Ensuring Healthy Legs and Feet With Compression Socks: Here Are the Facts

March 3, 2022
compression socks

Do you ever experience pain in your legs after a long day of work or running? Or maybe you're pregnant and have been told to wear special socks to help with swelling. Well, did you know that there are different types of these socks available, depending on your individual needs? 

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the facts about the socks, the different types of compression socks, and their benefits for various groups of people. So whether you're an athlete looking for better performance or someone with leg or foot vein problems, read on to find out which type of compression sock is right for you!

Compression Socks Facts

These special socks, also known as pressure socks or compression stockings, may look like ordinary socks but do not quite feel the same because they’re tighter. They are also longer than regular socks, with some reaching below the knee or covering the whole thigh like tights. 

You can get these socks as a doctor's recommendation, or you can buy them over the counter or online. To ensure you are wary of the reasons behind wearing pressure socks, check out these facts!

Promotes healthy bodily fluid flow

Water and blood circulate in the body, and their proper circulation ensures that all body parts have oxygenated blood essential for their proper function. When veins and arteries are restricted, the bodily fluid flow becomes disrupted. This situation causes the swelling of the different parts of the body, especially the extremities like the arms, hands, legs, ankles, and feet. 

The medical world calls this condition “edema,” and they have many causes like lifestyle, pregnancy, and effects of kidney and heart diseases. So when you notice puffiness in your extremities, it’s time to wear these socks to promote healthy bodily fluid flow. 

Prevent serious illnesses

Edema is a sign of deep vein thrombosis or when blood clots form in the legs and feet. When left untreated, the vein can rupture, leading to the clot flowing to the lungs and one experiencing a pulmonary embolism, which can be dangerous as it affects proper breathing. 

The two conditions can occur simultaneously, venous thromboembolism. Difficulty breathing and disorientation because of the inability to breathe properly are red flags. You should consult your doctor immediately. Nevertheless, you can skip these life-threatening experiences by simply wearing pressure socks. You can also reduce the risk of edema and the illnesses brought by it.

Acts as post-surgery support

No matter what type of operation you had, one of the main requirements to heal faster is rest. For major operations, bed rest is even required. With minimal to no movement demands, your feet and legs can swell because fluids cannot flow properly throughout the body. When the swelling isn’t addressed, it can progress to more serious conditions mentioned above, which is a hassle since you are still recovering from a separate surgery. 

Neutralize the edema effects of immobility due to surgery by wearing pressure socks. This footwear ensures your foot and leg veins have a healthy diameter to let fluids flow. 

compression socks big and tall

Boosts athletes’ performance

If you are active in sports or have a lifestyle that involves plenty of physical activities like going to the gym and working out, your legs and feet do a lot of work. You can perform better at what you do when wearing pressure socks because the blood flow in your feet and legs is excellent. Not only can the socks help during games and exercise, but they also aid in keeping your legs and feet feeling less tired after the workout. As a result, if you have errands to do or have another set of games and activities after, you can still perform at your best. 

Perfect for long travels

Are you a travel junkie or work as a plane pilot, cabin crew, or driver? Then, long hours on the road are part of the job challenges you have to endure. This condition of being unable to move can cause edema without the proper foot and leg support. Good thing there are compression stockings anybody can use when traveling. 

Drivers, pilots, and travelers can wear these socks to ensure they can go places without the inconvenience of swollen feet and legs and the fear of suffering eventual complications. It is best to keep a couple of pairs, so you have fresh ones to wear every day.

Averts pregnancy foot and leg swelling

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences of every couple, but the process isn’t always smooth as some women experience feet and leg swelling. Edema occurs in pregnant women because of the woman’s grown tummy. Swelling will not occur in the early months of pregnancy yet, but edema is more likely to occur in the later months as the uterus expands and the tummy grows. There are many ways to prevent and address pregnancy edema, but one of the more convenient ways is wearing pressure socks. Women should move more and keep a healthy diet on top of wearing socks. 

compression socks big calves

Types of Pressure Socks 

There are different socks types tailor-fitted to the needs of every user. While it seems minor to make wise choices on socks types, you need to pay extra attention to it, especially if you are prone to some leg and foot injuries and you are diagnosed with a specific condition. Your choice of socks means the prevention of any lower body hassles or a life-debilitating illness. With that, among the many designs, check out the types below to know which one addresses your needs best. 

Socks for peripheral edema

Peripheral edema is the swelling that occurs in the legs and the feet. Look for compression stockings that cover the foot and legs just below the knee. If your calves are muscular, go for compression socks (big calves-designed). These socks can keep the blood flow in veins excellent with the right tightness.

Socks for orthostatic hypotension

Orthostatic hypotension is the sudden low blood pressure experienced by the body when standing up or sitting down. When the blood pressure drops, you can experience dizziness, weakness, blurry vision, and nausea that can even cause you to faint. If you are prone to this condition, wearing compression socks (big and tall people-friendly) covering the feet, legs, and thighs can lower the risks and prevent orthostatic hypotension. 

Socks to prevent embolism

The difference between these socks from regular ones is that they are designed for immobile patients. Socks to prevent embolism have compression focused on the ankles and the legs. There are compression socks, no toes, and with toes-covered designs. The length of the socks reaches right below the knees. 

Socks for non-medical use

If you do not have any medical conditions, did not undergo surgery, or are not pregnant but want to prevent edema because of non-medical reasons or an edema-prone lifestyle, you can choose non-medical grade compression stockings. 

Characteristics of the Best Compression Stockings

When you have picked which type of socks type is best for your needs, look deeper into the features of the socks to ensure that when you wear them, you’ll be comfortable. It is also important to check the socks' usability and durability to ensure that your investment is worth it. You can use it again and again without losing its excellent quality. 

  • Has the perfect fitting: Compression stockings aren’t only measured in length and tightness, so check the mmHg as they are the indicators. Note that low mmHg means it feels much looser, and high mmHg is tighter. 
  • Lightweight and breathable: Having a lightweight and breathable kind can make wearing them more comfortable as they can cover your entire leg. 
  • Available in different designs: Enjoy the fun side of compression stockings by picking socks with different designs. While black, white, and gray are common hues, these socks are also available in various colors. 

With your socks having these characteristics, you address any foot and leg swelling problems in the most comfortable way possible and with less expense. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about pressure socks and their benefits to make an informed decision about which pair is right for you. Whether you’re an athlete looking for a performance boost or someone who wants to prevent foot and leg swelling, these special socks can help. Pressure socks are essential pieces of gear for athletes, travelers, pregnant women—anyone who wants to move freely and live a more active lifestyle!

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