5 Bunion Facts, and How to Treat Your Bunions with Bunion Pads from CVS
4 min read
July 17, 2021

5 Bunion Facts, and How to Treat Your Bunions with Bunion Pads from CVS

4 min read
July 17, 2021

Have you ever been to a formal gathering that required heels? Or have you ever squeezed your feet into ill-fitting shoes, and by the end of the night you’re barefooted from the pain? Do you get that sore feeling on the inner sides of your feet? If so, then you may have bunions; when irritated, these areas become visibly reddish and feel extremely tender to the touch.

While these experiences may be a little traumatizing, the good news is that you don’t have to endure the pain because of a convenient remedy which we call bunion pads. Wear any shoes you like and be at your most comfortable with the best way to fix bunions. This article will delve into how you can find the perfect CVS bunion pads for you, and the 10 things you don’t realize until you start using bunion pads from CVS.

Finding Bunion Pads from CVS

It’s not that difficult at all to find the best cure for bunions—these medically tested pads are available in major pharmacies. Bunion pain is caused by two types of problems: either by medial bump pain where the bunions are affected by smaller-sized shoes that create pressure or by joint pain caused when a bunion is misaligned from the great toe, creating a form of arthritis. Should these descriptions be familiar to you, then all the more should you be using bunion pads.

Bunion pads were specifically designed to ease and treat bunion pains or correct wrong toe placement. If you’re asking ‘do bunion pads work?’ then the answer is ‘yes, they do.’ Not to mention, there are multi-purpose bunion pads that not only treat bump pain but also joint pain; these are a big steal for all the foot care enthusiasts out there.

Interested in buying yourself some bunion pads from CVS? Below are a couple of deals for pads with their specified purpose; see if any of these bundles will work for you:

  • For treating medial bump pain: Gel bunion shield, toe spacer-bunion guard combo, foam bunion cushion, and The Felt Bunion Shield
  • For treating joint pain caused by bunions: Gel bunion spacer, toe separator large/firm, toe spacer-bunion guard combo, and the gel bunion spacer with stay-put loop
  • For treating both medial and joint pain: Toe spacer-bunion guard combo

Unsure of which bunion pads would work and feel most comfortable to you? There are numerous variables that you have to consider. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you having bump pains, joint pains, or both?
  • Did your doctor recommend a specific pad?
  • What kind of shoes do you frequently wear?
  • Are you physically active or often moving?

Purchasing your bunion pads from CVS will give you a variety of options to choose from. Learning how to use bunion pads shouldn’t be an issue, as there should be a mini instruction or manual for you to easily follow.

Moving on, we will talk about 10 things that you do not realize until you use bunion pads from CVS. Excited to know? Then read on!


Bunion Pads from CVS: 5 Things to Know

Even though you experience severe pains on your bunion, sometimes you don’t realize what it is until after it’s been treated. The most common misconception regarding bunions is that they are an “abnormal growth of bone which protrudes from the big toe joint” when that’s not what it is. So what exactly are bunions? They’re a formed structural tissue due to the dislocation of the big toe joint that shifts inward and towards the adjacent toes.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Look at a bunion once more, and notice that the knobby area or bump is created during the shifting period of the joint. It starts as a small bump that, left untreated, grows larger and more painful until it affects your ability to walk, especially with your current shoes.

Once you start using bunion pads from CVS, you’ll understand how bunions have been affecting your day-to-day life. Here are 5 things that you wish you knew sooner about bunions and how they are surprisingly treated:

  1. Some bunions aren’t painful: Sometimes you won’t notice the knobby area forming; whether it’s by seeing or feeling them.
  2. Bunions are sometimes formed through genetics: There are preventive measures you can take, but those with genetic bunions are relatively more prone to experiencing it compared to others.
  3. Trendy and pointy-toes shoes tend to build up bunions: Any bunion pads from CVS can help relieve bunions while wearing fashionable footwear.
  4. There are surgical and nonsurgical treatments for bunions: Remember that bunion pads are used to treat the symptoms and not fully correct the joint deformity, unlike surgical treatments.
  5. Muscle spasms are the first sign that you are suffering from bunions: You’ll know that the affected area is a bunion since your muscles become less effective while trying to stabilize foot mechanics.

Are any of these facts familiar to you? What do you think about bunion pads from CVS? Share your insights by commenting below. We would love to hear from you!

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