How Welnove Toe Spacers For Bunions Can Ease And Correct Your Foot Condition
5 min read
September 17, 2021

How Welnove Toe Spacers For Bunions Can Ease And Correct Your Foot Condition

5 min read
September 17, 2021

If you have bunions, you know that your big toe is progressing towards the other toes. Days and months pass, and the fear of the big toe being dislocated and the bony hump it has produced is coming to life.

While the bunion is still early, take action by using toe spacers for runners, pedicure toe spacers, or the toe spacers designed explicitly for bunions. There are plenty of products and brands on the market, including toe spacers (CVS), but among all of them, we recommend that you use the Welnove toe spacers.

We have listed the reasons below. Check them out!

Product Review: Welnove Toe Spacers

Welnove is one of the products you can rely on when it comes to foot care. The store offers different types of gel toe spacers and products to address different foot conditions, as well as products for bunions, corns, heel support, and big toe protection. The brand is dedicated to assisting athletes and the everyday person whose daily routines are disrupted by different foot problems.

When it comes to bunions, we recommend the Welnove toe spacers because it provides the spacing needed for the cramping toes. We will tackle its functions one by one below.

Bunion Correction

The feet are composed of different bones. The toe bones are called foot phalanges, and the bones after that which make up the middle of the feet are called the metatarsals. The metatarsophalangeal joints connect these bones.

When bunion occurs, the big toe phalanx moves towards the other toes, and the first metatarsal bone connected to it moves outward. Both bones deviate from their natural position. It sometimes causes swelling of the metatarsophalangeal joints.

The worsening of this bone movement can be prevented by wearing toe spacers. In advanced bunion stages, you can still correct the bunion with constant use of the product.

Bunion Protection

What makes Welnove the top choice for toe spacers is the bunion shield built into the toe spacers. You will see many toe spacers that function only as division providers, but bunion is more than just the toes cramping towards the midfoot. There is also a bony hump that needs protection from friction and pressure.

The bunion shield will cover the bony hump, and you will thank it later because you won’t experience pain when the bunion hits your shoes, especially when performing arduous activities. In connection to that, with your bunions protected by a shield, you can enjoy playing sports, hiking, jogging, or dancing without the worry of pain.

Bunionette Prevention

In advanced bunion stages, aside from the big toe phalanx moving towards the other phalanges, you will also notice the pinky toe doing the same. Eventually, a bony hump on the pinky end also develops, and this is called a bunionette.

You can wear toe spacers early to prevent bunionette before it occurs. If, however, you have developed a bunionette before using toe spacers, it would be best to use a different design rather than the one Welnove provides. There are other toe spacers that have built-in bunionette shields. 

Foot Blisters and Corns Avoidance

Normal feet develop blisters and corns when performing different strenuous activities like running, hiking, and playing sports. Individuals with bunions are even more prone to these foot conditions because the toes are squeezed in together.

What is good about the Welvnove toe spacers is that you can wear them under your socks and shoes. There are running shoes with expansive space for the toes, so if you want to maintain an active lifestyle despite having bunions, choosing the right shoe on top of using toe spacers is an excellent move.

Address Bunion Complications

There are many benefits of toe spacers, but prime among them is this item’s ability to prevent bunion progression and development of other bunion complications. When you look at your foot, the bunions seem harmless, but here are the worst conditions that may occur if bunions are left untreated:

  • Hammertoes
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Metatarsal pain
  • Bunionette
  • Damaged foot nerve
  • Foot pain

Once these occur, your mobility will be compromised. That is why if your bunion is still at its early stage, have a checkup with a podiatrist and use the proper bunion corrective products, such as the Welnove Toe Spacers for bunions, to prevent the big toe and the tiny toe from moving to the middle of the feet.

In the event that a bony hump has already developed, it is essential to protect it to avoid pain, and the Welnove toe spacers have that function.

These two benefits are what make this product the best. However, you’ll see other products that offer toe separation at different levels and bunion protection. Let’s check!

Other Toe Spacer Types

Toe spacers for all toes without bunion shield

This design is more common than all toe spacers with bunion shields like Welnove’s. Despite not having bunion shields, this product is still effective because the silicone rings are placed on all the toes to ensure that they do not move together.

Big toe and second toe spacers

The most common design of toe spacers are the ones where you will only slip rings into the big toe and the toe beside it. There is also a design where there are no toe rings. There is only a silicone gel separator you will insert in the middle of the big toe and the second toe.

Toe spacers with metatarsal pads

Aside from bunions, a common foot condition you can suffer are metatarsal pains or the pain of the forefoot. Having toe spacers that also have metatarsal pads can prevent this pain and a complication called metatarsalgia.

Bunionette prevention toe spacers

As mentioned earlier, you will also see products designed explicitly for bunionettes. These products usually have rings for the pinky toe and the two other toes beside it to keep them apart. There is also a bunionette shield to avoid pressure and pain in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do toe spacers work?

Yes, toe spacers work primarily for the early stages of bunions. It is best to wear them consistently for better results. You are also encouraged to use other products aside from toe spacers to ensure that you are wearing corrective bunion products throughout the day. Consistency of corrective bunion products is the key!

Where can I buy toe spacers?

Toe spacers are available over-the-counter, in retail stores, and online shops. You’ll have plenty of choices, but to get the best product, consider the status of your bunions. Toe spacers are best for the early bunion stages. If you have advanced bunions, corrective splints are a better option.

What are the best alternatives to toe spacers?

Aside from toe spacers, you can also try using bunion socks, sleeves, splints, and toe straps. These products are reusable, like the Welnove toe spacers. You just need to wash and dry them for another use.

If you are looking for disposable products, then bunion pads you can stick to the bunions would be the best choice. The only disadvantage of using disposable bunion pads is you have to buy and replenish your stocks every time.

Final Thoughts

As early as possible, find the best toe spacers to prevent the big toe from moving towards the other toes. If bunions run in your family, aside from wearing perfectly fitting shoes, you can prevent bunion development by wearing toe separators early. Do not wait for your bunion to worsen. Wear corrective products now!

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