Toe Straightener Brace: The First Step to Bunion and Hammertoe Correction
4 min read
August 5, 2021

Toe Straightener Brace: The First Step to Bunion and Hammertoe Correction

4 min read
August 5, 2021

Nothing can replace the feeling of confidence when you have healthy feet. You need not worry about the distance of running or hiking trails, and you can say yes right away to any strenuous activities with your friends. Unfortunately, all these lovely stories turn into sour ones when you have bunions or hammertoes.

These two conditions can come separately, or hammertoe can develop as your bunions worsen. Either way, what matters is correcting and preventing the foot problems from worsening by using toe straighteners.

But what is the best toe straightener for bunions and hammertoes? Find out here.

Best Toe Straightener for Bunions

Bunions develop when the big toes abnormally move toward the other toes, forming a bony hump that sometimes swells and becomes painful.

Do toe straighteners work for bunions? When your bunion is still at its early stage, there is still a high chance of correcting them by moving the big toes back to their original position. These three toe straighteners will greatly help. 

Toe Glow Bunion Splint and Sleeves

With the Toe Glow kit, you will straighten your big toes faster because you can use the sleeves during the day and the splints at night.

The sleeves have a built-in big toe separator and bunion cushion, ensuring your bunions are free from pain while moving the big toes away from the other toes. The splint, meanwhile, has a built-in aluminum toe straightener brace. Once you wear them, your big toes will stay in place.


  • You can interchange the splint and the sleeves so that you can wear an orthopedic bunion corrector all day.
  • The aluminum brace in the splint ensures your big toes will stay in place despite movement.
  • The sleeves perfectly go with shoes, while the splint is for home use.


  • Immediately using aluminum-braced splints can be painful.

Roocke Big Toe Straightener

The splints from this brand wrap around the feet and the big toes. However, the main difference is the movable hinge that serves as a bunion guard and allows you to move your feet still.

Aside from the hinge, the bunion side has another layer of cushion for additional bunion relief and protection. You can do all your tasks at home while wearing the Roocke splints.


  • Highly movable splint type
  • Provides cushion and protection to the bony hump of your bunion
  • Keeps the big toes away from the other toes through the splint toe strap
  • Washable and reusable


  • Too bulky to be worn under shoes
  • Does not have a heel strap to ensure non-dislocation or removal of the splints

NYPOT Orthopedic Splint

NYPOT’s kit of bunion splints includes three types of braces:

  • Spring splint
  • Aluminum splint
  • Plastic splint

To allow your big toe to adjust to the correction, you can use the soft braces first and then move to the sturdier aluminum toe brace later. The other gel toe separators included in the kit are the products you can use under your shoes during the day.


  • Softer braces allow the big toes to adjust to the movement.
  • The braces are easy to remove and insert.
  • It has a heel strap to ensure the splint won’t move.
  • You can use the splint at night and use the gel spacers during the day for day and night bunion correction.


  • The splint is too bulky to be worn with shoes.

Best Toe Straightener Brace for Hammertoes

Wearing big toe straighteners also keeps other foot problems like hammertoe at bay. Nonetheless, if hammertoes still occur with your bunions, correct them immediately to avoid their worsening.

Foots Love Straightener Wraps

Hammertoes occur when the second toe abnormally bends. The condition can also worsen into mallet toe or the bending of the rest of the toes. The worst cases of hammer and mallet toe cause overlapping toes.

Good thing you can adjust the Foots Love wraps to wrap around the hammertoe and the mallet toes. The wraps are 4 ¾-inch long and ¾-inch thick, so they are long and wide enough to cover and straighten your toes. These wraps are also washable and reusable.


  • Sold in two pieces per pack
  • Available in black and brown colors
  • You can wear it with socks, shoes, or slippers.
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • The fabric is infused with copper, an antibacterial material.
  • These wraps are longer than other products.


  • The length and width may be too big for people with small feet.

ZenToes Cushioned Bandages

Failing to correct your hammertoe early can lead to painful surgery. So use the ZenToes cushioned bandages as soon as you notice the second toe bending abnormally.

When the second toe bends, it becomes more prone to callus and corns because of the friction it creates with your shoes. Using the cushioned ZenToes wraps straightens it and protects it from blisters. Just secure the toe wraps using the adhesive attached to them, and they will remain in place.


  • Easy to wear and remove using adhesives built in the wrap.
  • The 3.5-inch length and 1.5-inch thickness are perfect for covering your toes.
  • One pack comes with four pieces.


  • Not washable and reusable, so you need to get a couple of them for regular correction and protection

Vive Sole Hammertoe Straightener

Many other foot pains follow as you adjust your posture to minimize hammertoe pain. These include metatarsal, heel, or arch pain. Target both the wellness of the second toe and the metatarsals by using the Vivesole hammertoe straightener.

The product has a metatarsal pad. Above it, a single loop holds your second toe and keeps it straight as you wear your shoes and do your daily activities.

The loop is adjustable. Check out the bottom of the metatarsal pad, and you will see the adjustable toe strap.


  • Adjustable toe strap
  • Provides both hammertoe straightening and metatarsal support
  • Reusable pads that function like shoe insoles
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • It only comes in one pair per pack.
  • The metatarsal pads are stiff, especially when new.

Final Thoughts

These are the different toe straighteners you can use if you have bunions and hammertoes. Just note that to straighten your big toe or the second toe, consistent use of these products is advised.

If you notice that your big toes are moving abnormally toward the other toes or your second toe is bending unusually, do not waste time and choose any of these products to prevent the worsening of your foot problem.

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