Attention, Athletes: Here’s Why You Need Walk Hero’s Foot Pads for Metatarsalgia

May 24, 2021
foot pads for metatarsalgia

Sports is an enjoyable activity that keeps the body in shape and oozing with happy hormones. Playing basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, and other active sports brings joy. Thus, you must ensure that aching feet or metatarsalgia will not interrupt this joy.

To skip the hassle of going through thousands of products for foot support, we recommend in this article shoe insoles that will address not only metatarsalgia but also different foot conditions that cause you pain. We’ll also discuss how foot insoles prevent foot pain and help in treating different foot ailments.

Let’s begin!

Our Recommendation: Walk Hero Shoe Insoles

The first stop is our recommendation!

The best metatarsal foot pads we highly recommend are the Walk Hero Comfort and Support shoe insoles. Use these on top of all the products you are already using for your metatarsals.

Foot Support      

Heel: The shoe insole has a curving cup in the heel area to catch the ball of the heels and protect it from pressure.

Arch: Supporting the arch are the cushion and 7-mm elevation in the area.

Metatarsal: With the proper heel and arch contour, you do not put pressure on the metatarsals. The insole also provides padding.


The Walk-Hero Comfort and Support shoe insoles consist of medical-grade cushions and layers. You can wear these durable insoles for heavy-duty sports and activities.

Foot Conditions Addressed

The best thing about shoe insoles is that they address not only metatarsalgia but also the following foot problems:

  • Plantar fasciitis     
  • Bunions   
  • Heel spurs    
  • Achilles tendonitis       
  • Heel pronation    
  • Heel supination  
  • Arthritis       
  • Foot problems caused by diabetes

Why You Need Walk Hero Foot Pads for Metatarsalgia

The balls of the feet are the intersection of the two feet bones: the metatarsals and the phalanges. Connecting them are the metatarsal–phalangeal joints. These three parts are most prone to injury when playing sports or doing strenuous exercises.

Have you noticed how, after playing basketball or soccer, you experience pain on the ball of the foot? While some pain disappears with rest, some develop into a condition called metatarsalgia.

To check if you are suffering from metatarsalgia, specialists will do different tests they deem necessary, such as X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI. Through these processes, they will also know the proper treatment needed for your condition.

Risk Prevention

If you love sports or you are an athlete, you have a higher risk of experiencing metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia falls under the two classifications.

  • Traumatic Fractures: Noticeable fractures of the metatarsals can occur due to an accident or extremely strenuous foot activities.
  • Stress Fractures: This type of fracture includes minimal or minor hairline fractures, which are more manageable than traumatic fractures. You can leave them to heal independently, although seeing a doctor for any fracture is advisable.

You can prevent both conditions by wearing Walk Hero shoe insoles. They protect the whole foot from stress and minimize the risks of accidents thanks to the additional foot cushion.

Aside from sports, here are the other causes of metatarsalgia.

  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes
  • Regular wearing of heels 
  • Abnormal growth of bones, ligaments, and muscles in the ball of the foot 
  • Different health conditions such as obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout
  • Other foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoe, or high arch

In all these conditions, you can always find a work-around.

  • Wear shoe insoles. When shoes and socks are not enough, you can wear pads, sleeves, bandages, and, of course, shoe insoles such as Walk Hero.
  • Consider shoes with specially designed insoles. There are shoes that specifically highlight insole design because of the need for support among athletes and people with foot conditions. These are the types of products you should check out. 

If you have given all the necessary protection and support to your feet but metatarsalgia persists, consult your doctor for further tests and checking.


Once your doctor has identified the cause of the pain, they will treat you accordingly. They may prescribe using shoe insoles if strenuous activities cause metatarsalgia. On the other hand, if other illnesses such as Morton’s neuroma, arthritis, or gout are the cause of metatarsalgia, doctors will treat these conditions and prescribe an alternative diet.

In more advanced and painful metatarsalgia, nonsteroidal and steroidal medications are the prescribed treatment. Surgery is also an option when medication and foot support cannot correct the cause of the metatarsalgia.

The good news is that proper foot support is often sufficient in treating and preventing metatarsalgia, and that is what we’ll talk about next.

Using Walk Hero Shoe Insoles with Other Protective Foot Products

There are many noninvasive foot support products to prevent and treat metatarsalgia, and they are available in online stores or over the counter. The best way to address foot pain is by using these products consistently and in combination with Walk Hero shoe insoles.

With Pads

Once you have set your shoe insoles, another product you can use with it is the metatarsal pads, which are as convenient to wear as insoles. These pads come with an adhesive and slip-on design.

You can place the adhesive metatarsal pads under the feet or in the soles of your shoes. These pads are not reusable, however, so you’ll need to stock up on supplies if you choose to use them.

Another type is silicone or gel metatarsal pads, which you can slip into the toe of the feet. The gel pad under the feet will serve as the cushion for the metatarsals.

With Sleeves

When it comes to metatarsal sleeves, there are also two designs you’ll encounter: metatarsal sleeves and foot arch sleeves. You can use them on top of the insoles on your shoes.

The metatarsal sleeves are of elastic cloth material with a cushion underneath the feet for metatarsal cushioning. You can quickly wear them under your socks before wearing your shoes.

Compared to metatarsal sleeves, the arch sleeve’s cushion goes under the arch of the feet. Frequently, metatarsalgia occurs because there is not enough arch support, causing the pressure to fall on the ball of the feet. This sleeve type prevents that situation from occurring.

With Metatarsal Shoes

If you are serious about taking care of your metatarsals, why not pick shoes designed to support that area?

These shoes have built-in foot insoles for metatarsalgia, so you do not need to purchase them separately. Since these products are not that easy to find, use Walk Hero shoe insoles as an alternative.

Final Thoughts

Metatarsalgia is a common condition in athletes and sports enthusiasts, but the products that

prevent and treat the pain are also plenty. While we recommend the Walk Hero Comfort and Support shoe insoles as the best pads for metatarsalgia, you can use them on top of other metatarsal protective products.

Remember that shoe insoles are useful not only when you already feel foot pain but it is also an effective way to prevent that pain. If you are into active sports and you do strenuous activities often, avoid foot fractures by wearing shoe insoles to proactively protect your feet from suffering injuries.

There is no limit when it comes to caring for your feet, so use different products simultaneously as long as they work.

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