Bunion Remedies: How Bunion Pads Can Save Your Feet
5 min read
June 4, 2021

Bunion Remedies: How Bunion Pads Can Save Your Feet

5 min read
June 4, 2021

Bunions can range from painless but bothersome to just downright excruciating; these are bony lumps on the side of your feet. You can get rid of them by surgery, but ideally as a last resort. You can ease the discomfort and even correct this condition with bunion pads and toe spreaders.

What Exactly Are Bunions?

Bunions are lumps developed at the base of the big toe. They are a structural condition created by an imbalance in the ligament and muscles of the foot. As a result, this imbalance causes the big toe to bend towards the second toe, ending in that awkward angle on the side of your feet.  

According to NHS UK, symptoms include:

  • A hard bump on the sides of your big toe
  • Your big toe shifts inward to your other toes
  • Inflamed skin and may look red or darker than surrounding skin.

Bunions may not look painful, but they can impede your ability to walk or stand. The precise joint where your toes bend when walking is where bunions occur. It can be agonizing because your body weight leans on the bunion. Also, bunions are highly susceptible to pressure from shoes. It can slow a person down and inflict severe pain.

What Causes Bunions?

The exact reason is still unknown, but common factors play a role in developing bunions.

Possible causes include:

  • Genetic predisposition or inherited irregularities in the structure of the foot
  • Uncomfortable footwear like high heels
  • Foot injuries
  • Deformities since birth

Treatment for Bunions

Unfortunately, surgery is the best treatment for bunions. Yet, over time, bunions tend to worsen - they could continue to develop and become more inflamed. When your bunion becomes severe to the point wherein it interferes with your daily activities, talk to your doctor about surgery.

For mild cases of bunions, conservative ways can help alleviate the pain and relieve the pressure. These remedies may not fix the bunion long term but can prevent aggravating your bunions. Be mindful that these remedies manage the symptoms but do not correct the structure of the feet.

One of these remedies is the bunions pads.

What Are Bunion Pads?

Bunion pads are moleskin or gel-filled pads that create a barrier between the shoe. The primary culprit of bunion pain is friction against shoes—bunion pads cushion and drive down the pressure against bunions.

Bunion pads are thin and flexible plaster-like pads nearly invisible on the feet; they blend well with any skin tone. They work great in discreetly hiding the fact that you are wearing a bunion pad if you are insecure about your bunions. Then, you could wear your favorite shoes without worrying about the pain.

How Bunion Pads Can Save Your Feet

For someone who suffers from bunions and loves shoes, there are few options for shoes. Get to wear your favorite sneakers, stilettos, and boots with bunion pads. They are not as clunky as insoles and not as loud as a bunion sleeve. Bunion pads are effective without being obvious.

Another great thing about bunion pads is that they are accessible. Go to your nearest drugstore, and there is a bunion pad waiting for you. Bunion pads are excellent when you are looking for instant relief. You can find them in any drugstore or pharmacy near you.

Bunion pads are also compact and portable. You could buy a dozen packs and put one in your drawer and another in your car or purse in case you forgot you were wearing them. You do not have to go through your day without any form of bunion relief. Bunions pads are handy; you could easily incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Surgery is simply the best solution for bunions. Bunions are a structural issue, and surgery is the way to correct it. However, with bunion pads available, you should only consider surgery when the pain becomes so severe. That said, if you decide to take the surgery, bunion pads are still an excellent remedy to reduce the pain while waiting. There is no need to suffer longer while waiting for that much-needed surgery.

The Best Bunion Pad That Works

There are plenty of bunion pads out there, but not all of them promise relief and effectiveness. If you are looking for an adequate bunion pad that works, Dr. Scholl's Bunion Cushion is suitable for you.

Scholl's Bunion Cushion

Dr. Scholl's Bunion Cushion has a slim and sleek design. You could even use them with shoes that only have a slight room in the toe box. They are made with transparent plaster that makes them next to invisible. People would not notice you are wearing one, unlike other brands that have a flesh tone color. These pads would not easily peel off day and night, which makes them ideal for all-day use. Dr. Scholl's Bunion Cushion offers the best relief from bunion pain that gets the job done.


  • Offer superb comfort
  • Nearly unnoticeable
  • Excellent adhesive


  • A bit costly
  • It cannot cover large bunions
  • It comes in packs of 5 that are a bit impractical for people who have bunions on both feet

Keeping Your Feet Happy

Besides easing the pain of bunions and undergoing surgery to fix it, there are other ways you can do to ensure that your feet stay healthy. Here are some pointers for keeping your feet happy and prevent bunions:

Wear the appropriate shoes.

Orthotic shoes are designed to enhance comfort and help reduce common foot conditions. Wearing the right shoes is the best thing you could do to make your feet happy. The best shoes are a bit loose with enough room in the toe box to wag your toes.

Look for shoes that offer superior arch support and heels less than 1 to 2 inches. High heels are okay as long as you do not wear them every day. Wedges and platform shoes are suitable since they divide your weight evenly. Avoid slip-on as much as you can because they put pressure on your big toe joint.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Weight distribution plays a vital role in developing a bunion. You can develop or aggravate a bunion when your big toe joint is under much pressure. Your foot and big toe joints are under more stress than they need to be if you cannot manage your weight. So, maintain a healthy weight to lessen your chance of developing or irritating a bunion.

Give your feet some TLC.

Take care of your feet whenever they are tired. Take your shoes off and stretch your toes every now and then. Dip your feet in tepid water and Epsom salt after a hard, grueling day. Get a foot massage regularly and apply moisturizer to stop them from drying out. The better you care for your feet, the unlikely you will get foot problems like bunions.

When to get surgery

If your bunion becomes excruciating or continues for more than a year, your podiatrist may advise surgery. Bunions can result in other foot problems like hammertoes or bursitis, and surgery can prevent that from happening. The goal of surgery is to fix the structural issue; a surgeon puts everything back in order and removes the bump.

Bunions can be genetic, and for some, they result from too much stress on the joint over the years. Also, bunions hurt when the bump rubs against the shoes, people suffering from bunions have difficulty wearing conventional shoes. A bunion pad forms a protective barrier between the bunion and the shoe, relieving you of pain.

Surgery may be the only surefire treatment for bunions, but bunion pads are a suitable and adequate remedy that offers instant relief.

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