Why Wearing an Ankle Knee Brace Can Prevent Injuries
4 min read
August 6, 2021

Why Wearing an Ankle Knee Brace Can Prevent Injuries

4 min read
August 6, 2021

Are your ankles painful? Do you need to prevent ankle or knee injuries? Ankle and knee support such as braces are helpful tools to keep your foot and leg in perfect function. You might be wondering how they can aid with joint pain, read this article to find out.

Knee and ankle braces are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that keeps muscles and ligaments warm and compressed. By reducing joint function, they also provide stability when walking or jogging on uneven surfaces such as sidewalks, trails, hillsides, and so forth. Of course, it's critical to consult your doctor straight away if you're feeling any discomfort while walking or jogging!

Additionally, you can wear an ankle brace even for your daily use to prevent serious injuries. Here's why wearing an ankle knee brace can prevent serious injuries:

Ankle Knee Braces Can Help With Balance And Stability.

One of the essential aims in sports and fitness is to enhance balance control. Improved balance is highly linked to improved athletic performance and is negatively related to lower limb sports injuries.

To maintain balance, you need healthy and strong muscles on your lower limbs, especially your knees and feet. For example, your ankles and knees keep you balanced and stable by distributing your weight evenly so you don't fall. But when the joints and muscles are overworked, the ankle and knees are vulnerable to sprains.

Being active in sports requires immense muscle care. Otherwise, a ligament might get torn or overstretched, which then leads to a sprain. Or, if an athlete isn't aware of their surroundings, they can trip, which also can cause serious joint injury.

An ankle knee brace might assist you in remaining stable and avoiding falls. Especially if you're using it as a rehabilitative measure, you can continue on your daily tasks or usual athletic activity for extended hours.

They Provide A Cushion To Protect The Ankle From Injury.

Think of the ankle or knee brace as a very tight but comfortable athletic sock. The braces are specifically made to ease the tension in your muscles through compression. But compression shouldn't equate with discomfort. For example, most ankle braces are padded a little, so when you rest your ankle anywhere, the impact won't cause additional pain to your injury. In addition, these sleeves allow you to wear a shoe over it for added cushion and comfort.

The sleeves also protect your knees or ankles from the impact caused by usual everyday movements. For the knees, the brace gives support which also covers the tendon and joint. It wraps around the knees, and the compression helps lessen the impact of physical activity. For sprained ankles, movements such as walking won't feel as painful with the cushion on the soles of the feet. In addition, the cushions will reduce the effect of your body weight when you move.

An Ankle Brace Is Used For Rehabilitating An Injured Ankle or Knee.

If you are prone to ankle injury or knee sprain, you might know the abbreviation of following for fast recovery: R.I.C.E. This stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevate.

You can rest, conduct cold therapy, and elevate your injured muscle without any equipment. However, with compression, you might need a medical wrap, cloth, or ankle tape that's long enough to wrap around your leg. Many ask, “can a knee brace cause ankle swelling?” Yes, it can. So, be mindful of how you dress the band or material because it can worsen the swelling if it wounds up too tight.

If you are in the competitive sports industry or frequently train using your lower extremities, buying either an ankle or knee brace will come in handy. Having one ready can lessen your healing time.

Ankle Knee Braces Reduce the Chances of Arthritis.

There are many factors that can lead to arthritis–things like age, family medical history, sex, weak ankles, and autoimmune diseases are at play. But one more reason that active people should note is that repeated joint injury can cause long-term damage and arthritis.

If you have a history of sprains or strains or have chronic ankle instability, wearing an ankle leg brace will reduce the risk of future injuries. To avoid arthritis, try staying at a weight proportionate to your height, eat healthily, prevent knee injuries, prevent ankle injuries, and practice preventative care.

The Takeaway

Athletes and physically active people shouldn't take joint pain or acute ankle injury lightly. There is a time to push your body and a time for rest and recovery. However, trying to force yourself to go beyond your limit despite feeling pain in your joints can possibly cost long-term and even irreparable damage.

You don't have to stop doing what you love to avoid injuries, either. You simply have to be mindful of your body and prepare the tools for your body's recovery. So, purchase ankle bracing in the correct size. To get the best fitting brace for your needs, we recommend looking for an adjustable brace so you can tighten or loosen the wrap when necessary.

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