Copper Compression Men’s Athletic Socks: Your All-Around Socks for Running, Sports, and Medical Use 

May 20, 2022
compression socks for running

We see individuals who play high-contact sports like basketball use compression socks most of the time. Some even use sleeves as they play. If you have an active lifestyle, wearing compression socks can give a lot of benefits to your body and help you improve your performance. But which of these compression socks works best? 

In our attempt to find the most effective compression socks for your active lifestyle, we picked the product most reviewed by customers online. We'll break down some of its features and the benefits you'll receive if you use this product. Continue reading below to know more about Copper’s athletic compression socks for men.

athletic socks men - copper compression socks

Why Do You Need to Get a Pair of Copper Compression Socks? 

There are several big names when it comes to sporting equipment. Moreover, famous names in sports wear these gears when they play, so you can say it's a trusted brand. One thing about these brands is that they are highly expensive. What if you find the same product with the same effectiveness and an affordable price? 

Let’s learn more about Copper Compression and why it’s worth getting a pair of these athletic socks. 

Copper integrated fabric 

It's rare to see a compression sock with copper integrated with the fabric. The copper interwoven in the compression socks acts as an antibacterial layer that keeps your feet odor-free even after a rigorous and sweaty physical activity. Copper also increases the oxygen level in your blood, which helps fight swelling and inflammation. 

Some studies reveal that the copper-infused fabrics are, in fact, therapeutic because of their additional benefits compared to standard compression socks or sleeves. It's also an additional benefit that copper enhances the look of your skin. 

Graduated compression

The Copper men’s athletic compression socks have a graduated compression feature. The graduated compression feature means that the socks promote healthy blood circulation. Since these are knee-high socks, you can feel less strain on your legs. The Copper Compression socks have the strongest pressure on your ankles and gradually decrease as it goes up for proper circulation. 

Moreover, these compression socks are also excellent for medical use and rehabilitation. For example, when you are injured, you can't move your legs for a long time. If you keep your leg stagnant, it loses its strength. Compression socks help keep the blood flow, so it will not be too difficult for you to condition your legs back to strength. 

Compression level and faster healing 

The compression socks have a compression level between 15-20mmHg, which are excellent for healing, sports, and everyday use. Besides effectively preventing leg strain during rigorous activities, it also helps you overcome several injuries faster. Furthermore, these compression socks are also effective against varicose veins. No need for surgeries to remove them. Just wear them regularly, and they'll disappear in no time. 

Additional protection and comfort 

Compared to crew socks and low-cut socks, these athletic compression socks give more protection. The knee-high design protects you from bruises and scratches from hiking, cycling, and other high-contact activities. 

Furthermore, the compression socks help prevent plantar fasciitis, blisters, and other foot deformities from developing. The socks are not too thin and not too thick to squeeze your legs too much. You can wear these compression socks all day long with no problem. 

Available in different designs

The Copper Compression is available in different designs if you’re tired of the traditional plain black socks. The compression socks are available in different colors like nude and white and also have gradients of blue, green, and patterned designs. 

Moreover, the compression socks have different sizes catered for both genders. So, you can surely find the perfect fit sock for your needs.

compression socks for hiking

Drawbacks of the Copper Compression Socks 

With the unique and many features of the Copper men’s athletic socks, it’s hard to pinpoint the drawbacks of this product. But here are some potential drawbacks you may experience wearing them. 

Hard to find the correct sizing 

The Copper Compression has only two sizes available: large and extra-large. Although there are size ranges that fit certain sizes of the compression socks, some users report that the fit is not right. They end up buying a new pair to get the fit right. Furthermore, tight compression socks can be dangerous when worn. Instead of promoting blood circulation, tight compression socks can restrain blood and cause injuries. 

So make sure to get the correct sizing, and don't force yourself to wear too small compression socks for your activities. 

The socks are not breathable 

Although the socks have antibacterial properties because of the copper, they are not breathable, so they are uncomfortable to use in the summer or during warm weather conditions. Furthermore, the sock's material can be itchy because of the moisture trapped inside when you sweat, and the little amounts of copper can trigger allergies. Make sure to test run the fabric on your skin before using them for longer periods. 

Final Thoughts 

The Copper Compression socks are a gem in the marketplace because of the copper-infused fabric. The additional benefits of the copper in this compression sock exceed even the performance of some branded ones. So if you're looking for all-around compression socks for medical use, recovery, and sports, you can't go wrong with the Copper Compression. 

If you’re looking for more compression socks reviews, we have all kinds of cool athletic socks for men, ankle compression socks, and other foot care needs for your active lifestyle. Also, you can explore more of our blogs for added information. 

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