Upgrade to Sustainable Cushioning With the Hoka Bondi 7 Women’s Plantar Fasciitis Support
4 min read
June 14, 2022

Upgrade to Sustainable Cushioning With the Hoka Bondi 7 Women’s Plantar Fasciitis Support

4 min read
June 14, 2022

Hello there, hardworking woman. Are ankle braces and compression socks not providing you with adequate heel support? 

If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, it's necessary to get rid of that heavy, painful feeling in your heels when they hit the ground. It's difficult to go on with life when you're in physical agony, especially when you're active and busy.

If the previous orthopedic solutions don't work, they could be lacking something you need the most: cushioning. In that case, we'd like to recommend trying orthopedic shoes instead. 

Their wider and sturdier design might have the capacity to end your foot dilemma. Let's look at one of the best sustainable support shoes, the Hoka Bondi 7 Plantar Fasciitis Support!

The Hoka One Bondi 7 Women's Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Support Shoes Review: Stylish and Superior Heel Cushioning

What makes support shoes helpful for plantar fasciitis? There are many factors to think about, but cushioning is a must-have. This helps relieve your foot pain and reduce the pressure that only worsens your condition. We discovered the Hoka One Bondi 7 Support Shoes with this in mind.

Quick Specifications

Here are a few quick details before we discuss its features.

  • Weight: 8.90 oz
  • Materials: Vegan, recycled materials
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4.00 mm
  • Stability Level: Neutral
  • Cushioning Level: Plush
  • Available Colors: 8
  • Sizes: 5‒12
  • Category: Women's walking and running shoes
  • Certification: American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal
plantar fasciitis daily support & relief - hoka one bondi 7 shoes

Highlight Feature: Next-Level Midsole Cushioning

Ultra-cushioning is a game-changing feature of the Bondi 7. It's what makes them better than average running support shoes. The generous bed cushion comprises a removable padded midsole made of molded EVA foam. If you run for long distances and need something soft and comfortable, this can be your go-to footwear.

The Bondi 7 is also Hoka One's most cushioned product. Their shoe models are classified into three midsole levels: responsive, balanced, and plush. The highest level of cushioning is plush, and the Bondi 7 is built for it. Wearing them can make you feel like running on the clouds!

Other Impressive Features

Aside from high-level cushioning, the Bondi 7 is supported with the following features to help you deal with plantar fasciitis.

Memory Foam Heel Collar

The Bondi 7 incorporates one of the softest and most secure heel locks you'll ever find in running shoes. A memory foam collar cradles the area around your heel, providing more comfort and security when walking or running.

But it's not only for the heels; the entire cushioned design of the Bondi 7 also supports other areas of your foot.

Meta-Rocker Technology

Hoka shoes are also known for their signature Meta-Rocker technology. It's a fusion of a round sole shape and low heel-toe drop design. It conforms to your natural and comfortable stride and keeps the ride smooth regardless of ground impact or transition.

Made in Vegan and Recycled Materials

We love that the Hoka One Bondi 7 is a sustainable investment! This is vegan footwear, which means they're made without animal-tested products and materials like wool, fur, and leather. So you can heal your foot pain and reduce negative environmental impact. What more can you ask for?

Rubber Outsole, Open Mesh Construction, and TPU Overlays

These features add extra comfort and stability to the Bondi 7. The black rubber pads provide a non-slip grip in wet conditions. The mesh construction allows for breathability, while the thin TPU overlays give your toes and midfoot extra structure.

A Great Upgrade

If you have previously tried or seen the Bondi 6 Support Shoes, this is the upgraded version. There are no significant structural changes, but shoe technologies certainly improved. The Bondi 7 is now softer, more breathable, and comes with a heel and foot lock feature.

Furthermore, it has greater width options to accommodate more foot sizes. We highly recommend this model if you're willing to invest more in a comfortable pair of shoes with better heel support.

Product Drawbacks

We like the Bondi 7 shoes, but there are three factors where they fall short:

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Pricing

First, the EVA midsole can tear easily. Plus, the climate can affect its softness; they're softer against heat and humidity and firmer in wet and cold situations. We don't recommend this if you plan to take on a 500-mile running challenge.

Second, this is a maximalist recovery shoe. Therefore, it's heavier and bulkier than average running shoes. It does an excellent job at comfort, but not at speed. If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, these are useful since you'll rely on comfort rather than speed runs.

Lastly, it can be an expensive price tag for recovery running shoes since you can't do speed routines while wearing them.

plantar fasciitis and ankle support shoes - buying decision concept on paper

Verdict: Is the Bondi 7 a Good Plantar Fasciitis Support Shoes?

So does the Bondi 7 tick all boxes to meet your needs? Here's a quick rundown to evaluate your purchase decision.

✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Adequate cushioning - Superior to its competitors

Natural mobility - Conforms to your natural stride, thanks to the Meta-Rocker technology

Minimal pressure on sensitive areas - Midsole and padded outsoles deal with impact well

Stylish design - Comes in different colors, with color combinations that can make you more visible in dark places

Heel support - Memory foam heel collar that cushions not only your heel but your entire foot

Arch support - Neutral arch support

Flexible insole - Can be stiff or soft depending on weather conditions


Durability - Tears off easily

Value for the price - Pricey for recovery runs

Cushioning is Key for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

When seeking plantar fasciitis daily support & relief solutions, look for their cushioning feature first. It's an essential element because it significantly takes pain and pressure away. As a result, you can keep going with your activities with great protection.

We think the Hoka One Bondi 7 is worth a shot. It provides next-level cushioning and other features for added comfort and support, such as the low drop design, memory foam collar, and mesh construction. It's the perfect footwear for easy recovery runs while dealing with heel pain.

There are a few drawbacks, but that depends on your specific needs. If you need something lighter, faster, and long-lasting, it's time to consider other options. Otherwise, the Bondi 7 is a worthy (and pretty) investment.

Navigate our website for more informative blogs, reviews, and product guides on plantar fasciitis and ankle support for women's tennis shoes.

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