4 Competitive Basketball Ankle Braces for the Ace Players

May 9, 2022
basketball ankle brace - A basketball player suspended in the air preparing to dunk

Your ankle is your secret partner in every basketball game. Every hardcore maneuver you ever pulled to bring your top-tier game, your ankles helped you execute. So when it comes to striving for that ace player status, only you and your ankles are on the team.

Taking care of your ankle should be your top priority. Because one wrong move will send you courtside holding an ice pack to keep the swelling down. Being your ankle's partner, you have to prevent any injury or pain from happening so you and your ankles can work your way to the top.

We've lined up a list if you’re looking for the best ankle brace for basketball players. The brands that offer them have a bonafide reputation for being the best tools for ankle protection and support. So choose the best ankle brace you think will do your ankle an excellent service.

basketball ankle brace - An all-black stirrup and lace-up ankle brace

Top Scorer: Med Spec ASO Ankle Brace

Ruling first on the list is Med Spec ASO. This brand makes one of the best ankle braces for basketball players and is used both at rest and in play.

The Med Spec ankle brace's credibility stands out among the rest: It is designed by medical specialists and backed by medical professionals as a brand that prevents or treats ankle pain and injury.


Material: Ballistic nylon
Brace Type: Semi-rigid brace(Lace and straps)
Package Inclusions: Pack of 1 brace only
Size options: 2X-Small up to 3X-Large
Color options: Black, White
Notable Features:

  • Figure-8 stabilizing straps
  • Flexible ankle cuffs
  • Coolflex technology
  • Invisible seams
  • Bilateral brace design

Overall Strengths

  • Stable where it should be. The stabilizing straps provide enough rigidity to keep your ankles from moving sideways while also giving you the freedom to move your feet up and down. As a result, the risk of ankle injury when jumping is reduced dramatically.
  • Proves to help heal ankle injury and pain. Users of the Med Spec ASO who have undergone foot surgery, have been badly injured, or suffering from conditions such as tendonitis find that It keeps their ankles protected. This allows them to heal without their lives getting interrupted.

Areas for Coaching

  • Sizing issues. While Med Spec ASO has a lot of size options that cater to different types of users, the sizing can get a bit confusing. So be sure to measure your foot and ankle and compare your size with the chart provided. This ensures you get the utmost ankle stability the product offers.
basketball ankle brace - An all-black stirrup and lace-up ankle brace

Most Valuable: The Zenith Athletics Ankle Brace

Zenith athletics started designing an ankle brace with trail runners in mind. However, the final product brought more than the user needed to conquer the trail. Due to its effectiveness, Zenith's ankle brace soon caught the interest of other athletes from different disciplines, including basketball players.


Material: Neoprene and nylon
Brace Type: Semi-rigid brace (Lace-up and stirrup)
Package Inclusions: Pack of 1 brace only
Size options: Small, Medium, Large
Color options: Black only
Notable Features:

  • Double-stitched seams
  • Combined strong materials
  • Designed for running but flexible to any sports discipline
  • Prevention and healing of different high-impact sports injuries

Overall Strengths

  • Twice the strength. Nylon and neoprene both provide their level of durability to the product. These materials bring double the strength you need for rigorous training.
  • Strong support using light material. The polyester design has the right thickness to provide ample support and restraint to your ankles so it can prevent injuries while allowing you to do your best.

Areas for Coaching

  • Velcro adhesive loses grip easily. The way the velcro adhesive is designed makes it susceptible to attracting fabric hems and other small debris that weakens the stickiness over time. Make sure you take care of it by removing whatever is stuck on the velcro.
  • Ankle brace space gaps. It's important to get a good measure of your foot and ankle as the sizes available for Zenith's braces may be too big for your foot. You may choose a small size, but it may end up having gaps even if you lace it up too tight.
basketball ankle brace - An all-black stirrup and lace-up ankle brace with a red logo

Most Improved: McDavid High-Ankle Brace

Research is the advantage of this most-improved market player. McDavid invested in proving that their product is excellent enough it can bring thrice the amount of injury prevention a basketball player needs. It caught the attention of athletes and everyday people alike and rose to the top as one of the big players in terms of sales.


Material: Single-layer polyester
Brace Type: Semi-rigid brace (Lace and straps)
Package Inclusions: 1 piece brace only
Size options: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Color options: Black only
Notable Features:

  • Strap design simulates athletic tapes.
  • Innovative figure-six strapping mechanism
  • Fits both your left and right foot
  • Porous mesh tongue
  • Velcro ankle straps

Overall Strengths

  • Superior injury prevention tool. According to an independent study conducted by a top university, athletes who wore the McDavid get 3x more protection against injuries such as a sprain.
  • You can adjust it with convenience. McDavid's semi-rigid ankle brace is designed to let you tighten or loosen the brace even without unlacing it or removing it from your shoes.

Areas for Coaching

  • Material thickness. While the overall design and the polyester material bring enough thickness and rigidity, you may have to endure a little discomfort as a tradeoff for stabilizing your ankles.

Best Rookie: Greenery Ankle Brace

One promising market player that just entered the game is a brand called Greenery. Their ankle brace product is gaining traction because it fits shoes well, and its foot sole and ankle cushions provide comfort. This rookie is gaining some fans enough to get featured in an online marketplace.


Material: Mesh nylon base
Brace Type: Semi-rigid brace (Lace-up with stirrup straps)
Package Inclusions: 1 piece ankle brace
Size options: Small, Medium, Large
Color options: Black only
Notable Features:

  • Breathable, sweat-resistant, and quick-drying
  • Adjustable fit for customized ankle compression
  • Open-heel design
  • Cushioned tongue

Overall Strength

  • Helps improve circulation. The light and thin nylon material give your foot the required compression without restricting blood flow, keeping your ankle in good condition.
  • Gives ultimate comfort without sacrificing support. In addition, the open heel design makes for a better range of ankle and foot movement needed for every athletic activity.
  • It fits shoes excellently. The thin nylon fabric of Greenery's ankle brace makes it easy to slip into any footwear, most especially in your basketball shoes.

Areas for Coaching

  • The tongue can be misaligned if the ankle brace is loose. This can mess with your overall comfort when you're wearing it.
  • The Nylon's thin profile may be susceptible to shrinkage when tossed into a machine. We advise using only handwash for this product.

The Basketball Ankle Braces Ace Players Deserve

We've laid out the best ankle brace brands that will provide the best ankle injury protection for you. Each has its own set of strengths, so choose the one you think will bring out the ace player in you.

If you want to see what other awesome ankle brace brands are in the lineup, read more of our blogs. You'll find more comprehensive reviews and informative articles to help you bring your A-game to the court.

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