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January 5, 2022
metatarsal pads for running

Metatarsal pads are the unspoken heralds of natural, home-based solutions to metatarsalgia, providing a non-invasive and cost-effective solution to a wide variety of common foot and toe issues. Unlike traditional arch orthotics, which seek to restrict your foot's motion, metatarsal pads enable your foot to behave as nature intended: flexing, bending, and articulating without being constrained by external conditions or forces acting on it. 

Metatarsalgia is a serious condition that people tend to put up with, not knowing the ill effects of long-term neglect. People with Metatarsalgia tend to feel a painful and inflamed sensation in the ball of their foot, especially when they engage in rigorous activities like running.

To know how and why metatarsal pads for running shoes can help with our pains, we must do a quick study on why we need them.

Why Would We Need Metatarsal Pads for Runners?

Metatarsal pads are rehabilitation tools that help restore feet to their optimum shape. You see, modern footwear are designed with harmful features like heel elevation, tapering, toe springs, etc., that place our feet in unnatural and uncomfortable shapes. These unnatural footwear designs are something our barefoot ancestors never had to deal with. People who have grown up in barefoot environments do not have the same foot and toe issues as the shoe-wearing community does.

How do Metatarsal Pads for Running Help With Metatarsalgia?

Improper pressure on some areas of your foot, especially the ball of your foot, may cause extreme pain over time and cause your toes to align in uncomfortable or improper resting positions. This results in metatarsalgia. Check to see if you have rigid extensors, which can be seen by checking if your toes lay flat or curl up when you pick your leg up and make it dangle for a few seconds.

Since the ball of the foot is where the long bones (metatarsals) attach to the base of the toes, it may become a severe problem. Since these joints are subjected to so much impact and friction when in motion, they can become overworked and swollen over time.

By using a metatarsal pad, you can improve the general fitness of your lower legs and upper foot by teaching your feet and toes a different role. Tight joints, foot pain, and general imbalances can all be alleviated by wearing a metatarsal pad that properly distributes pressure around the foot.

Here are our top choices for the best metatarsal pads for running that'll surely make your running experience much better and more comfortable. Read on below.

  1. Frederick's Original Metatarsal Pads


Every Dr. Frederic met pad package contains four gel pads that are extremely stretchy and water-resistant to boot. They are made of biodegradable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and feature non-slip ridges in the construction. Easy to clean with soap and water.

Dr. Frederick met pads are highly commended because they help redistribute the foot pressure points so your gait can feel more comfortable and balanced. If you are constantly running, biking, or climbing, this is a welcome relief.

Dr. Frederick's money-back policy guarantees that you can return the product if you're not happy or satisfied with it. This option gives you peace of mind as you make a purchase.


  • Four gel pads
  • Reusable and biodegradable 
  • Ridges that prevent slipping
  • Guaranteed money-back policy


  • Costly
  1. Brison Metatarsal Pad


Brison Metatarsal pads are designed to be worn like sleeves on foot and provide excellent, almost immediate pain relief. Its gel padding provides a very soothing cushioning to the metatarsal heads.

This quick fit into any foot provides an energetic feeling when walking, biking, or even jumping. The fluffy gel sleeves used in this pad make it extra stretchy and cozy. The forefoot cushion pad alleviates the burning sensation under the feet and bruises on the ball. It also distributes weight evenly around the soft gel pad, reducing strain on the foot.

This met pad is robust and inventive, and the lightweight lining provides further cushioning to the forefoot. Brison metatarsal pads can be adjusted to fit any foot. It reduces the burning and rubbing sensation under the metatarsal joint and alleviates discomfort caused by bunions, neuromas, and other foot problems.


  • Helps soothe your foot pains during exercise
  • Generally fits all foot sizes
  • Ultra-soft and extra-stretching qualities


  • May have a fitting problem with large feet
  1. Askilt Metatarsal Pad


Askilt metatarsal pads are recommended for those looking for lightweight met pads. Since these half-toe sleeves are made of soft gel plastic, they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfy and soft met cover. These met pads are designed to be one-size-fits-all and are excellent for people with diabetes due to their ability to reduce peak plantar pressure

The Askilt metatarsal pads cover a much larger surface area than most met pads, resulting in a quicker and more distributed pain relief. Also, you wear them like socks, so they feel more secure around your feet, making you worry less about the met pads shifting during use.

Askilt met pads are also constructed with light, silicone gel pads, so you don't have to deal with stick adhesives. This design precludes any skin allergies that may act up in some individuals.


  • Convenient to transport
  • Immediate pressure relief is immediate
  • One size suits most people
  • Reusable and easily washable


  • Delicate material could tear with overly aggressive activities.
  1. Natracure Gel Metatarsal Pads


The Natracure Metatarsal Gel Sleeve with Forefoot Cushion Pad has the advantage of fitting broader or broader feet: men's sizes 9.5+ and women's sizes 11.5+. So, if you have much larger feet than average, Natracure met pads will feel like a blessing for your foot problem.

The met pad fabric is a simple, lightweight, and washable nylon fiber similar to what you'd use in a wrap. They distribute weight evenly around the foot and are very sturdy. The pads encompass a broad region of the ball of the foot. It also extends down to the midpoint of the arch. Inside the cloth is a gel pad that absorbs movement shock during the day or a vigorous workout. There's even a two-loop configuration that wraps around the big toe to hold the pad in place.


  • Absorbs very well in the metatarsal region
  • Exceptionally durable and breathable fabric
  • It is possible to wear it barefoot.
  • It fits broader and bigger shapes comfortably. 


  • Since they occupy a greater foot region, they may be uncomfortable for some.
  1. DR JK Ball of Foot Cushions


Put Dr. JK met pads on your wishlist if you're looking for one of the most well-designed silicone met pads out there. These met pads are easily accessible on the market and deliver outstanding value. These met pads are constructed using medical-grade gel material designed to be highly stretchable and extremely comfortable. These pads relieve the burning sensation in your metatarsal heads while simultaneously providing all-day protection and warmth.

They are designed to lift the flattened metatarsal arches, which alleviates various foot pains. The pads have more padding than other met pads on the market and are FDA certified. They have enough traction to match the outline of your feet without slipping and have a very snug fit when wearing socks. Since there is a second toe clip loop, these gel pads are very easy to get the proper shape and alignment. After a while, you'll probably even forget the toe-clip is there. 

Furthermore, if they either don't fit or remain on securely, you can still tape them to your feet. You also get a pair of silicone ball foot pads for general use as a plus. Overall, the Dr. JK met pads are light, durable, stretchy, and effective at relieving foot pain. Dr. JK met pads offer great value and don't come with the usual adhesive-like odor of other met pads.


  • Highly accessible
  • Made of supple rubber
  • Easy to stow in your bags
  • One is a gel cushion, and the rest are simply rubber mats
  • Reusable and washable
  • No unpleasant odor
  • No adhesives


  • Pricey

Final Fit

Choosing from multitudes of mets in the market seems like an intimidating prospect at first, which is why we compiled this handy list of professional mets that will surely live up to your expectations. These met pads are viable for any person, and the fit is usually varied per person, so no one size fits all. Running in modern shoes doesn't have to be a scary prospect. With advanced metatarsal pads to the rescue, you can run to greater lengths with more comfort.

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