Keep Away From Baseball Foot Injuries: Wear The Bodyprox Baseball Ankle Brace
5 min read
November 22, 2021

Keep Away From Baseball Foot Injuries: Wear The Bodyprox Baseball Ankle Brace

5 min read
November 22, 2021

Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the US. Most Americans consider it a national pastime. Today, even Asian and Latin American countries are developing a love for the game. In a single game, you’ll quickly understand that the primary goal of the offense is to hit the ball as hard as they can and get a home run. At the same time, the defense stops them by getting the baseball back to the baseman as fast as they can. 

If you plan to play baseball yourself, keep the enjoyment going through a baseball knee sleeve, knee brace for baseball catchers, and baseball knee pads. If you already have them, do not forget about ankle braces too. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the best one for the sport. This article contains our recommendation, the BodyProx ankle brace. Hang on! We’ll discuss all the ways the product can help you perform your best while playing. 

A Feature Of The Best Ankle Brace For Baseball: BodyProx

Prevention is always better than a cure, so even before the game starts, make sure to protect your ankles by giving them compression before wearing your cleats. Traditionally, athletes use bandages to wrap their ankles. But as time passed, manufacturers have developed products that provide the same compression while skipping the hassle of going around and around with a bandage. The epitome of this innovation is the ankle brace from BodyProx—our top pick. 

Product Highlight

The best part about the BodyProx ankle brace is its one-size-fits-most feature. You do not have to worry about the braces not fitting because the straps are highly adjustable. Skip the need for wrapping your ankles over and over again and achieve the same compression using only two straps. Aside from the straps, the braces are equipped with a semi-rigid brace ensuring the wrap stays in place and giving stability and protection to your ankles.


In the game proper, you’ll have your socks, the ankle brace, and cleats, but despite these layers of protection and support, you’ll still feel comfortable. The BodyProx ankle brace is made of neoprene, which is highly breathable, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet while playing. You can also move your feet with ease because of the open-heel design of the brace. After every use, you can wear another set of clean braces after washing and air drying what you wore. 


If you are a jack of all trades who plays a wide variety of sports like baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or football, count on the BodyProx ankle brace. Wear it while playing any sport or even during your time at the gym. If you have a terrible fall or your activities are too stressful for your ankles, you know that you won’t end up in pain. Wearing the BodyProx ankle brace will adequately protect your ankle.


With your feet constantly moving during the several games you play, you must worry that your ankle brace will quickly wear out, but not with BodyProx. Aside from neoprene, nylon and polyester materials also make up these braces. 

Neoprene: This material is rigid and can stand chemicals, changing temperatures, and extreme heat.

Nylon: Nylon contributes to the elasticity and robustness of the ankle brace. 

Polyester: Polyester is abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and durable. 

All these work together to create an ankle brace that can withstand strenuous sports and exercises, so you’ll have a pair to use for a very long time. 

How the BodyProx Ankle Brace Ensures a Good Game

You use different products like knee guards (baseball) and look for the best knee brace for baseball to ensure that your knees are protected during the game. The same should go for ankles. With the Bodyprox ankle brace, you can perform at your best always. 

Good shoe fit

You cannot run correctly with wobbly shoes. It would help if you had an excellent pair of cleats to run as fast as you can once you’ve hit the baseball. Aside from injury protection, the BodyProx ankle brace also serves as a layer to keep your shoes nice and snug. The fit is made even better because you still have a layer of socks underneath. 

Optimum performance the whole game

When your mind is at peace, you can focus on your role in the baseball game. Whether you are a pitcher, catcher, basemen, or fielder, you can perform at your best by wearing supportive products for your knees, ankles, shoulders, hands, and feet. 

Protection from a baseball hit

What are the chances that a fast-moving baseball may hit your ankles? High or low, there are more risks during the baseball game that can hurt your ankles. The best way to keep your ankles free from any hit is by adding a layer of protection through the ankle brace. 

Running protection

Have you seen baseball players run as fast as they can and slide to reach the base? With the wrong slide or stride, your ankles can experience sprains and even fractures. However, if you wear an ankle brace, the unfortunate bone twists and ligament tears will be prevented. Even if it does happen, the damage will not be as severe compared to when you are not wearing any protection.

Keep Away From These Foot Injuries With BodyProx

Still not convinced you to need an ankle brace before the baseball game? Do not wait until you suffer these foot conditions before wrapping your ankles with a layer of protection. These are the different conditions you may suffer without adequate protection.

Ankle sprains

Keep the ligaments of your ankles intact despite twisting them to their breaking point because of accidentally falling by wearing the BodyProx ankle brace. The semi-rigid braces ensure that the twist won’t be the worst. With this, you can save yourself from icing a tender and swollen sprained ankle. 


Worse than a sprain is a foot fracture. A noticeable break in the bone characterizes a fracture. Hairline fractures are typical for sports players, especially with strained feet. Still, fractures are more severe and even need surgical treatment. Keep your baseball career intact just by wearing an ankle brace to avoid them. 

Achilles tendinopathy

You can feel pain in the heel and calf when you experience Achilles tendinopathy, caused by overuse of the tendon when working out or playing sports. Although you can resolve this condition with rest, ice, or by taking anti-inflammatories, it is still best to wear the BodyProx ankle brace to protect the Achilles tendon. 

Ankle contusions

Your adrenaline will keep you from feeling all the pain from the injuries (minor or major) during the game. However, after that, you’ll notice bruises you didn’t know you got. The BodyProx ankle brace can keep even the tiniest blood capillaries intact because of its protection. Your ankles will not have the scary, dark, and painful contusion after games. 

Plantar fasciitis

Your competitive energy may be the leading cause of your painful heels. You do not need to drop the passion for the game as with the BodyProx ankle brace, you do not have to worry about painful heels. Although the design has an open heel, the heels are still protected. With the help of an ankle brace, the heels won’t take all the pressure as it is evenly distributed in the different parts of your feet. 

The Way to Go: Use a Baseball Ankle Brace

Baseball is a competitive game, but it is fun too! It can be a source of someone’s happiness and sense of achievement, and that is why it is played almost worldwide. Join the adrenaline rush and enjoyment by trying it out! Just make sure to be on the watch for the common injuries when playing baseball, so you can proactively prepare for them. 

For maximum ankle protection, the BodyProx is simple to use, has a semi-rigid ankle brace, and an open heel that still allows movement flexibility. It literally wouldn’t hurt to try it on before playing a game of baseball!

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