An Armor for Your Active Lifestyle: Volleyball Ankle Braces
5 min read
December 17, 2021

An Armor for Your Active Lifestyle: Volleyball Ankle Braces

5 min read
December 17, 2021

Dealing with an injury is an athlete's worst nightmare. You aren't allowed to play, and if you can, your movements will be very limited and you won't be at your best performance. It gets more frustrating when you are injured during the most important games of the season. 

Volleyball is a high-impact game. As a player, you are prone to ankle injuries because of the repeated jumps and impact your ankles and knees experience during games. You can never tell when an awkward landing may hit you. Your first line of defense against sustaining damages is ankle braces. 

In this blog, let’s look closer into the benefits of a support brace and why you should consider wearing one. Volleyball season is almost in full swing. Don't let injuries stop you from getting that championship! 

Why Should You Look for Volleyball Ankle Support

There are endless options for ankle braces available for volleyball players. Before buying one, there are several key factors you should consider. Every brace has a different build and a different purpose. Depending on your needs and activity levels, there should be a perfect fit to protect you and improve your performance. 

For pain relief or injury prevention

There are ankle braces specifically designed for injury protection. These ankle braces can usually be worn during games. These braces may include strapping mechanisms that are designed to keep your ankles from rolling and twisting. In addition, some braces have thin but tough exoskeletons that protect your ankle from strong impacts. 

If you are already injured, there are braces appropriate for your situation. However, some injuries may require total immobilization. A brace in this situation usually looks like a big boot with hard plastic for an exoskeleton; these can be heavy. These limit your feet from doing unnecessary movements that can cause swelling and further damage. 

For mobility

There are volleyball braces that can help you improve your mobility. These braces are especially useful when you are coming back from an injury. The healing process takes time, and although you're back on the court, you can't expect that your body is 100% conditioned. In addition, your old injury can bother you and may limit your movements. 

Ankle braces provide you with security from recurring injuries. Ankle braces can increase your mobility while keeping your ankles aligned in the right position. You can bend and flex your feet in a full range of motions and avoid overdoing it with the help of your ankle support. 

Different Types Of Ankle Braces

When it comes to choosing an ankle brace, it is not enough that it is comfortable to wear. You have to make sure the gear you are wearing serves its purpose: to protect your ankles. Here are the different types of braces; see what’s perfect for your gameplay. 

Elastic, lace-up, or rigid braces

Elastic, lace-up, and rigid braces are standard braces you will encounter in the market. There are also customized braces depending on the type of injury you sustain. But which of the following braces should you get for yourself? 

Elastic braces are worn like a sock. These are usually compression sleeves with straps wrapped around your ankles for improved stability and protection. The compression sleeves keep your muscles warmed up, promote good blood circulation, and prevent you from cramps during your game. 

Lace-up braces are usually made from neoprene or nylon—breathable and durable fabrics. Lace-up volleyball ankle guards are the most suitable support to wear when you are playing. The fabric is thin enough to fit like socks in your shoes. It also has a shoestring-like wrapping mechanism that securely wraps your ankles even when you are constantly moving. 

Rigid braces are also called hybrid ankle braces. This brace contains an inner sleeve and is protected by an exterior shell. Rigid braces are commonly used when you need to immobilize your foot due to a major injury. But, there are also rigid braces that can be used during games. However, these braces can add weight to your body, so it will take some time to get used to. 

Low vs. high ankle braces

It is common for players to prefer low ankle braces. They are convenient, compact, and easy to put on. They are also compatible with any physical activity you do. Whether you are in games or training, you can put them on in an instant. These braces give the same protection to your ankles as high ankle braces.

High ankle braces usually cover your ankle to your legs, and some may even extend the protection up to the knees. High ankle braces are perfect for someone who needs assistance in their stability, and these braces can also prevent knee injuries for athletes. This is because your knees, legs, and feet are connected, and it is possible to sustain an injury in multiple areas when you face an accident on the playing court. 

ankle brace with compression sleeve 

The Advantages of Ankle Braces for Your Sports Activities

You can enjoy every game without worrying about injuries. If you are not yet convinced about the need to wear volleyball support braces, here are some benefits you gain when you start wearing protective gear. 

  • The main purpose of ankle braces is injury prevention. Wearing the proper protective gear helps prevent sprains, strains, and even major bone fractures. 
  • The braces keep your legs and ankle in the natural position and allow you to move freely without restriction, improving your movements during the games. 
  • You can use braces for pain management, especially from the aftereffects of injuries. Furthermore, they help prevent cramping. Braces with compression sleeves also help people with arthritis by improving their blood circulation. 
  • Rigid ankle braces can speed up the healing process. Coupled with physical therapy and proper medication, you can get back on your feet and on the court in no time. 

Braces For Volleyball Champions 

There’s no stopping you from climbing to the top. We want to help you achieve your dreams. With the top-rated volleyball ankle braces in the market, you can go for gold.

Here are the best ankle braces available: 

  • T2 Active Ankle Rigid Ankle Brace and Stabilizer
  • Ultra Ankle High-5 Ankle Brace 
  • Space Brace 2.0 Quick Lace Up Ankle Brace 
  • DonJoy Performance BIONIC Stirrup Ankle Brace 
  • Shock Doctor Mcdavid Bio-Logix Ankle Brace 
  • NeoAlly Copper Infused Ankle Compression Brace 

These braces are the ultimate all-stars, from build to performance. They are made from high-quality and premium materials, tried and tested by professional players, and are scientifically proven to prevent injuries and aid healing. 

Final Thoughts 

Invest in your first ankle brace and feel the difference with improved performance and injury-free games! Injuries are an ever-present threat when it comes to sports. Wearing braces gives you the protection you and your joints need for a worry-free game. Make yourself unstoppable in the playing court with the perfect protective gear today.

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