Bunion Facts and The Best Foot Bunion Corrector You Must Have
6 min read
October 14, 2021

Bunion Facts and The Best Foot Bunion Corrector You Must Have

6 min read
October 14, 2021

You walk into a crowd as well dressed as you are, mingling with the other guests and enjoying a glass of wine. However, as time passes and while everybody maintains their smile, there you are, hiding your grimace because of the pain in your feet—yup, your bunions are slowly swelling.

Fun events like parties and reunions, or activities that require being active like exercising and working out, may leave you feeling debilitated if you have bunions that are left unprotected and uncorrected.

This article will talk about bunions and the one product that can provide a possible solution to your foot condition.

Bunion Facts


  • Genetics: If bunions run in your family, the chances of you developing the same condition are high.
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes: Does your job require you to wear high heels or stilettos, or are these shoes just a part of your day-to-day outfits? Bad news—they can also cause bunions.
  • Foot injuries: Foot injuries, especially those affecting the metatarsals and phalanges, can cause bunions.
  • Other health conditions: Arthritis, osteoarthritis, and even diabetes can cause foot deformities resulting in bunions.

Bunion Stages

The phalanges, metatarsals, and metatarsophalangeal joints are the three main parts affected as the bunion progresses. The phalanges are the bones of the toes, while the metatarsals are the bones making up your mid-feet. The metatarsophalangeal joints connect the phalanges and the metatarsals.

As the bunion develops, these three parts move to incorrect positions. In the first stage, the big toe’s phalanx moves a bit closer to the phalanx next to it, developing a slight bump as the first metatarsal moves in the opposite direction. As the stage progresses, the big phalanx moves and even overlaps with the other phalanges. The first metatarsal moves out and creates a larger and larger bony hump. The metatarsophalangeal joint on this bony hump may or may not swell.


The only permanent solution to getting rid of bunions is surgery, but this method does not promise non-recurrence of the bony hump. With that, specialists, especially in the early stages of bunions and after surgery, still recommend that patients wear bunion correctors.

Below are the different products in the market and the bunion stage they are best worn in.

Different Products And How They Affect Bunions

Effects on bunions
 Toe separators   Toe separators are made of silicone or a particular type of gel, and there are many different designs which you can use depending on the stage of your bunions. All separators either aim to separate the big toe from all the other toes, or the toes away from one another. 
 Bunion and bunionette shields  As the product's name suggests, these are meant to provide a protective shield to the bony hump in the sides of the big and pinky toes. These shields are also made of silicone or a special kind of gel. 
 Bunion sleeves  Bunion sleeves vary in design. Some sleeves have built-in toe separators, plus pads on the bunion side and on the metatarsals. Some sleeves only provide padding on the bunion and big-toe separation. 
 Bunion socks  This product is probably the most convenient to wear because they are like leveled-up socks with a big toe separator and thicker padding for bunions. 
 Bunion pads  These pads are disposable. They are stuck either to the shoes or to the bunions to avoid pressure and friction that will cause foot pain. 
 Splints  Splints are the more robust version of bunion sleeves. This product is made of a wrap that supports the metatarsal. Splints made of metal are inserted on the bunion side to ensure that the big toe will not move to the other toes, letting the first metatarsal and phalanges get used to their proper positions. 

Product Must-Have: NyPot Foot Bunion Corrector

Among all these products, one outshines them all: the NyPot Bunion Corrector Kit.

About the Brand

NyPot is a brand that sells different products for active individuals who are often found in the gym or doing other activities. If you love working out, you’ll find different gym equipment in their store.

To ensure people with foot conditions like bunions continue having an active lifestyle, the brand has this bunion corrector—their flagship product.

Why It is the Best

All the different products for bunions have their pros and cons, and they are the “best” depending on the stage of the bunion. NyPot provides four types of solutions in one kit: two pairs of toe separators, one bunion shield, and a splint which will give you all the bunion relief mentioned in the table above.


  • You have toe separators you can use during the early stages of bunions.
  • You have bunion shields if you are in the bunion stage, where the bony hump already has a prominent protrusion that needs to be protected from friction and pressure.
  • You can wear the splints from the early stage until advanced bunion stages, staving off surgery. The stability provided by the metal included in the kit can help the big toes stay in their proper places.
  • You can choose from three different types of splints, which have different corrective capacities. You can adjust usage to minimize the pain and allow the foot to adjust to the correction.
  • The splint has an ankle strap that will keep it in place.
  • You can wear the toe separators and shields comfortably under socks and shoes.


  • The splint, which has the best correcting capability, is too bulky and may cause discomfort if you wear it under socks and shoes. It isn’t meant for wearing while performing daily activities.

Five Truths About Bunion Correction

Consistency is the key.

How long do bunion correctors take to work? If you are serious about training the big toe and the first metatarsal to stay in their proper positions, you need to use corrective products consistently. You can wear different product types as long as you wear them throughout the day.

Some products just don’t work.

Trying a product that doesn’t work is especially demotivating, but it’s exceptionally normal. No single product will work for different bunion patients, as each condition is unique.

Keep a wary eye on one-size-fits-all products.

Some products offer a one-size-fits-all feature. If you know that your feet have a unique size or shape, it is better to go for the products that have specific sizes to ensure a better fit.

Surgery can be invasive or non-invasive.

Suppose all else fails, and surgery is the only solution for relief and correction of your bunions. In this case, you can discuss whether to have invasive or non-invasive surgery with your medical professional. Your doctor will advise you on which route to take, depending on your current bunion condition and health status.

You will need to wear bunion-corrective products, even after surgery.

Surgery can realign the feet's bones to their proper position, but it cannot assure the non-recurrence of bunions. With that, podiatrists still recommend the consistent wearing of bunion corrective products. But how long should you wear bunion correctors? As long and as often as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do silicone bunion toe correctors work?

Yes, toe separators that are made of silicone gel work as long as you wear them consistently. If you’re asking how long to wear a bunion corrector for, you’ll be glad to know that you can use these throughout the day because of their wearability.

How to put on bunion correctors?

If you’re wondering how to use a bunion corrector properly, The answer depends on the product type you buy. For separators, slip in the toe rings to separate the toes. For sleeves, ensure that the bunion and metatarsal pads, and the toe separators are in place. For splints, wrap the feet according to the manual. Wear all of them as often as you can.

How to use orthopedic bunion correctors?

Orthopedic bunion correctors usually come from doctors, and some are even tailor-fitted to your feet for a perfect fit. Follow your doctor’s instructions to use these properly. For over-the-counter orthopedic correctors, follow the instructions from the manual included in the kit.

Final Thoughts

Correcting the bones that have deviated from their proper positions will not happen overnight—you need to wear corrective products consistently. Good thing that there are kits like what NyPot offers to give complete day relief, protection, and correction for your bunions. Be patient, and the time will come when you can smile and enjoy any activity because your bunions are protected, and even better, already corrected.

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