Hacking Tall and Confident With These Men’s Height Insoles

February 24, 2022
height insoles men

Do you lack confidence because of your height? Do people constantly tower over you? If so, don’t worry! The solution for your height problem is as simple as it gets. You might be interested in shoe height insoles. These insoles are designed to give you that boost to feel more confident in your appearance. 

There are many different height insoles available, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. We've picked out the four best height inserts for your needs in this blog post. Continue reading below to find out which is most suitable for you. 

Our 4 Top Picks: The Best Height Insoles for Men 

If you're investing something for yourself, make sure it's worth the money. So many products are available on the market, and very few live up to their promise. So we’ve swept the marketplace to search for the best insoles for your needs. Check them out here: 

sol3 height insoles

SOL3 – Men’s Premium Height Increase Insoles Shoe Lifts - $33.00 

The SOL3 Men’s insoles can increase your height instantly. It's comfortable to wear and remains hidden, so others won't notice you have them on. If you're looking for a way to look taller while using your sneakers, these insoles are best for you. 

Product Highlights: 

  • These insoles have an adjustable 3-level tier height system so you can customize the height you want to add to your shoes. Depending on your preference, you can boost your height between 3 to 6 inches high.
  • This insole is 25% lighter compared to other brands. In addition, it feels natural on your feet, so you won't have a hard time adjusting to the feeling of the insoles and won't affect your walking. 
  • The SOL3 men's insole uses gel pod technology to give you support for stability. It also relieves the pressure from your steps, ensuring comfort after a whole day of walking. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The insoles are large and can fit wide shoes perfectly. However, if your sneakers are slim, there’s a chance they will not fit or may look too bulky. 
Dr. foot’s gel height insoles

Dr. Foot Adjustable 5-Layer Heel Cushion Inserts - $12.99 

If you are looking for affordable, compact, comfortable, and long-lasting insoles, Dr. Foot is the one for you. These insoles can give you height instantly with their 5-layer setting, and these insoles are washable so that you can use them repeatedly. A great value for your money. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Dr. Foot’s insoles have a 5-layer height adjustment that you can configure anytime and anyway you want. The insole's design is especially helpful for people with deformities. In addition, you can mix and match the height of the insoles to help you with your posture and walking. 
  • The inserts are made from safe and durable silica gel. They can be washed and help relieve pain and pressure in your heel area. 
  • These insoles are suitable for all types of shoes; leather shoes, casual, sneakers, and even high heels and boots for women. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Avoid exposing your lift height insoles to high temperatures. Some users report that the insoles melted together and ripped apart when they tried to pull them apart. In addition, it makes the insoles very soft, close to a gel-like consistency, making them unusable. 
  • Some users report that the heels are better stacked all the way because the divots of each layer may end up putting pressure on your heels and can be painful.
ailaka height insoles

Ailaka Gel Height Increase Inserts - $12.99

The Ailaka Gel insoles are perfect for everyday wear. It's durable and has excellent elasticity that adapts to the shape of your foot. In addition, these insoles help relieve certain foot conditions. It's perfect for foot pains as well as building your confidence. 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Ailaka Gel insoles are perfect for adding height without anyone noticing you have add-ons. It fits in different types of shoes and has three height layers that can stack up to 3.5 centimeters. 
  • The insoles are made from durable TPE material and absorb shock from every step, so your feet feel less stressed. It also has a honeycomb gel layer that provides a comfortable layer, which feels soft on your feet. 
  • These insoles are not only for height, but they can help you ease pain from conditions like Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The heels are stacked together to build height, but they don't have locks to secure them in place. As a result, some users report that the stacked heels would keep slipping as they're walking. 
6ft club height insoles

6FT Invisible Height Increase Insoles 

These men's shoe inserts for height increase are the best for your on-the-go style. Simply slide the insoles to your favorite shoes and instantly feel your height and confidence increase.   

Product Highlights: 

  • The 6FT height insoles for men have three layers, and you have different options to choose from depending on the shoes you want to use. The two 0.5 cm height layers you can use for low-profile shoes. You can also combine layers to achieve taller height, perfect for high-cut shoes. 
  • The insole has a textured anti-slip grip to help you with stability. This insole also has arch support to help individuals with flat feet conditions. 
  • The insoles are lightweight and high-quality PU material, making them durable and flexible. It's also weight resistant to ensure it does not flatten after a few uses. 
  • The insole is available in universal sizes from 7.5 to 11 inches. You can also cut the side of the insoles so it fits perfectly in your shoes. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • These shoe insoles increase height guaranteed, but the product is massive even with one layer on. It will be too obvious wearing it on low-profile shoes. 

Final Thoughts 

If there's no way to increase your height naturally, there's no harm in trying men’s height insoles. Give yourself a little inches taller and a big confidence booster. It's not only for improving your physical appearance but also helps with fixing your posture and alleviating other foot conditions. 

If you're looking for insoles that target specific pains and aches, you can check out reviews and ankle article guides to find the most suitable shoe insole perfect for you. 

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