Easy-Peasy Metatarsal Pads Placement with Copper Compression Sleeves
4 min read
May 22, 2021

Easy-Peasy Metatarsal Pads Placement with Copper Compression Sleeves

4 min read
May 22, 2021

Getting the best of both worlds of protecting your feet and remaining stylish is possible. You don’t have to let go of buying fashionable shoes that make you happy. There are products out there that will allow you to wear metatarsal pad placement on the foot without other people seeing them.

In this article, we’ll get straight into our recommendation, the Copper Compression sleeves with pads, and dive into the foot’s anatomy and how this product helps prevent and treat metatarsal and foot pains. If you have other products you are comfortable using, we guarantee that you can use our product recommendation together with them.

Let’s begin!

Our Recommendation: Copper Compression’s Metatarsal Sleeves

Among all the products out there, we recommend that you try the Copper Compression metatarsal sleeves with cushion. If you try the best in the market first, you can skip the hassle of jumping from one store to another because of products that don’t work.

Pros Cons
 ● Provides cushion on the ball of the foot
● Ensures the metatarsal pads’ proper placement because of the sleeve design
● The sleeves are not too wide, so you can wear them with shoes, even open-toe shoes.
● The copper material used in the product ensures odor-free feet.
● Washable and reusable
● Works well not only for metatarsal support but also corn and callus prevention
● The nylon fibers used on the sleeve ensure durability.
 ● You need a couple of pairs if you use them every day.
● May not fit right with some foot shapes

Copper Compression Sleeves’ Role in Foot Pain Prevention and Treatment

Five prominent bones connect the feet’s tarsals and phalanges, and they are called the metatarsals. These five bones have numbered names: the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth metatarsals. The big toe is the first metatarsal, and the little toe is the fifth.

Copper Compression sleeves protect this area of the feet from pain caused by pressure and friction, especially with all the work your feet have to perform daily.

Wearing metatarsal support such as that of Copper Compression will keep the below conditions at bay. If, for example, you are already suffering from metatarsalgia, you can inhibit its worsening by using this protective foot product right away.

  • Metatarsal Traumatic Fracture: This injury happens when the metatarsal bones break, causing swelling, pain, and discomfort in movement.
  • Metatarsal Stress Fracture: Unlike the traumatic fracture, where an X-ray will show a noticeable break, a fracture caused by stress is not apparent and usually tiny. However, if you sustain a stress fracture, you will still experience foot pain.
  • First Metatarsal Bone Fracture: The big toe is one of the most friction- and pressure-prone parts of the feet, and so is the first metatarsal that supports it. The fracture in this part is then most common.
  • Jones Fracture: This fracture occurs in the fifth metatarsal.
  • March Fracture: As the name suggests, this fracture happens due to long hours of walking. The name comes from the injuries commonly sustained by soldiers after a long march.
  • Metatarsalgia: This injury occurs when the ball of the feet is sore, painful, and inflamed because of strenuous activities and other health conditions such as arthritis.

On top of wearing metatarsal sleeves, you can prevent and treat painful foot conditions by doing the following:

  1. Wearing shoes that properly fit (not too tight or too loose) is always an excellent way to prevent any foot pains.
  2. Wearing high heels with  proper support all the time
  3. Understanding your feet’s shape and makeup so that you can use appropriate shoes and foot protection
  4. Using proper foot support and protection when performing strenuous sports activities and exercises
  5. Addressing any existing foot conditions to prevent the development of metatarsal problems
  6. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent arthritis, gout, Morton’s neuroma, obesity, and other conditions that lead to difficulty in walking and metatarsal injuries
  7. Avoiding long hours of walking and running without proper foot support

Copper Compression Metatarsal Pads Placement with Other Products

Sometimes, despite preventive measures and wearing support early, metatarsal pains still occur. Know that when there are problems, there are certain solutions. Let’s check out all the other products you can use together with Copper Compression sleeves.

Foot Pads

Footpad material can be either specialized gel or wool, and you can stick them onto the feet using adhesives. They are quick protection you can use when you go for a jog or on a typical day at work.

Top these pads with the Copper Compression sleeves. The safety shield will ensure that your socks and shoes will not cause friction against your feet. Also, if you are already suffering metatarsal pains, the additional gel layer will lessen the pressure when you’re moving.

Foot Sleeves with Cushion

Copper Compression is only one of the many sleeve products out there with cushions under the feet that protect from pressure-induced pain. Some, like Copper Compression sleeves, cover the ball of the feet, while some provide support for the foot arch.

You can wash and use the sleeves repeatedly because the materials of these sleeves ensure durability. Some products also promise protection from odor since the feet can become sweaty as they perform different activities.

Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts are also a common relief for metatarsal pain. After ensuring proper metatarsal pad placement, simply slip this product into your shoes. You can use the Copper Compression sleeves with your shoe inserts depending on the shoe insert design. Some have pads that provide support to the ball of the feet. In some designs, you can place a whole shoe insert inside the shoes to provide your shoes with a comfortable fit.

Final Thoughts

Having foot problems can be stressful, especially when you cannot wear the stylish shoes you want. The good thing is that well-designed products like the Copper Compression sleeves keep in mind users’ desire to bare their feet.

Whether you’re wearing open shoes or closed ones, you can use the Copper Compression sleeves. The best part is that you can also use them with other foot support products you already have.

Enjoy shopping for shoes as much as you want. Just remember to have your foot pads, sleeves, and cushions while you roam around the mall for foot support and protection!

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