Standing on a Cloud: The High Arch Dilemma and Happy Step Foam Arch Support Soft Sole Inserts

August 23, 2021
woman fitting orthopedic insoles

You've been limping for days due to a nagging heel pain on your high-arched feet. It aches whenever you put on extra weight, and the pain gets even worse in the morning. It's also difficult to find shoes that feel comfortable, and sometimes you feel a sensation of having pebbles in them.

When resting your feet at night or in-between daylight breaks, you wonder if there's a cure to end the arch pain for good, or at least relieve some of it. You want something that can cushion your feet well and provide the comfort you badly need.

Good news, we just found an effective solution to your high-arched feet dilemma! If you're looking for over-the-counter treatments, we would like to introduce to you the Happy Step Foam Arch Support Soft Sole Inserts.

The High-Arched Foot Dilemma

What causes high-arched feet? What are the foot problems associated with high arches, and how are they treated? Check out our quick answers to these questions below.

High Arches: Causes

Having a high-arched foot can be a natural cause or a part of an underlying condition. According to this report, 68% of women and 20% of men inherit high arches. On the other hand, those with an underlying neurological problem such as cerebral palsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, or Charcot-Marie-tooth disease may also develop high-arched feet as a symptom.

High Arches: Treatment

There are several home remedies and medical treatments to treat high arches. Usually, medical level solutions are optional unless the problem becomes severe. You can opt for orthotic devices, icing, over-the-counter meds, night splints, and footpads for home treatments. Meanwhile, medical treatment typically involves surgery and physical therapy.

A Closer Look Into the Happy Step Memory Foam Arch Support Soft Insoles

If you don't have enough time and money for medical treatment, you might want to try orthotic devices first. On that account, we recommend wearing the Happy Step Memory Foam Arch Support insoles for your high-arched feet.

We know that there are many promising options in the market. However, not all of them will work if they don't fit your needs. If you're looking for extra soft insoles, the ones that make you feel like standing on a cloud, you might like this Happy Step device. Read more about it below.

U-Shaped Heel Design for Stability and Mobility

The Happy Feet High Arch Insoles have a U-shape heel cup construction that allows stability and excellent control of foot movements. Consequently, it helps minimize the risk of foot pain and fatigue caused by pressure and long periods of active movement.

Arch Type and Size Specifications

The Happy Step insoles only work for the right arch type and size. According to the manufacturer, these inserts are designed for neutral to medium arches. For specific sizes, it's 8–12 for men and 5–14 for women. If you need adjustments, align the insoles with the original shoe insoles and draw a line along the toe section. Then, use that line to cut until the soles fit.

Rebound Memory Foam for Superior Arch Cushioning and Support

The Happy Step insoles are made of high-density memory foam, providing superior and neutral customized cushioning support for medium to low arches. Users report how soft and light they feel, eliminating the discomfort and perfectly conforming to your feet. Moreover, there’s an extra cushion under the ball of the foot to effectively absorb shock and reduce the impact.

hand on memory foam

Includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's understandable if you feel hesitant to buy these devices, especially if you're not yet familiar with them. However, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel less reluctant to try them out. In addition, they encourage customers to contact them for a free return if they aren't satisfied with the product.

What Are the Cons?

Now that we've outlined reasons why you should buy, here are some shortcomings of the product to help evaluate your purchase decisions wisely.

  • Users find that it works better for medium arches than lower ones.
  • Using super light and thin insoles might not work to your advantage.
  • While it does provide soft extra cushioning support, some users don't find it effective and comfortable enough compared to its competitors.

Final Thoughts

The Happy Step Foam Insoles can be the best soft insoles for the right problems despite the disadvantages. If you have medium arches or foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, these devices will do an awesome job of providing soft cushioning support. Plus, they're both available as women's and men's shoes with soft insoles. Consider wearing them if you want to feel like standing on a foam cloud.

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