Bunion Night Splint: Just The Product You Need For 24/7 Bunion Care
4 min read
July 13, 2021

Bunion Night Splint: Just The Product You Need For 24/7 Bunion Care

4 min read
July 13, 2021

We often hear that if we want to see lasting change and results, then consistency is the key. Such is the case with bunions. If you're going to see your toes perfectly aligned again, consistency in using corrective bunion products is a must; if you can wear them all day and night, better!

The right product might be the most convenient since you can use them hat night— bunion splints. With bunion splints, even the hours you are sleeping are working towards bunion correction.

Let's check out what happens to the feet when bunions occur and why using bunion corrective and protective products is a must as much as you can.

What Happens To The Feet With Bunions

Bunions do not happen overnight. The big toe gradually moves towards the other toes, and a bony hump forms just where the big toe bone and the metatarsal bone connect. Sometimes, the metatarsophalangeal joints also swell, causing the bunion to be tender and painful when bumped.

Fortunately, this condition can be corrected, especially when done early through different products like toe separators, bunion sleeves, and splints. Since consistent use is needed, you can wear the less bulky products during the day in your shoes and then use the splint during the night. Here's how it helps.

Your big toe is held in its proper position all night.

If you have worn products like toe separators, bunion guards, or sleeves during the day so your big toe will be kept away from the other toes, and you haven't quite seen the results you are looking for, perhaps a night splint will accelerate the process.

Bunion splints specifically wrap the big toes and keep them in place using metal or thermoplastics inserted on the bunion side to keep it in place. Correcting bunions this way can be painful, especially for advanced conditions, but the good thing is you are just at home, so you can find a relaxed position for your feet to ease the pain.

It is conveniently attached while you sleep.

Once you find a relaxed position, it'll be easier for you to sleep.

What is the best bunion splint? At this point, these are the splints with velcro attachments of heel straps that ensure they stay in place. Whether you lay in bed or walk inside your home, these splints will stay in place.

Despite your feet wrapped up by these splints, you do not have to worry about having warm, smelly, or itchy feet. Some designs are breathable so that you can sleep like a rock. Splints made of medical grade and hypoallergenic materials are the best and will give you the most comfort.

It protects your bunions.

Swollen bunions do not have a workday schedule; even in sleep, they will bother you. Taking some pain reliever would help, but if you wear bunion splints, the painful bunion will be protected even when you move unconsciously during sleep. You can spare yourself from another day of doing errands with painful bunions because you were able to let the swelling subside while you slept. Compared with bunion guards, splints are made of thicker materials, and some designs have pads for the bunions to keep them from friction, pressure, and bumps.

These are only some of the benefits of wearing bunion splints at night. If your bunion splints are compact enough to fit your shoes, it is better to wear them throughout the day. However, most splints are too bulky, so it is best to utilize them when you are relaxing at home, day or night! Now, let us share some frequently asked questions about splints, so you do not have to look elsewhere for the answers.

How long does it take for a bunion splint to correct?

It takes a few months of wearing splints consistently before you see evident results, and it also depends on your bunion stage. Are bunions splints effective? Yes, they are most effective in correcting early bunion stages.

How to make a bunion splint?

Bunion splints are not customized in-store. You can pick your size (some are sold with universal sizes), but they can also be custom-made by your podiatrist. If you want a splint that perfectly fits, it is best to consult your doctor.

Where to buy toe splints?

Many splints are sold online, over the counter in a pharmacy, or prescribed by doctors. They are sold as a single splint or as a set with other bunion corrective products you can use all day.

Ready to wear bunion night splint?

Just like how you consistently work to earn money, learn new things and hobbies to have fun, or exercise to maintain good shape, you should also be patient enough to always wear corrective bunion products.

If you want to see lasting results, 24/7 use is the goal. During the day, you can use products like toe separators or bunion socks under your shoes. There are also slippers specially designed for bunions you can also wear. Then, at night, you can wear the splints. It may be inconvenient initially, but once you get the fruit of your labor, a better aligned foot is all worth it.

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