day, we want to remind you to take precautions to prevent potential injuries and accidents. When you walk, your feet and ankle are the most vulnerable to injuries. So what’s the correct gear that will prevent these mishaps: an ankle brace or wrap? 

Ankle braces are normally used in high-contact sports. They keep your feet and ankles from rolling to prevent injuries like sprains and fractures. Ankle braces also speed up the healing process and keep your bones in their correct positions to avoid further damage. 

On the other hand, ankle wraps are almost similar to compression sleeves. They keep your feet warm and promote better blood circulation so that you won't get leg cramps or ankle injuries when you walk. You can also use them when you are not exercising. In addition, you can use them for pain relief from arthritis, swollen ankles, and sore muscles. 

Depending on your needs, both braces and wraps are suitable for walking activities. But if you're starting slow on physical activities, ankle wraps are best for you. 

Here are some more reasons why you should support your feet with ankle wraps while walking. 

  • Some accidents are inevitable, but wearing ankle wraps can significantly reduce the severity of your injury. It also eases the pain in your steps from certain foot conditions. 
  • Ankle wraps support your foot's dorsiflexion and range of motion. They also prevent your foot from overstretching to avoid injuries. 
  • An ankle wrap is like a thin sleeve or sock, so you can use it with your shoes without it affecting your performance. In addition, ankle wraps are lightweight and breathable, so they keep your feet fresh and comfortable. 
  • Ankle wraps are more budget-friendly than ankle braces, and they are easily accessible. Just go to any local store or fitness center, and you'll find premium ankle wraps available for you. 

Protective and support devices for your feet are essential when you get active. Doctors have proven their effectiveness in preventing and rehabilitating injuries. Just make sure you know how to wrap an ankle brace to get the full effectiveness of your device. 

elderly couple walking exercise 

Final Thoughts 

Your fitness journey will challenge your discipline and determination, but don't pressure yourself if you're not there yet. Taking small steps is also a significant achievement. 

We hope this article has motivated you to get yourself back in shape. For more reviews of orthotic devices and tutorials on an ankle brace and how to wrap it properly, you can explore our blogs.

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