The Sleeve Star Basketball Ankle Brace Gets the Ball Rolling and Your Ankles Moving

March 25, 2022
basketball ankle brace

Sports and ankle sprains are the match made in heaven we didn't ask for. If simple, daily activities can cause an injury, how much more when you're actively participating in a sport? You might have a health advantage, but that doesn't exempt you from injuries.

Now, this is your problem. You want to eliminate or minimize the risk of ankle injuries. Still, you are in no state to halt your activities. In that case, you should consider wearing a basketball ankle brace. Even sports therapy and orthopedics experts recommend this as a preventive measure and ankle support solution.

Now that you know your solution, your next problem is choosing the best ankle brace. There are different styles and many brands of braces available, so selection can get a little tricky. Thus, we selected one that you might like in terms of style and function: the SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace. Let's see how well it performs!

What Kind of S? A Sleeve Stars Compression Ankle Brace Review

The ankle is a very delicate area that can be easily injured. Whether playing sports or simply walking around, it is always at risk of being sprained or twisted. But when you're playing a high-impact sport like basketball, the risk is greater. Thus, wearing an ankle brace can help reduce the risk of injury by providing support and stability to your feet.

Read our detailed review below and decide if this is the best ankle brace for basketball.


Let's start with the beneficial features of the SS Sleeve Stars Brace.


The first benefit of this ankle brace is its complimentary support straps. They're high-quality velcro, adjustable, breathable, and lightweight. These straps provide the graduated compression your ankle needs. It fits snugly around your foot and attempts to help you recover and minimize the risk of another injury.

That's not all there is. You also get a free, extra ankle brace strap that wraps under the arch area. Customers say it's incredibly effective for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, which would often require additional ankle support (especially when you're doing sports.)


The Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace doesn't fall short when it comes to style. It was designed in Sweden and incorporates a minimalist but functional design. Moreover, you have plenty of color options: beige, white, gray, black, dark and light purple, navy blue, light blue, and hot pink.

For basketball players, appearance is important. A stylish and effective ankle brace makes you look a hundred times cooler! This shows that the company ensures you are satisfied with the ankle brace's look and function.


When an ankle brace is fit for sports use, you can expect solid feet support. This ankle brace is suitable for high-impact sports like basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball, allowing you to heal with zero restrictions. It might not be the best NBA ankle brace, but it's definitely one of the top recommendations. 

Not a sports person? Then the more reason to trust the quality of this ankle brace! It does its job of stabilizing, compressing, and preventing ankle damage. At the same time, you can focus on your daily activities or recover from the comforts of your home.

best ankle brace for basketball - ss sleeve stars ankle brace


Now that you know the benefits of this ankle brace, let's proceed with the drawbacks.


The size of this ankle support for basketball is universal. It's an advantage as you don't have to go through specific measurements; at the same time, it can be a product disadvantage. In the case of this ankle brace, most people find that they work better on bigger feet sizes. Thus, those with smaller feet don't get enough ankle support as the brace can't hold firmly onto them.


A sleeve ankle brace feels soft, comfortable, and fits better in shoes than rigid braces. However, you might still encounter issues with mobility or dexterity, so this might not be the ankle brace for you. In addition, there are various types of ankle braces, so this ankle sleeve brace isn't for everyone. As a result, you might only receive decent to little ankle support.


Some people have issues with the inconsistent quality of the brace, particularly its durability. Loose stitches and deforming elastic bands show poor construction after using the brace for some time. Consequently, it only lasts for a few months or less, and you might have to buy a new one sooner than you'd like.


Following the most important features, here are three technical specifications of the product necessary for you to know.

  • Material: Latex-free polyester, nylon, and elastic rubber
  • Dimensions: 11.61 x 7.6 x 0.87 in
  • Weight: 2.4 oz

Ankle Brace Maintenance

Even the best ankle sports brace isn't perfect. Some might be incredibly good but don't last for a long time. Others have a decent impact, but you can rely on them longer than you'd expect. 

We understand that it can be frustrating if you have to replace them sooner, so we decided to include ankle brace maintenance in this article. This way, you can extend the life of your ankle solution and make the most out of it.

Below are five tips on taking care of your ankle brace.

  1. Before anything else, check the specific instructions for cleaning your ankle brace. Depending on how it's made, each product has certain maintenance rules that may not apply to the rest.
  2. When looking for cleaning products and tools, always keep these characteristics in mind: natural, soft, mild, and warm. Braces are heavy-duty equipment, but they need gentle cleaning methods. Otherwise, they'll wear out sooner than you'd expect.
  3. Practice proper storage and ventilation. Don't keep your ankle brace in tight, closed gym bags or containers.
  4. Stick to a consistent, regular cleaning schedule. Ask your sports medicine professional for advice; the cleaning frequency might differ based on the type of ankle support brace and sport.
  5. Monitor for possible signs of wear and tear and fix or replace them when necessary. It will help prevent a malfunction that can trigger another ankle injury.

Taking care of and using your ankle brace properly can help extend its lifespan. Sure, product quality is still important. However, your handling also influences what happens to the ankle brace in a few days or weeks of use. So make sure to follow maintenance rules at all costs.

ankle support basketball - feet of a basketball player on the street shot 

Ankle Exercises for Basketball Players

Last but not least, let's discuss ankle exercises. Naturally, this goes hand in hand with ankle support devices. If you need ankle support, you can't rely on braces alone. Instead, maximize every opportunity, such as doing regular ankle exercises to keep your feet healthy and ready to keep the ball rolling.

We listed down some of the most common and effective ankle exercises for basketball players and enthusiasts.

  • Knee and ankle basketball drills for warming up, core strengthening, conditioning, mobility, and more.
  • Up and down and in and out resistance for strength development.
  • Simple barefoot balancing to enhance your sense of balance.
  • Unilateral stretching to develop your plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and mobility.
  • Band training for a light warm-up or cool-down after hardcore basketball training.

Get the Ball Rolling, Not Your Ankles!

We hope this article has helped you in some way. Ankle support is essential, especially for athletes playing high-impact sports like basketball; you are consistently putting a lot of pressure on your feet and legs. As a result, you're at a higher risk of an ankle injury.

It can be inevitable, so you'll need the best ankle support solution to minimize it. One such solution is wearing the right ankle brace. Ankle braces can relieve pain, help with ankle rehabilitation, and prevent further injuries from recurring.

Although many good ankle braces are on the market, the Sleeve Stars Ankle Compression Braces particularly stand out for superior features. There are minor drawbacks, but they're still worth a shot!

Meanwhile, our blogs are also open for more product options, buying guides, and informational content on foot care. We want to ensure you're getting the adequate and appropriate knowledge you need before purchasing and using a foot care solution. So feel free to navigate through our blog categories for more articles!

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