The Best Toe Bunion Corrector Is a Set: The Flyen Bunion Relief Kit and Its Benefits
6 min read
March 29, 2022

The Best Toe Bunion Corrector Is a Set: The Flyen Bunion Relief Kit and Its Benefits

6 min read
March 29, 2022

When you have bunions, even the most mundane activity can be a challenge—from going out to do errands to something as simple as wearing sandals. People who have bunions get it from genetics; other times, they get it from sports-related foot injuries; sometimes, we’re just using the wrong shoes. 

The good news is there are many treatments available for bunions, including bunion surgery and orthotics. Still, if you're looking for a less invasive option, a toe bunion corrector may suit you. We’ve found that the best bunion corrector may be a set, precisely, the Flyen bunion relief kit. If you're looking for products to bring your beautiful and pain-free feet back, the Flyen bunion relief kit is worth checking out. Let’s discuss why. 

Flyen Toe Bunion Corrector Kit Inclusions: A Closer Look

Flyen is a brand that sells on Amazon, so acquiring its products is just a click away. Compared to many bunion corrective products, which are sold separately. Flyen offers a set that you can use alternative to support and relieve bunion pain all day. Each kit inclusion has a role to play.

Bunion sleeve

The Flyen bunion protector sleeves are designed to be wrapped around the metatarsals covering the bunions. A toe insert is dedicated for the big toe and a wider hole for all the other toes. Slip in your feet and properly position the bunion shields and big toe separators built into the sleeves. When worn barefoot, you’ll feel immediate relief as the gel toe separator in the sleeves will move the big toe to a straightened position, away from the other toes. Under shoes with wide toe boxes, the bunion is protected from any friction because of the bunion shield. 

Bunion shield

Meanwhile, if your primary goal is to protect the protruded bone from pain and friction without an additional sleeve layer, you can use the Flyen bunion shield/bunion guard. The shield has two loops for the big toe and the toe beside it to ensure the guard won’t easily slip off. Position the shield on the bunion side, covering the bunion bump. One of the most painful experiences for people with bunions is wearing shoes that cramp their toes and hit the swollen bunion. Aside from choosing a better pair of shoes with wide-toe boxes, the bunion shield is another layer of bunion protection. 

bunion toe corrector

Big toe separator

Barefoot, over socks, or under them, there are plenty of ways you can use the big toe separator included in the Flyen kit. This bunion relief inclusion has a hole intended for the index toe and a thick divider beside it to be positioned against the big toe. Wear them like a toe index ring to move the big toe away from the other toes, back to its original position. You can wear the big toe separator on a day you aren’t required to move much. Strenuous activities increase the risk of the separator being dislocated and not fulfilling its purpose. 

Toe stretcher

When the big toe starts moving towards the other toes and is left with no bunion relief or correction intervention, the bones and muscles in the area will stiffen. Correcting the bunion is more challenging as it will be painful to use the toe stretcher. It is best to use the other products in the Flyen kit first to jumpstart the big toe. Using the big toe stretcher will be easier when your toes are used to the separated position and the stiffness mildens. Just make sure not to start slow and day-by-day. Eventually, you can stretch your toes without any pain as time passes. 

Benefits of Choosing Flyen Bunion Toe Corrector

Does having four different bunion relief products sound appealing to you? Among the multitude of bunion relief kits out there, what makes the Flyen set the best choice? Let’s give you more reasons to choose this product by enumerating its many benefits. 

Trusted by thousands of buyers

As a buyer, you surely look for products that other customers trust. Other buyers’ ratings and feedback prove the product’s reliability. With over ten thousand buyers on Amazon, you have the social proof you need with Flyen. You know that before buying your own set, over ten thousand individuals suffering from bunions have already tried it. The chances that it will provide bunion relief and correction are higher. 


Everyone deserves good footing and the freedom to do their favorite activities with ease. This is why people with bunions are willing to invest in the best products for pain relief and bunion correction. But what if you can achieve these dreams through a less expensive option like the Flyen kit? That is even better! For your $15, you can get a great deal of having four different bunion relief and corrective products in one set. 

Easy to clean

The feet sweat a lot, and with shoes and socks, the feet become moist. The Flyen toe separator and bunion shield are made of medical-grade silicone making them easy to clean and dry. The sleeves and stretcher may need a little more time for washing and air drying, but they are all good too. 

bunion corrector

Durable and reusable

Having bunions requires daily care, so it would be best to have reusable products to make it more environment-friendly. Bunion pads that one can stick to the bony hump to avoid friction may work initially. However, they are not sustainable, so Flyen’s toe separator and shields are still a better choice. With medical-grade silicone, the products are designed to last long. The quality of the sleeves and stretcher aren’t far behind. 

All-day bunion relief

It is no secret that bunion correction relies on the consistency of using the right products. The best part about investing in the Flyen bunion toe straightener kit is that you’ll have a pair to use any time of the day. You have the bunion shield and toe spacer to use during the day and bunion sleeves to wear inside the house as you relax after a long day. As you hit the gym, work out your toes using the stretchers. 

The Best Time to Use Flyen Bunion Corrector

For products to be truly effective, you need to use them correctly. You can use the inclusions in the various stages of your bunions.

Bunion Prevention: If bunions run in your genes and you see slow changes in the alignment of the big toe, do not wait for the situation to worsen, and start stretching your toes back to their supposed position. Wearing bunion shields and protectors in advance wouldn’t hurt. 

Early bunion stages: The Flyen inclusions work best in the early bunion stages when you can still correct the bunions. Yet, if all else fails, seeking a podiatrist’s help for surgical relief is another option. 

Post-bunion operation support: Bunions are known to recur after surgery. You can avoid this by wearing the products included in the Flyen kit as post-bunion operation support. 

bunion toe straightener

File name: bunion toe straightener.jpg

Image alt: bunion toe straightener

Flyen Bunion Relief Kit Areas for Improvement

Before you make a purchasing decision, know that Flyen still has points for improvement, just like any product. Here are some areas we wish Flyen could improve:

  • Adding a bunion splint: The Flyen kit doesn’t include a splint. The splint provides a more stable bunion straightening function. Instead of silicone gel, the bunion side of the splint should have a robust aluminum splint to move back the toes to their original position. 
  • A strap for the sleeves to ensure a better fit: The sleeves may also be prone to sliding off, especially when you are inclined to a more active lifestyle. They do not have ankle straps to ensure a better hold on the feet. 
  • Including a pinky toe bunion corrector: The set also does not have a little toe bunion corrector feature, which commonly occurs when bunions develop.

These areas for improvement do not make Flyen any less, but the kit would be better with these reinforcements. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a toe bunion corrector that can provide relief all day long, the Flyen Bunion Relief Kit is an excellent set. It provides not just one or two corrective bunion products, but four! You’ll get four times the benefits of having this kit for bunion prevention, bunion correction, or post-operative support. 

Although this kit may not be a perfect fit for everyone, it’s worth trying if you are struggling with bunions. Thousands of people have already trusted Flyen to help them get relief from their bunion pain, and we think you should too!

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