Are Your White Ankle Braces for Volleyball Still White? Here’s Why You Should Never Skip on Maintenance
3 min read
February 1, 2022

Are Your White Ankle Braces for Volleyball Still White? Here’s Why You Should Never Skip on Maintenance

3 min read
February 1, 2022

Got your white ankle braces dirty after a volleyball game? That doesn't sound so appealing, appearance- and hygiene-wise. Thus, it's not something you should ignore.

Ankle braces are common in sports that put a lot of stress on an athlete’s ankles. Volleyball is one such sport. It's high-impact and involves a lot of ground contact. So if you wear white ankle braces for volleyball, they are likely to get dirty very quickly.

You might not realize it, but skipping on ankle support maintenance only adds delay to your recovery. So it matters to make ankle brace maintenance a habit, even if your braces seem clean. 

This post discusses the importance of proper ankle brace cleaning and tips on keeping your white braces always looking new!

Why Cleaning Your Ankle Braces Matters

Here are three reasons why it's important to clean your equipment.

First, it can cause bacteria to grow, leading to skin irritation, bad odor, and, eventually, infections (e.g., folliculitis, ringworm, and other related skin infections). It is especially true for those with sensitive skin. As a result, you only add another problem on top of your ankle injury.

Makes a Worthy Investment

Medical and athletic braces can be expensive. If you want to secure long-term investment, maintenance is the key. Additionally, cleaning your braces helps extend their durability and appearance.

Gives You a Character Boost

Lastly, clean braces give you a neater, cooler, and more professional look. Unfortunately, dirty braces tend to lose their appeal. It can be an eyesore for spectators, reflect poorly on your character as an athlete, and also affect your mental health. Knowing just how difficult it can be to maintain white equipment in such activities, you'll impress people with your cleaning efforts.

white ankle braces for volleyball

Quick Maintenance Tips for Your Volleyball Ankle Braces

You now know the importance of cleaning your ankle braces. But how should you clean them, and how often? How will you know if you're doing it properly?

Let’s find out.

How to Clean Them

The cleaning instructions for ankle braces may differ, so don't forget to carefully check the manufacturer's guidelines. That said, here are the general ways to safely clean your ankle brace.

  • Using laundry detergent or a mild soap with warm water
  • Using a soft cloth or brush to eliminate stains
  • Applying disinfectant for heavy-duty ankle braces
  • Practicing good ventilation (e.g., not storing it in gym bags)
  • Mixing white vinegar, baking soda, and lukewarm water for odor control
  • Using natural cleaning products

Cleaning Frequency

Ideally, you should clean your white ankle braces as often as possible. In other words, develop a regular cleaning schedule and try sticking to it religiously. However, it may also depend on the type of activities you participate in and the type of ankle brace you're wearing.

If you're unable to do so due to lack of time or resources, then aim for at least every few days. The end goal is to prolong the life of the ankle brace and make you feel comfortable wearing it.

orthopedist showing an ankle brace to a female patient image

Signs of Wear and Tear

It is also important to monitor any signs of wear and tear on your ankle brace. Some types of braces wear out faster than the rest. Hinged ankle braces, for instance, might require lubrication and strap replacements. 

A broken brace will make you feel uncomfortable and cause more problems to your ankles. So monitor it closely. Check whether it’s too tight or too loose, and look for wearing and tearing signs on the seams or straps. Once you have confirmed its condition, you should either replace it with a new pair or change only a part of it.

Clean Your Ankle Brace for a Speedy Recovery

Getting adequate ankle protection involves equipment maintenance. So if you want to recover fast or prevent ankle injuries, clean your volleyball ankle stabilizer to ensure it is still usable. By following these simple tips, you're on your way to keeping your white ankle braces looking new—and feeling good too.

Remember: it's an important part of the healing process, so don’t take it lightly!

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