Foot Care for Front Liners: The Best Shoes and Ankle Support Socks for Nurses 

July 15, 2022
ankle support socks

Our healthcare workers are some of the busiest individuals. They are always up on their feet, attending to patients and doing their rounds. With little rest and a lot of moving around to do, foot pains are inevitable.

But choosing the proper shoes and socks can help our healthcare workers and the like do more without suffering foot pains.

We picked out the best shoes nurses can wear to help them fight any pain from foot conditions and prevent them from worsening. We will also share why choosing compression socks with ankle support is crucial for a more comfortable step. Take note of this information so you can do more! 

The HKR Women's Walking Shoe Review 

Big brands tried producing shoes that target individuals in the health care department. While they produce decent shoes that help health workers, most products only address external problems like anti-slip and waterproof features. It is rare to find shoes that help with foot conditions. 

The HKR women's walking shoes are the perfect all-around shoes for nurses. Let us look at its different features and why you should get a pair for yourself. 


Stretchable Fabric Uppers 

The uppers of the shoes are stretchable, so over time, it adapts to the shape of your foot for a more comfortable wear. In addition, the shoes use active air technology that allows optimum ventilation for your feet, so it does not sweat and produce foul odors. 

Moreover, the shoes are designed for easy on and off, making this perfect for busy bodies. The HKR shoes do not have laces; you can simply slip your feet with the help of the pull tab in the hem of the backside. 

Help Alleviate Heel Pain

The HKR shoes have built-in arch support, perfect for people with foot conditions. The arch support helps alleviate pain even after long hours of working. Furthermore, the shoes have memory foam construction that allows the shoes to learn and mimic the shape of your feet. 

This feature can help relieve pain from other foot conditions like bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and more. The memory foam adds support to the area of your feet where you need it the most. 

It also gives space to deformities like bunions and hammertoes by not overcrowding your toe, which can cause discomfort. 

Excellent Traction

The footwear has a cushioned sole that dampens impacts your heels and foot receive. In addition, the shoes have a durable rubber sole that has excellent traction in dry and wet conditions. Nurses are prone to slipping because of their fast-paced activities, but the rubber soles will help you keep stable and help prevent sprains and other potential ankle injuries.  

Moreover, the rubber soles are thick, and the lugs are big enough, so any foreign material you step on will not puncture the shoes or cause discomfort or injuries. 

All-Around Footwear 

This footwear is not only for work hours. The HKR women's walking shoe is a versatile footwear you can use for various activities, such as jogging, hiking, or running errands. These shoes can also match casual style outfits. 

The footwear is available in 16 different colorways. So there are surely HKR shoes that will match your style. 


There are some potential drawbacks some users may experience with the HKR shoes. So before buying one for yourself, let us see some potential issues with this footwear. 

Limited Sizing 

The HKR shoes are designed for women's feet. Although their sizing ranges from size five through ten, gals with big sizes will have difficulty finding a pair that fits. 

Furthermore, males with naturally bigger sizes will have no options for these brands. So if you have big sizes, we recommend looking for a brand that offers them. 

No Waterproof Feature 

Surely, there is no working day of a nurse that will go by without spills, so waterproof shoes are essential to health care workers. 

Unfortunately, the HKR shoes have no waterproof feature. So you have to be extra careful to avoid making a mess. Although, the air-active technology will help the shoes dry out faster. 

nurse doing rounds 

Do You Need Ankle Support Socks? 

If you are serious about beating your foot pain and improving your foot's general health, choosing a sock is a crucial decision. Normal daily socks will not make a difference if you are a busybody. Instead, invest in ankle support compression socks to compliment your footwear. 

If you are not convinced about the ankle compression socks' effectiveness, here are some reasons you should consider getting a pair. 

  • Compression socks help regulate blood circulation. In addition, it helps warm your muscles, so you don't get cramps from continuous movement or sudden actions when you are at rest. 
  • Compression socks can help manage heel pain. The snug fit of the compression socks helps reduce inflammation on areas of your feet, especially when the plantar fascia is affected. 
  • Compression socks can prevent several foot injuries. Since it supports your muscles, you are less likely to roll your ankles or overextend them, causing sprains and other accidents. 
  • Compression socks can help protect you from external elements. For example, nurses are always moving, and accidental bumps are expected. These socks can protect you from bruises and other potential threats.

When your work requires you to stand for long hours and constantly move around, getting supportive socks is crucial for your comfort. Compression socks are a miracle worker for health care workers. Wearing them every day can help battle muscle fatigue and prevent injuries. 

Standard compression socks will do the job for you if you are looking for support. But if you have a developed foot condition, getting medical-grade compression socks will help with pain relief and recovery. So get a pair and experience them for yourselves. 

Final Thoughts 

The daily life of front-liners is demanding and extremely tiring. Their job is to cater to everyone in need, and in the middle of it all, many of them tend to forget their own needs. 

Wearing the proper shoes can help increase their mobility and alleviate and prevent pain to serve their patients better. With the correct sock partner, daily comfort is achievable. We hope this review helps front liners decide when they buy their work footwear. 

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