Active Spacers: Beat Idleness With the Best Toe Spacers for Bunions
6 min read
February 25, 2022

Active Spacers: Beat Idleness With the Best Toe Spacers for Bunions

6 min read
February 25, 2022

Bunions can rob you of even the most basic movement. It's frustrating every time you go home from work just to sit and do nothing. You’re forced to reserve whatever energy you have left to tolerate pain for important things like going to the bathroom.

Toe spacers can help you with bunion pain relief, but most of them will still put you on the couch. You need toe spacers for bunions that will let you move as it relieves your bunion pain. Here are some of the brands that will help you out. 

toe spacers for bunions - Yoga Toes spacers pair worn by a man’s feet

Yoga Toes

Price: $36.95

Yoga Toes offers toe spreaders for bunions with varying thickness and spreading capability. For a toe spreader, this is an indication of something good. You'll want to have your toes fully stretched to their capabilities to maximize the product benefits. One of those benefits is pain relief.

Quick Features:

Thicker gaps - Yoga Toes toe spacers are built with a thicker toe gap to maximize toe spread. As a result, it gives your toes the necessary stretch to become stronger.

Doctor recommended - Podiatrists approve this toe spreader as a tool to help combat foot conditions like bunions, plantar fasciitis, tailor’s bunion, and many other foot-related pain and injuries.

Easy fit - The outline of the Yoga Toes spreaders is engineered to make them easy to put on.

Non-toxic material - The spreader is made of high-grade medical gel that's free of harmful substances like bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalate.


  • It is easy to put on. Your feet don't need talcum powder or water with this flexible toe spacer. The material is smooth enough to adapt to your skin.
  • It relieves severe foot pain when used consistently. If you're experiencing debilitating pain on your foot, the Yoga Toes spreaders will correct your foot's form if you use it gradually. You'll go from restricted mobility to walking miles without feeling any acute pain in your foot. 


  • The spreaders could be too thick. Choosing an incorrect size may render the product too thick to fit the toe gaps. You'll end up with a useless spreader unless you alter it by cutting the bridges or trimming the gaps.
toe spacers for bunions - 8 pieces of white toe hourglass-shaped toe spacers


Price: $5.99

The Iconikal makes the list of the best toe spacers for bunions because it gives you the liberty to choose only specific toes to protect. With bridged toe separators, it's either you wear it for all your toe gaps or you don't. But with separated spacer pieces from Iconikal, you get to choose which toes you want them on for the best footing.

Quick Features:

Set of 8 - Purchasing the Iconikal toe spreaders comes as a set of 8 gel pieces that are shaped like an hourglass. These pieces can be inserted between or removed from your toe gaps easily.

Personalized comfort - Because this toe spreader is designed as separate pieces, you can personalize which toe gaps you want to insert the spreaders to.

Reduced slippage - The hourglass outline is built to reduce the likelihood of slipping. Given that the pieces are not held together by a bridge, they can slip out of your toe gaps when you move your toes. The hourglass hugs the shape of your toe and restricts movement.

Optimal dimension - The size dimension of this toe spreader makes a good fit for any type of foot. One toe gel measures ⅜ inch wide and is ⅞ inch deep, while the length is flat.


  • You can use this with your shoes. The Iconikal is small enough to fit inside your shoes. And even if your feet spread wider than your shoe's opening, you can always remove one or several of the gel spreaders to narrow down the spread.
  • Apart from providing treatment for mild bunions, it's also very effective in preventing corns and calluses. The gel toe spreaders will always keep your toes separated with or without the shoes on and prevent them from rubbing with each other. Frequent and prolonged friction can eventually turn to corns or calluses. But you can avoid them wearing the Iconikal toe spreaders. 


  • They’re easy to lose. Given that these toe separators are not the bridged ones, you'll have to be careful with them. If you lose one, you will not enjoy the option to have completely spread out toes, so you'll have to buy another set.
toe spacers for bunions - Four pieces of toe spacer on top of a wooden box


Price: $17.95

The idea behind Yogabody's toe separator is to incorporate the principle of yoga into your toes. The yoga stretches are commonly done on large muscles, and bone groups are brought to the toes in the form of a spreader that the brand calls Awesome Toes. This gives instant pain relief and healing which your toe deserves.

Quick Features:

Two pairs - Buying a Yogabody pack includes a small and a large pair which gives you the option to wear what fits your foot size the most. 

Podiatrist-recommended - The product is a doctor-recommended toe care device that a yoga teacher develops to serve as a tool to treat bunions.

Designed for movement - The Yogabody can be worn indoors and outdoors. You can walk around with the toe spreaders on, unlike with other products that are too bulky for walking. They can also fit inside a minimal shoe.

Stretches toe muscles - Wearing the Yogabody spreaders will help stretch the restrained muscles fibers of your foot that are causing toe overlaps and poor gait.


  • It makes walking pain-free. Those with painful foot conditions, such as Morton's neuroma, experience pain that makes walking difficult. Wearing Yogabody toe separators eliminates the pain almost immediately upon wearing as they give the right level of spread that releases the toe muscles from tension.


  • It can rip after several weeks of use. Yogabody designed their toe spreaders to have two molded components put together. As a result, the product shows the seams in the middle. Yogabody may not hold up for someone with large toes and may soon rip in the seams until it becomes torn in two.


Price: $12.79

Ballote has a strong statement that will get their buyer's confidence: one step ahead. And the brand has stayed true to these words by offering one of the best toe spacers for tailor's bunions we've seen in the market.

What makes Ballotte competitive is the extraordinary softness of its bunion toe spacers. Apart from that, they're also a step ahead of their competitors with an excellent value-for-money deal that will make other brands rethink their pricing and product inclusions.

Quick Features:

Six pieces a pack - When you get the Ballotte toe spacers, you'll get six of them instead of the usual four. 

Extra soft - What differentiates Ballotte toe separators from other brands is the softness of the material. They used soft silicone gel that makes it light and pliable for your toes.

Gentle stretching- The softness of the Ballotte toe separators will be easy on your foot, unlike other brands that hurt your toes when you wear them. You get to have the bunion pain relief feature without the hassle of the initial discomfort upon wearing.

Dermatologically tested - The Ballotte separators for toes are tested and approved by a dermatologist to be safe and hypoallergenic for your feet. You can wear them without worrying about getting friction bruises or allergic reactions.


  • Value for your bucks. Three pairs of soft and flexible spacers for a price of $12.00 is a good deal. Other products cost too much, and you only get a pair. Ballotte knows you're going to need more of their product because the spacers are soft and can be prone to tear. So they think a step ahead and give more pairs at a price you can afford.
  • It's so soft you won't even know you've put it on. You can walk around with it while grocery shopping, working out, or doing your household errands, and you'll feel nothing. These spacers work in the background to give you maximum relief and corrective treatment.


  • Difficult to put on. Despite the softness of the silicone material, the spacer's narrow design can cause a struggle when trying to put it on. You'll have to use talcum powder to get this thing on.

The Best Toe Spacers for Bunions: Yogabody

We chose Yogabody because it is a separator that is engineered for moving. Aside from that, it also provides bunion pain relief and long-term corrective capabilities. Yogabody doesn't just encourage you to put their toe spreaders on while you sit and watch TV or sleep; they encourage you to take a walk for better results!

The spaces on the Awesome Toes stretch just enough to release tension from the overlapping toes caused by bunions. And its ergonomic and thin design feels like your feet are pressed on the ground evenly.

The brands featured in this article are just one of many awesome foot care products out there. To help you navigate thousands of listings that match your needs, go to Ergotoes. Read through reviews and get good recommendations for products that provide care for your feet.

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